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An Onslaught


The newly summoned Devil and White-Winged Angel are still fixated on another, pacing back and forth with their weapons drawn. The rest of us continue to grip our weapons in hopes that the White Angel will strike first.

The Angel positions his twin daggers in a way that is able to keep the fallen angels at a distance as well as keeping the Devil from striking.

After several minutes of anticipation, one of the twelve fallen angels gets impatient and decides to strike. She rushes at the Angel thrusting her spear aiming for his chest. The Angel cracks a grin and spins with his wings expanded, dodging the spear and impaling the fallen angel in her throat.

I grin and turn to Abbadon who smiles and we both charge at the Angel. He flaps his wings causing Abbadon and myself to fall to the ground, he swiftly flies to pierce me with his daggers, but I roll to the side and flap my wings and am able to gain some distance.

Abbadon, still on the ground, swings his spear in an effort to knock the Angel to his feet.

The Angel throws his dagger as he flaps his wings a single time, causing him to hover in the air for a brief moment and miss the swing. The dagger hits Abbadon in his stomach and his face turns from triumph to fear.

Abbadon crawls away, pulling the dagger out and retreating in the forest.

The Devil just stays his distance and analyzes the battlefield.

Three of the fallen angels rush for the Angel only with two to instantly be greeted. One with his blade and the other with his throat ripping his larynx out clean.

After a few seconds, the fallen with his throat missing, grabs his throat to spare him a few moments of precious life. The fallen with the dagger inside starts to glow and fade to ash.

The third angel is smarter and positions his dagger in a defensive manner causing the Angel to pace back and forth, deadlocked.

I discreetly grab the dagger that was in Abbadon to throw it at the Angel, before it reaches him, the fallen that is in combat with the Angel sees an opening and goes to strike.

The Angel spins and uses his wings to knock the fallen back down while retrieving his other dagger mid-air and uses both of them to end the fallen angel by plunging both of the blades deep in his side.

He is rushed by another group of three angels hoping to overwhelm him. His wings flap sending them all flat on the ground. He continues to flap causing violent winds that keep the angels down.

He pauses for a moment before he stretches his wings far back for one final flap. I sink my claw into the Earth in anticipation.

This final flap sends one of the angel's spears flying into the other, killing him instantly. The other angel flies and is impaled by a stray tree branch. The final angel in that group, is stunned and defenseless as his spear just impaled an ally.

When the white angel reaches the ground, he sheaths his blades and picking up a fallen dagger, he sends the dagger flying at the last angel's chest.

Upon impact, the angel turns to me for help. He looks weakened and tired. I watch the life drain out of him and into the Earth.

There are five black-winged fallen angels left, The Devil, his pet wolves, and myself. Abbadon has fled and his whereabouts are unknown.

Two fallen angels attack with their swords.

The white angel's wings are weakened and he unsheaths his blades and blocks each strike with ease.

One of the fallen positions his blade in a defensive stance and rolls slicing the angel's back.

The angel turns and grabs the other fallen by his throat, lifting him high up in the air gasping for breath as he stares into the other fallen's eyes. He lifts the other angel higher and tosses him at the other fallen sending them both to the ground.

He picks up a stray spear and pierces both of them with the tip, twisting it deep into their chests. The remaining three fallen watch in shock.

The Devil and his five pet wolves stand back, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. I wait for his order, gripping my spear with anticipation and making sure my twin daggers are close to my side incase I need a backup weapon.

He gestures to charge and the three remaining fallen, without hesitation charge. He sends two wolves into the field.

The white-winged angel seems a bit more frightened, but pulls out his spear from the bodies of the two fallen. He swings it to gain distance but the relentless wolves pay no heed and snarl.

He is forced to grip one by its throat and eliminate it by tearing it out, the other tears at his heel injuring him before being met with his dagger in the creature's eye.

The three fallen charge but with one swift movement of his spear, all of their throats are slit. They pause for a few seconds before collapsing to the ground.

The three remaining wolves charge.

The first wolf is met with the Angel's spear and he leaves it in as he reaches for his twin daggers, he quickly plunges one in each wolf killing them all.

The Devil then charges with his spear and the white winged angel blocks and headbutts him. The two are engaged in combat for a while but they are equal in strength.

I decide to join the battle and unsheathe my daggers and pounce.

The angel flips and rolls dropping his spear and wielding two daggers.

The Devil and myself position our blades in a defensive manner watching the angel carefully.

Glancing down at his leg, I see that the wound has started to fester. The wolves must have had Komodo dragon bacteria in their fangs to help them eliminate their targets.

The angel begins to limp and he starts to flap his wings to gain the advantage.

The Devil signals for me to stand back as he meets the angel's altitude.

The two fight in close quarters for a while before Abbadon returns clutching his side. He is armed with a dagger that he is set to plunge into the angel.

I watch the fight from a tactical standpoint and I predict that they will be deadlocked indefinitely without intervention.

I fly and charge at the angel breaking him and the Devil up. The Devil falls on the ground, enraged at my intervention.

When me and the angel both hit the ground, he impales my side with his blade and I grip his throat to keep him at a distance.

After a few seconds, a groan is heard and the tip of Abbadon's blade is seen coming through the angel's throat, as I am pinned on the ground.

The angel's face turns from triumph to defeat as he chokes on his blood. Abbadon twists the angel's neck causing it to 180.

I push him off of me and remove the dagger from my side.

Abbadon helps me up and The Devil gives me a look of approval.

I scan the battlefield and so many fallen were killed by a single angel.

I watch The Devil return to the breach in the veil and he gets in a meditative state and places his hands upon it.

I don't know what's to come, but I'm glad that I'm on the side of survival...

Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor
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