History Is Extra Terrestrial

Events of Earth are scripted. Earthlings are unaware.

History Is Extra Terrestrial
Are Leaders Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us? (HETLAU)
At best, most Earthlings are only willing to go as far as "ET" and "UFO's" might exist. Any further, such as they have made contact with our government, simply pushes the envelope too far. The further you press the issue, the more you are considered to be delusional or even schizophrenic.

Though it sounds like the beginning of a Twilight episode, imagine for a moment if you will, that all the events on Earth are scripted and History is an Extra Terrestrial story being played out in front of our eyes each day in the concept we call REALITY.


Could it be that all the events on Earth were designed before Earth existed? Could Extra Terrestrial beings have placed themselves down here in Humanoid form to make sure the events followed their carefully scripted plan?

Such strange ideas have even been portrayed in Hollywood movies such as:

The Adjustment Bureau


Could the movie actually be a form of Subliminal Dissemination to prepare the Earthlings for what is really going on?

Subliminal Dissemination


Could television shows like Ancient Aliens actually be Extra Terrestrials subliminally informing us of their presence here, instead of us thinking we are figuring out what was going on thousands of years ago?

Ancient Aliens


Is it possible that they are actually causing all the wars on the planet to get technology and the events to produce a planet in a form they desire and we just think is evolving naturally? Could words like STEALTH hold clues to allow us to see this is really going on?


If Earthlings are all supposed to be on the same team, could Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU) be tricking us into fighting wars so they can divert resources and assets on the planet to facilitate their goals, while Earthlings keep making the same mistake each time they fight a war and fall into the same repeating pattern all throughout history? Do Earthlings really need to develop Stealth fighters to fight wars against themselves when UFO's are transiting through their airspace every day and the fighter pilots don't want to discuss it?

Remember when Reagan addressed the U.N. and discussed Aliens from other planets and how it would stop war on Earth?

President Reagan Addressing U.N.


Could Extra Terrestrials not only have planned the events of war on the planet, but could they also have left clues for the Earthlings to see they did it?

Note the two times the United States has been attacked. Pearl Harbor (December 7) and the September 11 attacks. Could Extra Terrestrials have left clues around those events to reveal their presence here and the fact they were secretly behind it?

When translated into alphanumerics, it presents an ominous sign:

December 7 (12/7)

12 - 7 = 5 = E

September 11 (9/11)

9 + 11 = 20 = T

When you dig even deeper into the word History, an even more bizarre, ominous sign develops:


H = 8 = EighT (note the beginning and ending letters) = ET

I = Is


rearranged like an anagram you get:


Earthlings immediately write this off as a coincidence that someone with too much time has simply dreamed up. But is that because the possibility that it could be true is too unpleasant to contemplate and it is better to brush it off than to pursue it?

Even the word coincidence, when broken down from its portmanteau form into its morpheme forms, says:


So essentially, there are no coincidences on the planet; there are just coordinated incidents that have been scripted before Earth was created.

This seems to substantiate the hypothesis that all the events on the planet are scripted and that History is really an Extra Terrestrial story being lived out in front of our eyes on a daily basis. The only question is: Will the Earthlings ever be able to realize it?

Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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