Extra Terrestrial Architecture

What are they having us build?

Extra Terrestrial Architecture
ET Architecture
Understanding Extra Terrestrial Architecture (ETA) is difficult for three reasons. First, because it is a very complex subject matter that requires an EA to elevate their imagination and comprehension level to that of ETI. Second, because the concepts that take place outside of Earth are basically all conjecture, speculation, and theory. Third, the events taking place on Earth require you to use the EARTH methodology relying on primarily repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence as the basis by which you interpret and translate the possibilities of what they (HETLAU) are doing down here. For most individuals that is difficult to believe, as well.

Step one—or switching from an EA to ESH comprehension level—is usually the stumbling block most won't get over. They will just sit in ETUFOBESSER mode until disclosure. Then they gradually are prodded forward by group psychology and mind traps from the steganography. For those that can rise above that, they realize the key is to take everything you have learned growing up and set it aside. Then put thepossibility of the concept of Hetlau back in your mind first and as you start placing all the stuff you learned growing up back in your mind, evaluate it against the Hetlau concept, because you are not going to need most of it. The stuff you choose to keep will be used to radically reshape the way you think about the origin of life and the reason behind the events taking place on Earth.Step two—or looking out into space to wonder what they are doing—is basically conjecture, speculation, and theory. The other problem is that, even when there is disclosure, it will probably only be partial, not full, and EA will still be forced to try to figure out what is really going on. The key is to get ahead of the disclosure curve now. Once you realize what is going on, you will easily be able to empathize with others who are still behind the curve as you will be able to remember when you use to think and believe like they still do.Using wormation, you can use tools like porphemes to look at words like: UNIVERSE UNI VERSE UNI = ONE = 1 = A = AlienVERSE = WRITINGS = LANGUAGE So the term "Universe" says "Alien Language." Then, using conjecture, speculation, and theory, you can apply the possibility that a Universe is just a management container. Similar to the way EA scale out their systems with city, county, state, country, and planet. Could the Universe be the planetary-type container of systems looking outward? By telling the EA the Universe is the limitation of systems, it creates the possibility of preventing us from thinking there may be multiverses, parallel universes, or who knows what beyond the Universe in the cosmos or celestial realm. Could the possibility exist that ET have different systems that either work with each other or oppose each other, similar to allies and adversaries? As they grow, could they delegate management responsibilities to star, galactic, and universal systems? Again it's all conjecture, speculation, and theory, though it does provide some basis for making calculations and projections, should we receive partial versus full disclosure at first.Using wormation you can use tools like porphemes to look at words like:GALAXY

GOVERMENTGOVERN = CONTROLMENT = MENTAL = MINDGOVERNMENT = MINDCONTROLG = MINDCONTROLALA = by way of (slang)X= eXtra terrestrialY = YesSo the term "Galaxy" says "Mindcontrol" by way of eXtra terrestrials Yes. How this plays into what is going on at the galactic level is difficult to say for sure, but it sure plays into step three. Step three—evaluating the events taking place on Earth—requires you to use the EARTH methodology relying on primarily repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence as the basis by which you interpret and translate the possibilities of what they (HETLAU) are doing down here. For most individuals, that is difficult to believe as well.The easiest way to see the Extra Terrestrial Architecture (ETA) is to look at the big picture first. If the possibility exists that ET place the EA on Earth as their slaves and live among them as HET, then the process of their architecture should reveal clues in the history on Earth.One of the most obvious ones is the Pyramid theory. This substantiates the War and Slave theory, as well. Then, realizing the possibility that ET live in technologically advanced societies on other planets, they will need to build Earth out to at least some level of that advanced technology in order to facilitate disclosure in a timely fashion. So you could summarize their ETA relative to their activity on Earth into three main categories:

  1. War
  2. Slavery
  3. Infrastructure
Unlike step two where conjecture, speculation, and theory are necessary to try to understand the ET role in an unknown and unexperienceable realm, step three allows us to use the EARTH methodology and apply it to a worst-case scenario, focus on the big picture, and look for repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence the ESH are using War and Slavery to build out a technologically advanced infrastructure that already exists on other planetary systems in order to facilitate partial disclosure.Their goal is to reveal their presence here on Earth, then trick the EA into believing they are no longer going to be used as slaves. Secretly though, they will still continue to use the EA as slaves, just at a higher intellectual level. Those that can get ahead of the disclosure curve prior to disclosure will be able to see and understand this as well as attempt to free themselves from galactic (Mindcontrol by way of eXtra terrestrials Yes) slavery.Follow me at vocal media for more stories at:HumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com
Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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