Galactik Football 2045

by Ahdeesa 4 months ago in future


The future of football - psychedelic cyborg players.

My first trillion dollar idea is in bringing Galactik Football to life.

With the way the direction we are heading in with AI, Neuralink (Elon Musk), the pandemic and the growing succes of esports compared 'normal' sports.

I believe by the year 2045 we can have at least 50 players playing Galactik Football.

My idea is to gather round volunteers, preferable players that did not make the cut for professional football.

They would need to agree to take part in a series of experiments, designed to connect them to their true nature, to the universe and expand the capacity of their minds.

With written consent and permission, these experiments will be 100% ethical and in a controlled environment.

1. The players will undergo an initial 3 week psychedelic rewiring programme.

This programme will connect them with the divine light. It will bring them the ability to easily let go. (Lao Tzu - TAOISM - THE POWER OF LETTING GO)

This programme will also include hypnotherapy sessions, designed to turn the players into cyborgs, allowing them to learn fast, invent new skills and tricks...

2. The players train and compete in games designed with cutting edge technology. This will quickly devalue the current sport of football. Streaming this online will change the way the whole world view football and sport.

The players will connect with each other telepathically as soon as Elon Musk or another billionaire invests in the idea. The players will be able to develop different 'flux-like' abilities, making the game ultra-competitive and thrilling to watch.

This can be tested in places or states where mushrooms are legalised.

Just imagine the sport 25 years from now. I think it can happen way sooner with the current world class players out there right now. If they get on board then this a Trillion dollar idea.

I would have Ronaldo and Messi go one v one in a Netherball game. It will be like modern day boxing.

Netherball will be a pound for pound tournament. Players will go months in isolation using the full capacity of their brains to improve their mental, technical skills and physical attributes.

This idea needs immediate attention. We need to get it into the right hands, so we can implement it and get a taste of the future.

It is time to stop dreaming and watching sci-fi movies.

Let us start creating a better world and challenge future generations to do create better things.

We are on this planet to make things better.

We are here to create experiences.

Galactik Football will encourage people to be more creative, live off their work and provide service to others.

I appreciate you taking your time and having an open mind to make it to the end of this idea.

Thank you and be back for Vol 2.


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