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How agriculture drone companies aid the farming process

Just as drones can provide an aerial view, drone solutions in agriculture offer a birds-eye perspective and the ability to achieve precise results. Avirtech is a Southeast Asia drone agriculture company that operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to transform conventional into digital agriculture ecosystems.

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Agriculture employs one-third of the workforce in developed countries, but a growing population and changing climate create new problems that need innovative solutions. One of the essential skills for 21st-century farmers will be the ability to properly use technology to improve their yield and enhance their overall effectiveness. One of them is a drone. The advent of drone technology that drone companies offer is changing the farming process, ranging from sprayers for herbicides and pesticides, seeding machines for distributing seeds across unploughed fields, and transplanters for planting young plants. Farmers are using agriculture drones to increase their crop yields. These uncrewed aircraft operate remotely and provide farmers with high-definition video, thermal imagery, and data analytics. Not only for agriculture, but drone also takes advantage of oil and gas, mining construction, and geodetic analysis industries.


Drones equipped with intelligent sensors allow them to detect plantation health, tree counting, spraying pesticides for fertilizer massively at one time. It also improves yields by mapping and measuring the soil health for irrigation and delivering flood analysis prediction, vegetation health, nitrogen, and disease mapping.

Oil and gas inspection

Drones can quickly and accurately inspect hard-to-reach spots and efficiently collect and deliver in-depth information on flare stacks, oil rigs, and long stretches of pipeline to detect flaws and save time and money.

Mining and construction

Drone data delivers more precise volumetric measurements comparing traditional methods such as ground-based GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). It may acquire a limitless amount of aerial data, including fine measurements, by recording high-resolution orthoimages simultaneously.

Telecommunication and solar

Drones are a turnkey solution for a telecommunications tower, solar and wind farm, and vertical power lines inspection with detailed asset audit and vegetation management. For instance, drones can obtain high-resolution visual and thermal imagery, allowing them to see photovoltaic modules and other photovoltaic setup elements.

Geodetic analysis

Drones allow you to have a cost-effective approach to obtaining high-accuracy topography and contour lines information for any construction planning or asset and job site monitoring.


Drones can assist businesses to be more effective in preventing forest fires, illegal logging activities, surveillance, and border control.

What is an agriculture drone company?

According to CB Insights, a technology research firm, agriculture drone companies are now emerging on the market. DaaS Drone-as-a-service (DaaS) is an emerging industry segment that allows companies to outsource Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) management and use. Agricultural drones can help farmers with aerial farm imaging and monitoring, crop scouting and field analytics, or precision agriculture. Experts and farmers analyze the collected data to determine the health of crops and make significant planting, harvest, or watering decisions.

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Drone agriculture company

Avirtech, a drone agriculture company founded in 2016, offers innovative solutions for transforming the agriculture sector. With operational offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, we can quickly assist agribusinesses throughout Southeast Asia.

Avirtech provides crop intelligence, including plantation control systems for monitoring site conditions through aerial and ground information such as topography, crop health, soil quality, rainfall, farm operations activity, and other processes necessary for production cycles.

Avirtech accelerates supply-side R&D, precision agriculture, yield prediction, and microinsurance, automating compliance with international standards through the digital representation of farm assets and enabling data-driven insights.

Our three core crop intelligence solutions: smart plantations, imagery, and precision spraying, provide owners with actionable data intelligence to reduce cost and improve yield. Avirtech operates across many crops, from large-scale plantations such as palm oil and sugarcane to smallholders such as rice, corn, coffee, and cocoa, to promote sustainable agriculture for a better future.

As an agriculture drone company, Avirtech assembles various wing-fixed and multirotor drones to support smart farming. For instance, Aviro D15 is for precision spraying and tackling palm oil pests, Aviro X1 is for long endurance surveillance, and the GX30 granule spreader drone.

For those of you who want to digitize and make the agricultural process more efficient and faster, you can collaborate with us. Drop us a line at [email protected] to find out about drones suitable for your farm and a demo schedule.

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