G-Eazy and the Warehouse of Monsters

by Michelle Stone 6 months ago in fantasy

A super fictitious story from the dream I had last night

G-Eazy and the Warehouse of Monsters

The crowd could be heard from the back of the stage chanting for Gerald to come onto stage.

"G-EAZY G-EAZY G-EAZY!" they shouted.

"Alright G, it's almost time. You ready?" a man with an ear piece said to him nervously, while adjusting G's collar.

I was standing two men apart from him, wearing a tux with my hair slicked back, looking very much apart of the staff. G was surrounded by 'his people' and was holding a needle full of green liquid. He was in a delusion and his eyes were so fixed on it.

"I NEED IT" he said urgently, as his eyes begin to bulge out of his head with excitement.

He raised the needle up to put into his skin, I jumped over to him and grabbed it out of his hand.

"What are you doing?" I looked at him with wild eyes. "This doesn't look safe."

"Give it back!" he tried to reach for it, but I scooted backward.

His people were almost frozen within this reality, just letting us have this moment with no interruption.

"What is this?" I said, as I looked at the needle up and down.

G stopped reaching for me and just stopped.

"Fine," he said.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at him curiously.

"If you take it, then you have to make it through the warehouse," he smirked.

I looked at him with even more confusion.

"Warehouse? What warehouse?"

He pointed behind me and somehow there was a giant warehouse entrance that now laid against the wall.

"I'll send my best man with you." He motioned the man who was originally helping him with his collar.

Not understanding the point in this mission or even why he wanted this mysterious green liquid, I just nodded my head and faced the warehouse with my partner for the mission. He and I didn't have much of an exchange, in-fact, he didn't even speak.

We made our way into the warehouse. Immediately we saw giant human like monsters. They resembled people, but only ten times bigger and extremely disfigured. They were coming right at us. Somehow in a miraculous fashion we were zooming left and right away from these things. It was a blur making it through to the other side.

As we begin to approach the exit, the light was getting brighter. It shined through the slimmer of crack exposed beneath the warehouse door. We reached the door and both slipped our hands underneath lifting it up quickly. We rolled out right as one of the monsters nearly grabbed us both. We were somehow at the boardwalk on the Santa Cruz beach. For a quick moment the knuckle of the monster, who almost grabbed us, brushed the sunlight reaching out for us underneath the door. A screeching scream could be heard. At that moment I realized—they didn't like sunlight.

The guy I was with, who up until this point has said absolutely nothing, looked over at me and said, "We should try to trick one out of there."

I looked over at him as if he were crazy. Unleash this thing into Northern California? My zest for adventure and knowledge that this had to most likely be a dream, wouldn't let me hold back.

I nodded at him and gently replied, "Who wants to be the bait?" With a smirk on my face, I paused and continued, "Ah shit, I'll do it."

The man smiled at me as I begin to get in position to run back in.

"I'll make sure the door is ready," he looked at me sternly.

I backed up and got in my running position, kicking off I made my way toward the door and slid under at the last minute. The monsters had wondered off, so this was my chance to lure just one my way. I saw the perfect candidate to the left of me. No one had noticed that I entered, so I begin to lightly crawl over to the closest monster. He was standing, moving back and forth, seemingly completely out of it. I tucked at the corner of his pants leg and he made a loud moan then turned around. I had already started for the door. He began briskly running after me, at this point the others had caught on and were beginning to come toward me.

"NOOOWWWW!" I screamed, as I came up to the door.

The man lifted it up and I ran out. He continued to hold it up, as the monster approached and it ran straight through it. The sudden destruction of the door blinded the monsters with sunlight and they all begin to retreat into the darkness of the warehouse corners. The one we had lured did not, instead—something miraculous happened. He started to melt. He was shrinking in size and the entire time a green liquid was coming out him. As he shrunk back down to normal human size, the liquid poured out of him. The same green liquid I had seen G try to insert into himself.

The man dropped to his knees, "Thank you," he said out of breath, "I've been trapped as one of those things for centuries. Thank you so much."

He threw his face into his hands and begin to weep.

The dream then faded like a camera, my view slowly rising over the horizon of the boardwalk, just us three standing there while the man knelt on his knees and sobbed with gratitude. It was quite poetic.

I then woke in a fluster, completed baffled. I was left wondering so many things.

Why G-Eazy?

What did the green liquid symbolize?

Would he have become a monster?

Night after night I'm entranced by the dimensions of my mind. Dreams are truly a view into another world. A way to dissect the knots in the webs of our mind. These links connect us in ways we can't understand. If only we could see the connections.

Michelle Stone
Michelle Stone
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