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Immortal's Tale Chapter 9

by Mo Darasi 4 years ago in science fiction
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Channel 5 News

“Reports say it was a single individual that was the cause of the disastrous event earlier today in Central Park. We are receiving continuous updates from our reporters on the ground; they say that emergency services arrived at the scene a full twenty minutes after the beginning of the events.”

CNN News

“We have a video clip taken by a bystander during the events that highlights the catastrophic combat between the unknown villain dubbed "Black Wing," and heroes that were fastest to respond. Viewers beware; this video contains gruesome images that are not for the faint of heart. And it is absolutely not suitable for view to children.”

The video began playing at the top right of the screen, then slowly filled the whole screen.

It was a very shaky video showing masses of people running in all directions while explosions sounded from the surrounding areas sending rubble in all direction.

People were being trampled on, some were crushed by the flying debris. Various body parts littered the ground. The ground that was painted red with blood. Most children were huddled together far away from the fight scene so they weren’t affected, however, no one can be absolutely sure of the fact.

Towards the end of the video, a shadow of a large man can be seen flying from behind the curtain of smoke and landing among the escaping crowd.

The screen now switched back to the studio, where Beth Callaghan, the anchor, was staring wide eyed to the screen on her right. Evidently it was her first time viewing the footage of the horrific incident and she could not maintain her professionalism upon watching such a shocking recording.

The producer talked into her ear-piece to wake her from her daze. She hastily looked back to the camera.

“Ahh... we…” she quickly fixed her blazer in an attempt to realign herself. “I am sorry to our viewers. I am told that the video was shown in haste before we had the chance to review it. We do apologize for the overly gro- ahem, ahem-grotesque nature of the footage. We have our reporters ready to show live video of the aftermath of the battle, I hand you over to our reporter Daniel Higgins in Central Park.”

As soon as the producer said “We’re clear!” Beth Callaghan grabbed her empty water glass and raised it to her mouth in a shaky hand, she took a sip from the empty glass, then put it back down. She stood up and pulled the microphone from her clothes and walked away. No one attempted to stop her.

The show producer, with a sympathetic look in his eyes towards Beth, looked back at his team and said “We need a cover anchor, find one pronto!”

Fox News

Fox news were showing the clip from the CNN broadcast, among other clips from various sources that were equally disturbing over and over again, while placing a warning sign "The following images maybe disturbing to some viewers.” In between the videos playing, a newscaster with a few guests discussed the cause and the implications of the event.

“As you can all see, the videos show some disturbing footage of what happened earlier in Central Park. Here we have two of our regular consultants and distinguished guests with us to analyse the situation. Dr Melinda Cunningham, Psychology professor at the University of New York who specialised in psychoanalysis, and Dr Neil Rutherford, professor of Computer Science at the University of Wyoming, who specialises in holographic technology development. As we all saw, there appears to be a new unknown super-villain rampaging throughout New York City, Dr Rutherford, what are your thoughts on this?"

"Well, Mr Tucker, we have encountered many enabled beings throughout the last few years, many of whom had the power of flight, however, they were in some degree explainable through physics. Some had the power to manipulate gravitational waves enabling them to counteract gravity, some had the power to control wind currents thus lifting their bodies up, and one even had the ability to split water atoms in the moisture of the air using his electric power therefore burning up the hydrogen that resulted in explosions that propelled him forward and into the air.This new enabled, however, apparently uses actual wings for flight, that is simply impossible in my opinion because of various variables such as the average size of a human, their weight, and the weight distribution. There were rumours that president Obama ushered some renowned scientists into conducting experiments on holographic displays which were very life-like. And there's also the well known Project Bluebeam, who's to say president Trump hasn't continued on these experiments and that this "Black Wing" spectacle is the result of that."

"I must disagree with Dr. Rutherford" Dr. Cunningham rebuttals. "Regardless of how advanced holographic displays are, they can never fake micro-expressions. I have watched and analysed some of the footage that's available at the moment and I concluded that the enabled in these videos is real, and is carrying out these actions willingly. Further analysis revealed certain characteristics of being a middle child and some psychopathic tendencies."

"You think president Obama created this enabled?! You're out of your mind, it was obviously a hologram." Bellowed Dr. Rutherford. "A hologram?! Open your eyes Dr. Rutherford, we've seen the rise and fall of many mind enhancement and physical enhancement drugs that actually reaped some degree of success before ultimately the government ceased all research and classified them. The idea of an experiment that created a winged enabled is far fetched?! Hardly!"

The argument was heated and both guests were cutting each other off trying to assert their points. A few minutes into the argument the presenter addressed the camera.

"As you can see folks, today's attack is enticing a lot of controversy among the experts. We have to leave you with this tonight.

Is the previous president Obama a domestic terrorist? Will president Trump build enabled containment camps in light of the recent tragedy in Central Park? Jason Mendez will explore these question with you next, on Justice Equalized."

Maximilian was flicking through news channels when he got the restaurant. It seems like his grand intro created a massive bang. More than he expected. Nevertheless, it was a success. Now he has placed the foundation for his eventual goal.

Every war has its casualties, and Maximilian did not care how many fall in order to achieve his goal. He will control the world of heroes and reshape it in Ellen's image. And, with his meeting with Frank Santoro being the first step, he will control New York's underground and reshape the city. To make it a haven for enableds to show their abilities, and to show that they can do good.

"Maxi, ma boy! How you been."

The restaurant's front door opens and a pot bellied man comes through.

"Hello Leonard," replied max, standing up in anticipation for what was to come.

From behind Leonard entered a man. He was short in stature, however it did not reduce the domineering air around him one bit. He wore a silver trenchcoat over a well tailored suit, and a black scarf around his neck. He took off his leather gloves finger by finger while looking around.

"You've got a nice restaurant here," the man spoke.

A harsh, gravelly voice emanated from him. A voice that attracted the attention of all restaurant staff to its source.

Everyone stood still while the man continued to look around.

"It is a good place isn't it?" Said Leonard Goldstein. "We just happen to stumble onto it one day, Maxi here found it!"

The man walked around for a moment more then spoke.

"Noblesse restaurant. Owned by shell corporation 'immortal chaoes' that was traced back to one 'Maximillian Johns.' I believe you're the same Maximillian Johns', are you not?" The last question was directly addressed to Maximilian.

"Just as the stories convey" replied Max. "Your reputation precedes you, Mr. Santoro" said Max, extending his hand out.

Frank Santoro grabbed the extended hand and said "Please, call me Frank."

"All these years and you didn't tell me you owned this place!?!" Leonard was fuming upon hearing that fact. "All these years paying the expensive bill! Turns out I was paying the owner to eat his own food!" Complained Leonard.

"Leonard, please save your bickering for later, we came here for business." Said Frank impatiently. "Now-" frank faced Maximillian "I hear you wanna discuss a future in my organisation?"

"Please-" max indicated to a table at the back "Shall we sit?"

science fiction

About the author

Mo Darasi

I like all things fiction because it shows the depth of humanity's imagination. I believe imagination is one of the factors that drive humanity forward.


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