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Garths Fajarcharp

by Robert Webb about a year ago in fantasy

Episode One - Panic Station

Data Log: Piopo Chat is a local cuisine of the planet Jeerab

"Sometimes we know in our bones what we really need to do, but we're afraid to do it. Taking a chance and stepping beyond the safety of the world we've always known is the only way to grow, though and without risk there is no reward". - Wil Wheaton

Garth slowly inches his fingers closer to the eject switch on the console in front of him. Presently blind due to head impact suffered in the Perseid meteor shower currently raining down on Garths aircruiser, he struggles to see through the visor of his mark 3 titan helmet.

What was the meteor shower doing all the way out here? And why didn't it register on his short spectrum radar or sonar pulses? Garth thought to himself.

Data Log: Never underestimate the claws of a Sheeklybut

"That's a question I'll have to find the answer to later, first I have to get the fuck out of here before this ship explodes. Jesus christ, not another one. This is the 3rd ship this year, Jackie's gonna be so mad! Haha". Garth continued, his voice crackling up due to the damage to his ship most likely.

Garth chuckles under the thought of a maddening Jackie and a small smile strikes across his green scaly lips. Confident he has the eject pod switch in his fingers, he takes a deep inhalation, looks out at the deep black cosmos in front of him, thousands upon thousands of meteors ranging in size from football to football stadium hurtle through space and time around him, smashing into one another in a display of cosmic fireworks. Sparks fly out from broken cables inside the ship, warning sounds blare out of speaker systems and red lights flash throughout the console.

Data Log; The Terminis were the first to harness universal energy

Garth exhales. He flips the switch on the eject pod, hears a soft, subtle release of air depressurizing, a loud clank, and whoosh, Garth is ejected from the wrecked aircruiser into the vast chaotic space around him. He has to hope first that he can escape the meteor shower around him, and then make it to a suitable planet to contact help and return home.

Meteors fly past his head, small chunks of rock and other debris clatter around him, smashing together into further smaller pieces, those smaller pieces then colliding again. He sees a larger meteor closing in on his location, it doesn't look like Garth will have time to move out of the way of this speeding skyscraper. Garth locks in and scans the meteor, his readings show the speed, trajectory and necessary statistics to pull of a stunt Garth never thought he would attempt.

Data Log: The water on Phuki is redder than the surface of mars, but completely safe

Data Log; Garth is part Fuitopian, part Levevafo. Hence the scaly skin but long lifespan. Not much is known about this species other than their intelligence. And their lacking in any social skills

"No way, no way, no fucking way man, I mean its not even possible, its like some movie shit!" Garth screams out, but its decision time, and there's only one way out of this hell hole, on the back of that flaming rock! Garth allocates a portion of his oxygen to his thrusters and uses the scan of the meteor to guide his trajectory. In an instant, Garth will need to unleash his full thrust capacities to match the meteors speed and grab a hold of something on the surface. The issue is that he was going to be much, much slower.

Garth ripped the bracket off his thruster pack and pulled up the override sequence, he punched in his command dial and removed the speed restrictions. These were only in place for the safety of the spacenaught, they can become seriously uncontrollable if not handled correctly, thankfully Garth knows a thing or two about uncontrollable spacesuits, being an Alpha Zeta Bio-Engineer for some 80 years.

Data Log: Fuitopian's have been known to live well over 1000 Humanic years

Garth knows that the following is not going to be pleasant. He twists his tail back, ready to grab on when the time comes, and presses the thruster button…

Tune in next time for episode 2 of Garths Fajarcharp.


Robert Webb

Freelance writer.

I write about all walks of life, from fiction to non-fiction, self-help to psychology, travel to philosophy.

I like to bring a sense of humor to serious topics, a splash of philosophical thinking, and a dash of weirdness.

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