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Daily Message(s) for 11/27/22 – 12/03/22

What does the universe have to say?

By Nu MoJoPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
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“Our days consist of many events. So, don't mind me. I'm just the messenger, & what I bring forth is just an aspect of what the universe has in store for you. Thus, mosey on & enjoy your days & lives, but don't forget to keep certain synchronicities in mind. Lastly, it's important to mention that a daily message may affect you for an extended period; Henceforth, accept it, & address it.”


Time is an illusion; do not get lost in its concept. The question is, when will you start? Now or later? Yes, the judgments you have made and failed to make are why you are here; look no further. Yet, you are magical enough to manifest a miracle. So give it a shot. You will surprise yourself with what you can attain in such a "small" amount of time! Just be sure to proceed carefully and with care. You must maintain a balanced outlook. It will keep you intact and on track.

With the purest intent & the greatest love, do what you please.


Step out of the dark and into the light. It is time to warm yourself up. Times are tough, and the cold can make it seem like you have crumbs. Henceforth, put a stop to thinking pessimistically and do what you wish to do already. The more you push it off, the more you delay what you want. And although others may not like it, it is not up to them to say. With that said, obsess less about the outcome and watch a blissful end gracefully fall into your lap.

Be careful, but feel what you feel. If anything, choose to heal.


Do not be so harsh on yourself; you tried and tried. As a result, the universe is asking you to try something else. Still, the choice is ultimately yours. Thus, will you choose to do nothing? Will you retreat and go back toward something that made you feel hopeless? Or will you be courageous enough to seek and embrace something new? Having said that, whether you believe it or not, there is an option that will make you feel like better days are ahead. Just cross that bridge. You know, the one that has yet to burn.

Accept who you are & what you feel; It will get you far.


You needed space, which benefited you more than you could imagine. For example, now you know what is worthwhile, what you believe in, and if you are sure. Therefore, relax and regroup. Prepare yourself for this anticipated troop. You gave plenty; now you need it recycled back to you. Eventually, you will notice this overwhelming sense of feeling rejuvenated. you will also see that it is a lot easier to manifest.

Ponder on the truth, yet don’t flounder.


Unfortunately, this is not the wisest time to be laid back. Instead, be fast, active, and energetic! That is the quickest and least painful way. Trust me. Soon, you will realize that for yourself. Thus, get going. Otherwise, you will not feel motivated enough to give it an attempt. You will assume the worse possible scenario without giving it a second glance.

Have some faith in the unknown. However, don’t be naive.


It will take more than one night to resolve this issue. However, the effort is admirable. Perhaps you should reconsider your mentality. That will give you the outlook necessary to achieve a remarkable feat. Just remember to take care of yourself. Your mind, body, and soul need tender love and care. Once you are acclimated, you will think of a brilliant resolution.

Be grateful for what you have, & value it so that it last.


Look up! It will make it easier to see where you are going!

Anyway, at present, many want and need a significant change to occur in their lives. They want to be a part of, create, or offer something. They want to matter to some degree. Still, patience is needed. One and two still need to come together. That way, you will not experience any false starts.

Be firm with your decisions; you already know what you’d like to do.

“With all that said, thank you for the love & support! & If you are interested in more, such as the audio, a personal reading, or more content, check me out at: https://linktr.ee/NuMoJo.”


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