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by Mis Educated 3 months ago in fantasy

The Good Witch

In the middle of dinner,

at an eleven seater table,

the sickening sound of a growling beast

filled the room.

The Princess, in tight latex dress with cutaway sides and exposed thighs,

immediately stood to attention and picked up her sword,

assessing the situation she was in

and the options she had

at her disposal.

As other guests at the table became aware of the threat, they too, stood to attention at the ready to help,

but the woman dismissed them with a shake of her head,


with understanding

they stood down,

knowing the time had come

where woman and beast would finally come to blows

once and for all.

She thought about the dinner.

Wondered if it would be her last supper.

And then spun her blade and readied it for battle, making a commitment to not back down,

no matter what

her final fate

may be.



The invitation was sealed inside a glass bubble.

Hand delivered.

And leaving one curious as to the way to remove the contents without smashing it's pretty encasing.

Should one drop it and allow it to shatter?

Maybe there was a way to open it… that was hidden from plain sight.

Maybe a blunt instrument needed to be applied gently to cause minimal disruption to the bauble and yet allow it’s contents to spill forth.

The Prince looked at it.

Picked it up.

Threw it in the air.

Caught it in his hand.

And crushed it.

Watching as glass fragments shattered on the floor and an invitation half the size of a telephone slowly began to transform before his eyes.



The woman standing behind the pillar with sword raised to attention thought about the beast she was about to slay.

A hideous creature.



And frighteningly toxic.

The saliva from it’s jaws was acidic.

Dripping freely as the beast continued on it’s path with no regard for the damage it caused….burning imprints as signs of proof of the reality of what she was about to attack.

The Princess looked at the beast….and knew if the saliva were to come into her sphere, or the beast was to get its jaws around but a single limb on her body, she would never recover.

She took shelter behind the pillar for a moment longer to compose her thoughts and her body…..

closed her eyes briefly and visualised the outcome,

and then lunged to the right in deep stance,

lifting her sword in attack and watching on with interest as the barghest wolf barrelled and latched its teeth directly at her knee….

crippling her in an instant

and causing her

to drop

to the




The Prince watched as the letter from the glass bauble took on a life of it’s own.

The page began to continuoiusly double in size, until it was the size of the wizardry books in the tower.

And if he looked close he could see that it was leather bound with embossed lettering on front cover and down the spine.

The book dropped to floor.

Pages now full, it spun freely and quickly.

Faster and faster, until finally the spinning became so fast the pages from the book tore free and flew into the air around him, hundreds of sheets of paper, filling the room suspended in space and time.

Not long after, he watched the hovering pages, he noted they began to shrink and change colour.

Soon, purple droplets from a cherry blossom tree were raining down on the prince, falling into his clothes, his hair, his shoes, much deeper and thicker than the hundreds of pages previously suspended, he watched it form a thick pile over his boots, and the circle around him.

He bent down and scooped a handful.

Looking at it with curiosity and wonderment before feeling it turn into snowlfakes of ice.

Each one perfectly unique, magnetically attaching to each other, before forming together as one body, and then melting and leaving a vast amount of water completely cocooning the prince and yet leaving him completely dry.

He reached through the water.

Found his arm did so effortlessly, but in doing so it attached to him.

He tried to shake the water off-- but could not.

He tried moving his arm and yet it followed his every move.

He tried using his other arm to remove the water from his left, and found himself wielding both left and right pools of water with a corresponding arm each.

He looked at the door in the great room.

Directed the water at it and threw it with great force and intent.

And it hit the wall as one.

Sliding down onto the floor.

He watched as it turned into hundreds and hundreds of micro images….mini pages from a book or magazine.

He walked over to the wall and floor.

Picked one up.

Looked at the name, the face and the details.

Then picked up another.

And another.

And another.

And another…watching them connect together into a tapestry of individuals growing into a single large picture.

When all the images on the floor had attached themselves to the larger image, he watched the mosaic morph into a single sheet of paper, shrinking itself down to the size of the original invitation, and then drop down once again onto the floor.

The prince knelt down.

Picked it up.

And read the following words.

“You are invited to attend the coronation of the princess of Oz.

Please advise if you will be attending, by responding to this invitation at your earliest convenience.”

Kind Regards…


The Good Witch.

Mis Educated
Mis Educated
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Mis Educated

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