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How Your Twin Flame Journey Affects Your Venus Sign

by Leliel - Authentikei 3 years ago in astronomy
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Understanding Your Twin Flame Journey in Relation to Your Venus Sign

Before you eagerly scroll down to read about your Venus sign, your twin flame journey, and start dreaming about happily ever after, I got news for you: Your journey as a twin flame isn’t 100 percent romance driven.Read the article here to understand why. If you’re not ready for that truth bomb, why don’t we take a look at your Venus sign and see for yourself? Your Venus sign isn’t purely about romance either. It’s about what you see as beautiful, the foundation of your passions and values, and the factors of life that encourage you to get out of bed in the morning. Venus is all about life aesthetic, and can help you understand why and how you can live life to the fullest.

If you don’t know what your Venus sign is, go here and put your information in. You’ll have your chart completely set out for you. Make sure you check out your personal portrait, so you can click on your Venus sign and get a nice little summary about it. Pay attention to where your Venus is in relation to other planets. The Venus sign descriptions below will capture the foundation of your placement. It will describe the energy you create when you bond with others and connect with the world around you—pretty important for any twin flame journey, if you ask me.

Let's begin.

Venus in Aries

When love hits, it hits hard. You see something or someone you like and the impulse is often too strong to resist. The infatuation is intoxicating. The attraction makes you blind. You appear naïve to some and driven to others. Love is like an uncontrollable essence bursting from your chest. Once it explodes, the sparks of your fire are amazing…for two seconds. Once the party is over, you have to reevaluate the long-term plan, which sucks because the short-term was a lot more fun. Now the passionate drive has to be riled in and you can’t help but feel a bit bored. Whoever or whatever you connect to, you hope that when you hit a bullseye with them, it won’t be a one-hit wonder. It’ll be a good hook, line, and sink ‘em without losing the adventure. A mature Venus in Aries understands that a good rest stop during the adventure can be just as stimulating as going full throttle. An immature Venus in Aries won’t know how to rest and relax, causing unnecessary disruption.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: The Venus in Aries will explore the truth about commitment and settling down during the twin flame journey. Settling down isn’t always a “romantic” thing. It’s about establishing a foundation for yourself. Stability married to excitement and stimulation helps the Venus in Aries understand belonging and faithfulness to themselves, their environment, and their social circle. It also helps them establish the beauty of trust instead of perceiving it as stagnant or boring.

Venus in Taurus

What you love accentuates your true values: security and stability. That value can come in a variety of forms; money, art, indulgence, resources, knowledge, power. You know what you love enhances the beauty you witness and protects it forever. Long-lasting commitments that are deep, true, and consistent. An environment where your creative power can flourish and be appreciated. All appetites are satisfied and complete, but that’s not how the real world works. Your fairy-tale love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but you’re still tempted to do whatever you can to get it. You may find that it accentuates gluttony rather than your genuine values. A mature Venus in Taurus balances gratitude with their high standards, whereas the immature Venus in Taurus is constantly ungrateful and never satisfied.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: The grounding energy of a Venus in Taurus can be directed towards gratitude and inner peace. The twin flame journey can help a Venus in Taurus find peace within the self, distill anxiety, and help them understand that luxury, no matter how practically it was gained, isn’t the same as home. Home is where one’s genuine nature is safe and valued constantly.

Venus in Gemini

There’s always something to talk about, but that doesn’t mean you’re a talkative person. You value communication and information in your circle of friends and/or partners, depending on how flirtatious you are. This doesn’t mean you are disloyal. You give and take pleasantries when they come, but you care for others genuinely. The best foreplay is in the mind where every word spoken is tantalizing. All topics are toxic fireworks. Your career and environment rarely rest, but when you do find rest, your mental space goes wild. You want to share that with a special someone; the best way to test that is if your words have great chemistry with theirs. Is it only cerebral stimulation for only you or the beginning of a new, intimate bond? Mature Venus in Gemini balances their genuine nature with autonomy and honesty. The immature Venus in Gemini doesn’t realize how sharp their tongue cuts until they cut people out of their lives.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: When the Gemini placements gets a bad reputation for being all talk, actions speak louder than words. The Venus in Gemini will learn how to follow through and do what needs to be done to keep what they love beside them rather than talk about it. The twin flame journey encourages listening, observing, and acting accordingly. The Venus in Gemini already has an exemplary mind; granting a more active service to others will help them believe in the impact of their creative expression, which will speak for itself.

