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Just A Metal Horse Gemini - Or Am I?

by Aphinya Dechalert 7 months ago in astronomy

When East Meets West

Just A Metal Horse Gemini - Or Am I?
Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

The Chinese zodiac is a force to be reckoned with. According to legend, a multitude of animals entered a heavenly race and the first twelve to cross the finish line gets glorified in all of human history and time. The rat came first, the pig came last. The year you are born can determine your love life, temperament, career, health, and lucky numbers.

While this sounds simple enough, it can get more nuanced based on the elemental cycle, in addition to Yin and Yang natures. Most people just go by year, but your true Chinese zodiac can be broken down by the month, day, and hour you were born.

I'm more than just a simple Gemini.

I am a metal horse in outward appearance, with a fire snake inner personality, a true rat pig by nature, a rat at heart, and a Gemini.

True to the Gemini stereotype, I sure know how to start a conversation, especially when it comes to star signs.

As a kid, I've always been fascinated by how astrology attempts to define humanity into set types and personas. Every culture seems to have its own version of astrology, with the Western zodiac and Chinese astrology being the most popular.

In some Western astrology circles, there are actually 13 constellations, making it 13 zodiac signs. We've got the Babylonians to thank for Ophiuchus, which offsets everyone by about 18 days near the end of November. This means you might not be what you think you are -- that any kind of personal identification with your zodiac sign might just be social conditioning or selective attribution. For starters, anyone born between May 13th and June 21st is now a Taurus.

Based on Celtic astrology, I'm a hawthorn -- a lovely prickly bush that provides housing for fairies. If we go by the Egyptians, I'm Anubis.

Whatever I am, my astrology all seem to share a common personality description thread -- that I am creative, wildly passionate, curious, fickle, full of ideas, and always adaptable. Yup. Sounds like a metal horse, Gemini, maybe Taurus, Egyptian god of the dead, hawthorn bush to me.

But do I actually identify with any of these traits?

As a kid -- no.

As an adult -- debatable.

Why? Because we all grow up at some point. When we live in the safety net of our parental homes, we also live by a certain set of rules that governs the way we think, act, and talk. Then adulthood hits you with rent, utility bills, and figuring out how to generally survive. Some of us go down the traditional route of working a 9 to 5. A good portion of us cobbled together the nomadic life. Some went to college, others went out of town. Some got married. Some had kids.

Whatever path we ended up taking, the experiences that mark us eventually shaped us. As the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his book The Social Contract --

"Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains."

And it is the chains of our experiences, the failures, successes, good memories, bad relationships, the pressures of societal expectations, and everything else in between -- that ultimately shapes us into the person that we are.

How much that aligns with our astrological descriptions may be coincidental. Or if we believe it enough, it becomes one of the chains that pull us in the direction of what we think we should be. Belief is the entire premise of The Secret and any kind of manifestation psychology. It's the foundation of how we view ourselves and enact the roles that we're expected to play.

So, how Gemini am I?

To the outside world, I am as Gemini as I can be.

To me, I am who I am supposed to be -- a flawed human with a range of emotions, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and life experiences. Being a Gemini is just one of my many labels. It's an easy way to conceptualize and simplify who I am in a nutshell, excluding all the nuances that come with everything else that is me.

I am, after all, a metal horse, fire snake, rat pig, rat, maybe Taurus, hawthorn Gemini guided by Anubis.


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