Is SETI (IS ET) Extra Terrestrial?

Why won't they search Earth for HETLAU?

Is SETI (IS ET) Extra Terrestrial?
Searching for ET
SETI (IS ET) was founded in 1984.

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To date, they have not found any proof of Extra Terrestrial intelligence and a lot of people are beginning to wonder if it's a worthwhile endeavor. Fortunately, most of the work they do is funded privately. If you count private searches by moguls such as Paul AllenandYuri Milner the combined amount of money spent searching probably totals more than a billion dollars since its inception in 1984 adding in all other private searches that are not part of SETI. Yet there is no proof of Extra Terrestrial intelligence to be found anywhere.

So it starts to make you wonder, with all the theories being floated about Area 51 and government coverups, why not at least include:

Earth as a location to search for Extra Terrestrial intelligence.The possibility of Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU)The increasingly high possibility that the HETLAU control the government and military, as well as all 196 countries on the planet, and that the events we see each day are orchestrated for reasons our lowly Earthling intellect can't fathom.As the foremost recognized organization for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, you would think SETI would be at the forefront of stuff like this. Especially considering all the highly intelligent people who contribute to their search and whose theories they base their searches on, such as:
  • Dr. Frank Drake
  • Enrico Fermi

Yet if you listen to Seth Shostak, probably the most recognized senior astronomer at SETI, he says its gonna take another 20 years to confirm ET Intelligence.

Yet if you simply plug two simple hypotheses into the SETI search paradigm, you begin to see a startling trend taking place:

  1. All the so-called experts have simply failed to include all the possible search parameters (searching Earth), and though they call themselves experts, how could an Earthling "theoretically" be an "expert" at something they actually know nothing about, other than their claim they are an expert and do know something? Certainly 35 years with no results would leave room for doubting their claims or provide a timeframe for reevaluating them. Even if they discover Extra Terrestrial intelligence from other Star Systems, that still doesn't exclude the possibility the HETLAU are here controlling us; it just kicks the can of discovering what is really going on further down the road as most Earthlings would see that as a successful completion of their mission statement.
  2. All their actions would suggest either they lack an understanding of how to actually detect Extra Terrestrial intelligence or the directors are possibly part of the HETLAU themselves or working with the HETLAU to cover-up and prevent discovery and are simply allowing subliminal dissemination to be performed on unsuspecting Earthlings. The remaining part of the staff would then either be complicit as well or completely oblivious to what is really going on.

Earthlings are designed to be deceived by ET.

The problem really lies at the root of Earthling beliefs and fundamental human nature about the possibility of discovering Extra Terrestrial life and or intelligence and what that might entail.

In other words, what everyone wants to believe is that discovering ET will be a wonderful experience that will make life better on Earth and answer all our unanswered questions.

What no one is floating as an idea which is based on a worst-case scenario and draws a composite profile of a militaristic being is that they would have performed the following actions, which are very logical based on that profile:

  1. ET created Earth.
  2. ET created life on Earth.
  3. ET placed Earthlings on Earth.
  4. ET as Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among US (HETLAU).
  5. ET as HETLAU has controlled us the whole time.
  6. ET is at war with us.
  7. ET is using us as their slaves.
  8. ET is completely the opposite of the benevolent being Earthlings hope and wish for and our speculation is completely misguided.

So if you look at it from both perspectives:

SETI Is Earthling

Imagine SETI is an Earthling organization who is not involved in this hidden process taking place on Earth. How could they possibly confront the government and military as well as all 196 countries on Earth as well as all the famous, powerful, and wealthy people behind the scenes who would be involved in it? Essentially, there is no way they could. So either the whole organization is completely oblivious to what is going on or some of them would be involved.


Yet if SETI was part of this paradigm their actions would directly align with the actions of an organization taking part in this militaristic engagement on Earth. Unfortunately, Earthlings cannot imagine, fathom, or comprehend a militaristic system that can live among them, appear in the same body type, won't disclose who they are, and doesn't need to wear a uniform to separate themselves from the civilian population. Most importantly, will lie to the general public every day for 35 years because they are accomplishing a mission on a higher order Earthlings cannot envision.

ET Clues

What is also interesting is if you read key words and peoples names on Earth involved in this you see an ominous trend developing. Would ET and the HETLAU leave clues they have been here the whole time so they can fulfill their sadistic goals of humiliating the Earthlings?

EARTH = hEAR truTH (Portmanteau & Morphemes)

Area 51 = Mars Area (Alphanumeric)

M = 13A = 1R = 18S = 19

13 + 1 + 18 + 19 = 51

SETI = IS ET (Anagram)

MILITARY = LIMITARY = (Anagram) The limit of your system is your Military

HEXTARY = Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Military posing as an Earthling Military

GOVERNMENT = Mind Control

Govern = to controlMent = Mental = Mind

HEXTOCRACY = Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Government posing as a Democracy

SUPREME COURT = SUPREME beings Control OUR planeT


SENATE = choSEN fATE = events are scripted on Earth

TARTER = exTRATERrestrial

SHOSTAK = SHOuld Start TAKing a look at HETLAU

DRAKE = DReaded fAKE = the dreaded equation that fakes us out

FERMI = preFERMIlitary = preferred method is a military to engage Earthlings


So the problem really comes down to even if this assessment is correct who could possibly get an Extra Terrestrial posing as HETLAU to concede defeat in a war we don't even know is going on or understand how it works.

Certainly creating a new organization called SHIT is not going to help.

Search for Humanoid extra terrestrial IntellecT.

Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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