Venus in Cancer

The nurturing of feminine energy resonates with you. You adore, nearly worship, what is motherly and protective. You search for comfort and safety like a Taurus, but in a way that is founded in acts of service, like cooking, cleaning, and watching over the home. Your love is home and you want to love whatever or whoever adds to the home, especially if it’s art or interior design. You long to be taken care of the way you take care of others. Those who take advantage of you are not easily forgiven because they scar what is “home” to you. The perception of home can quickly become philosophical when it comes to defining what family means to you; how it’s unbiased, but expectant of meeting certain requirements. A mature Venus in Cancer will lax on strict boundaries and remember that loving others means loving their flaws without smothering them. An immature Venus in Cancer may grow possessive and lay down the strictness if it means keeping what’s theirs safe and sound, even though it’s gasping for breath.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: Having assurance in how much you are cared for isn’t dependent on who is cleaning and cooking for you. A Venus in Cancer can suffer from the fear of not being loved enough, leading them to love others harder than they deserve and hoping they’ll understand you want the same love back. Inevitably, you’ll be exhausted and emotionally unsatisfied. Your twin flame journey will help you redirect the love you give so often to others to yourself, allowing you to apply that creative compassion to your own emotional needs from time to time.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo loves fun and creativity. Exploring your aesthetics is like a game; enjoying the experience is the best part, but it’s even better when the people you love or attracted to are with you (or watching you). Your talents are amplified when you have an audience and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, your aesthetics inspired by your Venus placement may put more emphasis on extravagant possessions rather than the people in your life. A materialistic view could make one perceive items and people as one in the same, a perspective all loving Leo placements should be wary of. Those who you love have the right to shine in the spotlight too. Even if you feel you’re not the “bask in the spotlight” type, you shouldn’t harbor any jealously or resentment towards those who do regardless of your reasoning. A mature Leo in Venus knows their talents can bring people together to enjoy beauty within and around them. An immature Leo in Venus will have a hard time balancing selfishness and ego with humility, hoping not to push loved ones away.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: A Venus in Leo must understand that the warmth of their fire, the hottest part of their flame is attractive, but often for one main purpose: unity. The Leo energy loves the union qualities a twin flame journey can achieve, which is why it encourages a mindset that is thoughtful of what is best for others. Selflessness marries confidence in a Venus in Leo placement, and it’s one of the most gorgeous sights.

Venus in Virgo

You straddle the line between being a healer and a fixer. Venus appeals to pleasure while Virgo appeals to selfless service; thus, you are a loving servant and your harshest master. Your career often reflects who you want to help and how you want to do it. The “how” you work may project perfectionism, self-criticism, and loyalty. You don’t serve blindly, however. You are selective with your time and effort and work tirelessly to make sure it’s worthwhile. Are you trying to convince yourself that you’re the perfect healer or others? Either way, this can lead to self-destruction if your acts of giving aren’t balanced with grounding yourself and allowing yourself to receive pleasure. A mature Venus in Virgo understands the balance and centers themselves with their aesthetics. An immature Venus in Virgo is a ticking time bomb that can self-destruct early.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: The critical thinking combined with the withstanding loyalty a Venus in Virgo has grants a very unique calling. The twin flame journey will encourage a loyalty to the self so the Venus in Virgo can see how caring for themselves attracts the company and environment they’ve always desired. Instead of defining what is perfect for you based on the needs of others, discovering what is perfect for you will bring greater achievements and acknowledgements and you’ll celebrate yourself and life with the right circle of people.

Venus in Libra

Natural authenticity is your dogma. You’re, by far, the chillest person when it comes to loving others, romantic, platonic or otherwise. You may be perceived as a social butterfly, but you wouldn’t go to that extreme. In fact, you prefer not to go to any extremes when it comes to surrounding yourself with what you love. Your social and physical environments resonate with who you are and your commitment to equality and authenticity encourages the carefree hope of meeting others who get you. This placement can get restless if the environment they’re living or working in is off to them or if the people they’re connected to don’t understand them; and yet, you’re not the type to judge. Venus thrives in Libra because there is no radical perception. There’s appreciation for the abstract and the direct. There’s the love of seeing others connect with what they truly love, like you do. A mature Venus in Libra is romanticism in its purest form combined with solid self-awareness. An immature Venus in Libra is still on the path of discovery and can get lonely while trying to figure out the balance.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: Authenticity is a daunting attribute to maintain, even for a Venus in Libra. Your twin flame journey will help you realize being who you are doesn’t always have to be restrained. That is your own personal balance, the comfort zone you refuse to leave, and is probably holding you back from exposing the more wild side. You don’t need to fear the impact of your truest self in its entirety, for that is what’s needed for you to pinpoint what and who you truly love.

Venus in Scorpio

You’re probably sick of hearing the word intense, but that’s who you are. You explore the depths of what and who you love relentlessly. You don’t fear the unknown, but you do respect it as there is always the possibility that what you adore could also hurt you. It’s why you’re an incredible healer and are attracted to aesthetics that bring insight. You need to be in the company of those who do the same; you loathe shallow waters. Many misunderstand the sexual view of Scorpio placements. You best understand others through intimate, physical contact. You may even perceive the sexual connection as an abiding contract with that person. It’s how you seal the deal with them and from that point forward they are yours. You don’t keep those who are close to you through the lens of objectification, but rather through loyalty and trust. The mature Venus in Scorpio knows how to pace themselves by understanding themselves before the dive into the core of other things or people. The immature Venus in Scorpio can have a jealous sting, poor self-awareness, and a ton of regrets.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: A Venus in Scropio can go to the extremes of all or nothing. They can also go from reclusive to vulnerable. The twin flame journey encourages the Venus in Scropio to find a sacred balance between the extremes, which requires patience. While doing this, you’re developing an integrity towards the self, a code of honor for your own sake. It’s not really about what others think, it’s about you taking care of yourself in the most honest way possible. That fierce loyalty you possess should be applied to your own self-worth.

