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Data and AI Summit 2022 Day 1

by Ty Mc about a month ago in conventions
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Writing about today's summit!

Data and AI Summit 2022 Day 1
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Another day of working in data science and another conference where I get to see cutting edge software as well as the future of information technology. Today, the people at Databricks (an American enterprise software company that was founded by the creator of useful software programs like Apache Spark) gave me a digital invitation to virtually attend their Data and AI Summit for this year. This event is a three day event with June 28th being the first day and everything ending on June 3oth. Each day would have various different presenters showing their brand new data science solutions, AI applications, and various different technologies that can help people use data more efficiently. As part as my job, I was able to accept the invite and digitally 'visit' the conference from the comfort of my home. The whole thing started at 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time with a keynote speech from several important people working in the Information Technology, Data Science, and Data Security industries.

There was a keynote speech from Ali Ghodsi - one of the founders of Databricks - where he started talking about different methods of data processing that could be used to help humanity. He mentioned how there were new methods for cleaning and storing data, which is useful for providing people with information on what is going on in various complex situations around the world while providing very specific information about these situations. Then, he talked about data modeling and how software programs with proper data models can help tell people what is most likely to happen in certain situations based on information & trends. Finally, he talked about automated decision making software and how these programs can automatically respond to certain situations or provide people with information on what they should do next in a given predicament. Then, Ali mentioned the programs Databricks was working on to help with cleaning data, predictive modeling, and automated decision making. One of these programs is one that uses structured tables for processing data known as Data Warehouse. Data Warehouse is designed specifically to work with business intelligence and SQL Analytics. The other major program is Data Lake, which is designed to work with raw data like bytes, files, and videos. It is designed for data science and machine learning, so Data Lake is closer to something up my alley & my area of expertise.

After this initial keynote speech, it was the start of Day 1 of this summit and the beginning of watching some of the presentations different programmers and creators have to show us. The first presentation I watched for the day as a presentation from Data Scientist Pal Yang about Data Boards, a particular program for collaborative data science. The next presentation was about using the program Delta Lake and Databricks technology to better optimize data processing. After that, there was an interesting presentation on decentralized metrics and data science being used by the people working at AirBnb. They do this using a flexible program named Minerva 2.0 that can work with the database-based programming language SQL to group data and aggregate these groups for more efficient searching. A decent part of that presentation was about sql parsing and routing queries using StarRocks for physical data storage and S3 for storing data & information on the cloud. The rest was about combining Minerva with experimentation and machine learning. Honestly, having someone working with AirBnb is probably the biggest surprise for this day of the conference. This is one of the last companies on Earth I would expect to be presenting at a data science conference, though it does make sense when you consider all of the data science that probably goes into the algorithms running the application.

Overall, this has been a pretty good day of this conference and I hope the other two days are just as enjoyable. If I am invited next year, I might go there in the flesh, though telecommuting is still pretty good to...


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