Greek Entities Story

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The Women

Greek Entities Story

I'm Athena. I've had to provide the wisdom for the gods and the Greek mortals.

Ares isn't wise on his own. He goes in, checks ablaze, and makes a mess of the enemy while I'm left having to clean it up. Nike shows up for about a second to declare Ares's side victorious again, then I come in and console the families of the dead on both sides. Ares does his victory walk without a care in the world because his only goal was to win yet another victory. He usually feels the need to do so right after Zeus has lauded Herakles to him, after he gained yet another victory. They both relied on their strength from being divine and semi-divine.

The only hero I really admired was Odysseus. He'd only use my advise, not divine strength. He didn't even want my gifts, using only his strength and savvy with my advice.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, I had to act as mediator for the argument twins, Zeus and Hera. It was often about the same thing: Zeus having cheated on Hera on Earth and him blaming Hera for being a shrew instead of owning up to it. Hera would then argue that she was only a shrew because he cheated. I'd have to remind them that they loved each other and that that was more important to them than one dalliance. Crisis averted again because of my advice.

I shake my head thinking of it even now.


Hi. I'm Alcmene. I'm Herakles's mom by Zeus. Yes, I'm one of Zeus's Earth dalliances and my son is hated by Hera because of it. I wouldn't mind her blaming Zeus and me, but taking it out on my son? She even went so far as to ruin his life, burning his wife to a crisp, then making him blame himself for the deaths of his two children. But where was her guard of the many eyes during that time? He was probably the self-same dog that actually murdered them while Herakles was stuck with the visions, convinced he'd done so. I had to bring him back to the scene of the crime while Jason and Aeolaus stood guard at the entrance. I showed him the bite marks on their necks. He still wasn't the same after that.

Tell me how a mom's supposed to feel after that happens to her son. Oh, and he is not a bastard. A bastard is not wanted by the father. Zeus was proud of him. Zeus doesn't even know Hera orchestrated that.


I'm Nike. I have the most useless job. I'm the embodiment of victory. I show up every time someone has a victory. Yes, it's a bloody mess, just like Athena said, after Ares fights.

Zeus indulges him by turning the other way while he makes his messes.


I'm Psyche. I hate Aphrodite and being mistaken for her. I hate how she treated Eros. She had him pussy-whipped as far as a mother can. She would guilt him into shooting the wrong people into falling in love. I would never do that to him, or make people fall in love with the wrong one just because I was in a bad mood. Sorry your sacrifices weren't quite as you liked them; that's still not an excuse to screw with people's lives. Why would I enjoy being mistaken for that? Until I showed up, she had Eros wrapped around her little finger in a very sickly co-dependent way. He loved me, but he saw me as too much of an escape from her and it disturbed me.


I'm Persephone. I had a sickly co-dependent relationship with my mother, Demeter. I didn't realize I did until one spring day when Hades happened to see me wandering through fields, picking flowers and herbs.

Once my mother threw herself into a depression with winter, I started to see how stuck on me she was. Most mothers get that they have to let their kids go eventually. Not her.

Hades wasn't co-dependent like her. In fact, it was seeing the difference in their loves styles that showed me how problematic hers was. His was very non-pressuring while hers was all about passive-aggressive pressure. I was so relieved when I was in Tartarus.


I am Ananke. I am Fate, while the Moirae simply presume to govern it. If it weren't for my eye, they wouldn't see who's supposed to die. If it weren't for the hairs on my head, there would be no life lines for them to cut.

I also resent my father and husband, Chronos. He constrains my every move with my Fate powers. Fate cannot move forward without Time.

How does it work?
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