Venus in Sagittarius

You know it’s cliché, but you can’t help but resonate with this saying: The pleasure is in the journey, not the destination. Venus in Sagittarius is explorative and imaginative, which means they need mental stimulation more than anything when it comes to their pleasures. They admire resources of wisdom in an innocent, yet daring way whether those resources are people or experiences. They are open-hearted and open-minded, but can jump into experiences they weren’t prepared to handle. Ignorance is not bliss when you connect with something or someone that doesn’t suit you. You also need to be wary of over-stimulation. A mature Venus in Sagittarius learns from their mistakes and ensures that who or what they connect with has their best interest at heart. An immature Venus in Sagittarius may jump into anything thinking that horrible consequences could never happen to them.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: The Venus in Sagittarius cannot be pinned down nor forced to do something they don’t want to do. That’s why it’s up to them to mature. The twin flame journey encourages the Venus in Sagittarius to not just enjoy the journey of life, but to apply that wisdom accordingly to even the most unfortunate circumstances. This is how you’ll find the beauty of life without being careless of the ebb and flow of fortune and misfortune.

Venus in Capricorn

You are structured and serious towards your devotions. The Venus in Capricorn is a love that is progressive, yet cautious. Everything is thought out, but not under restriction. Your methodical nature is where your care and compassion shines. It’s a steadfast attraction that provides true commitment and expects it to be reciprocal. There are some who expect a Venus in Capricorn person to treat everything like a business deal. Even if that is your way of handling things, you can do this without being possessive or detaching emotionally. Your placement just doesn’t like chaos; you don’t want a bull in your china shop because your shop is sacred. You put so much effort into organizing and nurturing your aesthetics and the people you love, so they shouldn’t be regarded carelessly. A mature Venus in Capricorn balances their steadfast nature with some flexibility; they understand that love is more than control. An immature Venus in Capricorn may think otherwise; you don’t share what you love.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: You work so hard to fight off chaos, but it is a part of life. A Venus in Capricorn can truly become a force to never be underestimated once it goes with the flow of life. Your twin flame journey will encourage transformation, to let go of rigid ways or being overcautious. You’ll learn to dance in the storm when everything seems to fall apart because you know you have the strength and the backbone to handle whatever comes flying your way.

Venus in Aquarius

You value friendship as much as you value revolution. Your partners in crime can be friends or more as long as they are on the same page with your humanitarian views. Of course you respect individuality as you bond with others. It excites you when you understand humanity! Breaking down systems of living is your aesthetic. You break it down and shake it up often for the greater good; you’re a true chaotic good alignment. Your love is universal, a mischievous peace, and enthusiastic, even when you confuse the brain with the heart sometimes. A mature Venus in Aquarius is a genius rebel with a heart of gold and great at articulating their aesthetic. An immature Venus in Aquarius has a hard time finding the equilibrium between practical activism and impractical idealism.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: The Aquarian placements have a reputation for coming off as cold and distant. Sometimes a revolutionary mission can encourage that and dissuade a Venus in Aquarius from pursuing their truest loves. Your twin flame journey will encourage inner trust. Aquarians are naturally intuitive, but intuition requires trusting the gut and embracing that feeling. You may be tempted to seek out validation from friends when this gut feeling hits, but there are inner truths that are only for you to decipher. Trust yourself and your ability to love.

Venus in Pisces

You are the merging of an artist and philosopher causing you to see so much beauty in life, that you want to make sure it’s cared for forever. This is why you make a wonderful partner, giving so unconditionally. Yes, you could be voted as the most emotional and oversensitive in the zodiac, but know that sensitivity is an attractive strength. It takes courage to express your heart’s desires in an artistic way and this placement is one of the bravest to have so one can make such artistic achievements. Aesthetically, Venus in Pisces pursues “true love” in every aspect of their life. It shouldn’t be mistaken for inflexibility, for this placement is universally passionate. A mature Venus in Pisces love’s hard and gives hard, but reflects on their past to make sure they give as much as they can handle. An immature Venus in Pisces is a whirlwind of emotion that can disrupt the true beauty one found in life in the first place.

How Your Twin Flame Journey Helps You: The twin flame journey for the Venus in Pisces, and other Pisces placements for that matter, is to find the middle path. As a natural philosopher, contemplation and overthinking can be a never ending spiral. As an artist, you are a creator full of unbridled power that refuses to listen to the pull of the reigns. Let go of this or that, good or bad, light or dark, and realize the spectrum of wonder that life provides. They’ll transform from shades of gray to iridescent rainbows; colors you won’t even know how to name because they are meant to only be felt.

Thank you so much for reading. Contact me on Twitter @Authentikei, find me on Facebook, or follow me on Tumblr (authentik-witch) so we can chat about these Venus placements and how the twin flame journey is not a straight-forward happily ever after.

Intuitive Twin Flame Collective Readings Done with the Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck by Ravynne Phelan


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