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Cosmic Fate

by Jocelyn Marques 2 months ago in astronomy

Written By: Jocelyn Christabelle Marques

Cosmic Fate
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It seems like from the moment of conception, many have an opinion of how the child will grow up to be; however, I believe it is cosmic fate that determines this. The presumptions of the child may start off by aligning how the parents characteristics could be born inside the child already for example, "I am sure he will look just as handsome as the father" or "She will grow up to be a nurse like her mama". The parents may very well be factors that influence the child but nevertheless, I consider the child a star all on their own. I believe in something much higher, I believe that the notion of God is at hand when creating these beings. This statement however, should not be confused with the saying "there is only one true religion". Hi, my name is Jocelyn, I was born into being a Catholic and had a passion for astrology ever since I was ten years old. Being so interested in astrology made me an outcast with the Catholic community which made me frustrated as I did not understand why we could not just make sense of the two coexisting. Nevertheless, I am stubborn (hint) so I do exactly what I want to do based on intuition and prayer and I am daring so I decide to let the journey of life create me. The curiosity of zodiac signs all started when my mother used to say, "Oh your dad is a Pisces that is why it is so difficult to get a grip on him! he is neither here nor there" Nowadays, my mother does not believe in astrology at all; she is very much a fan of Jesus and no judgement at all, so do I in some sense. I decided to investigate my zodiac sign and since I was born December 29, 1994 I was calculated as a 'Capricorn'. I was convinced that this is true because silly enough at the age of fourteen I fell in love with a Taurus and decided that it was fate as the compatibility between a Taurus and Capricorn are outstanding and considered 'divine'. However, as I was growing up, I neglected to check up on my daily astrology as I was also starting to lose faith due to the fact that I could not really identify with being a Capricorn; I even started to be attracted to many fire signs especially Leos which did not make sense..."an earth and fire signs mixing...such blasphemy!". I felt like I was so much more; it was like a fire burning in my heart, and maybe so. From being a person that would nuisance people with astrology or say "What is your sign?" as an icebreaker, I decided to put that all to the rest until 2018. I visited Portugal to meet my distant relatives. We were having a lovely feast and the alcohol was simmering in our bodies so we all decided to mingle and chat since it was the first time meeting them and therefore, there was a lot to catch up on. I was sitting on the sofa, rethinking how I should've gone easy on the pasta and was interrupted by my cousin who decided to join me. He was slightly timid but gained the courage abruptly and said, "So what is your zodiac sign?" I was buzzed enough to not realize that this was the first time anyone has asked me this question as I am usually the one that leads in zodiac conversations. "Capricorn" I reply gently. "Hmm, well what about your rising" he asked. I was confused and uttered, "My rising...what exactly?" He said, "Oh wow! so you don't know it seems...astrology consists of many fragments so your sun sign may be Capricorn but your rising is what people 'view' you as...and of course, there is also the moon sign". At this point, I am starting to sober up from excitement as he was suddenly speaking my language, astrology. "Oh wow! That is so interesting, please, tell me more!" I say. "Hold on" he replies as he takes out his cellphone and taps the icon 'Safari' to type in "Calculate rising sign" he then hands me over his phone and says, "Here, answer the questions and details such as, where you were born, what time you were born...we will see what you get". I take the phone and say, "this is so cool...I am so curious", "Same here!". I input all the details; my mind was stunned...could this possibly change the way I view myself? We waited for the page to redirect to the results. I was slightly nervous...'palms are sweaty , knees weak, mom's spaghetti' and then results were in *drumroll* "No way!...I am a Sagittarius rising and Scorpio Moon?!" I was so excited that I was not able to hide my smile. "Thats cool! My sun sign is Sag, rising Virgo and Gemini Moon" He responds with enthusiasm joining me on this excitement.

Fast forward to the present, I am happily dating a Leo man for a year now. He is everything I didn't know I needed in my life and is my partner with anything from being a lover, best friend, business partner to family. According to Google, the personality of a Sagittarius woman possesses certain traits such as, "Adventurous, fun loving, sociable and friendly, they are typically determined to live life to the fullest. This is an honest woman, a straight shooter who speaks her mind." This statement feels genuine, however, I did not abandon the Capricorn and Scorpio in me. I believe that the combination of it all makes sense to why I can be complicated, passionate, driven, pessimistic, energetic, serious, jealous, emotional, and sensual. In addition, all zodiac signs come with "good" and "bad" traits...I see this as a balance because we are humans who are born in a world that is imperfectly, perfect. I do strongly believe that because many are unaware of their astrological chart they wonder and realize that they identify with many other traits from the other signs thus, discouraging them to believe that there may be some truth to all this. Till this day, I have not really dived deep into my chart as the Scorpio in me enjoys the mystery of it all. I do not let the zodiac signs control me rather than that I am just aware that they are part of me. I also think that just because I am feeling negative and projecting, it does not give me the excuse to pass it off as being part of who I am based on the sign; I am always trying to improve as a person. Whether it is written in the stars or not, I enjoy my belief in the discipline of how the stars align.

We will never be certain about the truth, I feel, however, there is a quote that I am fond of whenever I feel discouraged, "Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." by Norman Vincent Peale. There are many questions I have for the universe but the one question I would not hesitate to ask the Creator (God), "What is your sign?..."

Jocelyn Marques
Jocelyn Marques
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Jocelyn Marques

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