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By Michael ThielmannPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

This will be a rather ambitious 600 words, but I am definitely up for the challenge. I want to briefly outline some of the key factors that I feel are an essential part of moving ahead in a sustainable, harmonious way as a loving and creative human society.

Before we can even talk about the external solutions I feel that individuals need to first do some intensive inner work on themselves. When we look at people trying to come together for some project or other we often see clashing egos and unhealed wounds rearing up to sabotage the endeavor.

Cults are a perfect example of this. The narcissism, greed, and corruption of the "leader" begins to destroy what may have been a well-intentioned initiative. If the followers in a cult are able to exercise more self-awareness and critical thinking then the leader's shenanigans will not have any power over anyone.

The bottom line is that each individual has to do the painstaking inner work on themselves. People who are strong and confident in their God-given abilities can then come together to begin the real fun work of implementing sustainable energy, food, and economic solutions in their local communities.

Energy truly is the bottom line; it is so ubiquitous in our daily lives that we often overlook the basics of how energy works, and how it doesn't. Nikola Tesla is a great household name to begin the discussion of free energy and the potential to liberate human beings from energetic enslavement.

In my recent video I talked about how Tesla's technologies are beginning to resurface in our society in a more tangible way than ever before.

This article talks about how a Texas-based company is building a Tesla Tower (hopefully) with the intention of providing abundant, clean energy and helping to solve the world's energy crisis.

Banking magnate J.P. Morgan met with Tesla and was concerned about the implications of free, abundant energy. He apparently asked Tesla where he would install the meter—his focus being on how he could make money from the device. This type of self-serving thinking forced Tesla into relative obscurity and poverty. His funding was scarce, compared to more mainstream scientists like Thomas Edison.

If we consider the reasons as to why Edison is far more well-known than Nikola Tesla, it is easy to come to the most logical conclusion. Edison's light bulbs were a game changer, but having to replace expensive and ecologically harmful bulbs is really no comparison to having access to an abundant, radiant transmitter of the Earth's natural electricity.

Therefore, the powers that be supported the thinking that would ensure humanity's continued dependence on the banking and energy cartels. Tesla died in his New York apartment, and his research was seized by none other than President Trump's uncle, John G. Trump.

The implications are astounding; we can conclude that high-level public officials are well aware of helpful technologies that could transform the human race overnight. It is up to we the people to put pressure on our governments and demand that suppressed technologies be released for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Let's imagine that this dream came true tomorrow. President Trump released Tesla's research and his uncle's findings to the public. Engineers and scientists begin constructing Tesla Towers in every city and town. Free, clean energy pervades the planet and everyone has more than they could ever need in a lifetime,

Now what? This is a logical first step in terms of transforming our outdated and harmful infrastructure. Once our energy needs are taken care of we will need to create abundant and sustainable food solutions.

I have a lot of personal experience in this domain, and I will be creating a lot of content to share what I've learned so far. Basically, food and water need to be kept as local and readily available as possible. The big food and chemical companies have maintained a monopoly and created a centralized food system that is doing unimaginable harm to our planet and everything on it.

Growing food is a skill that is deep within the human psyche and our collective genetic history. I was pleasantly surprised when I started working at a community garden and how quickly I could get the hang of everything. I also helped a friend of mine start setting up a shipping container that he's using to grow fresh, organic vegetables during the cold Ontario winters.

My friend was able to sell his veggies to stores and restaurants in the area, and he was also able to charge according to the higher quality of his produce. Additionally, he used his engineering abilities to "outsmart" our devastating Canadian winters and create a great business for himself.

Once local food systems have been implemented in our communities humanity will be well on the way towards much brighter days. When there is an abundance of food in an area people naturally become more generous with one another. The fear of running out of food in an emergency will no longer be relevant; everyone can have access to the literal fruits of their labor at the community garden (of Eden).

Now that we've solved those two problems, we need to look at one of the most insidious creations that humanity has ever suffered under: The fixed and corrupt monetary system itself.

Even if free energy and great food are abundant everywhere, we can bet our bottom dollar that our neighborhood friendly Banksters will try any means necessary to subvert our aspirations for true freedom and happiness. As long as money remains the bottom line in society we will have large groups of people struggling in spite of the fact that an abundance of resources may be readily available. (Think back to Tesla and J.D. Rockefeller's idea for a meter on the Towers.)

This is where the work of one Michael Tellinger really starts to shine. I encourage you to study his work and give his ideas their due consideration. His concepts seem rather radical at first, as they explore the possibility of transcending the limited monetary system altogether and switching to a more humane, resource-based local economy.

There is a lot of information here to digest if this type of thing is new to you. I thank you for your efforts in following my train of thought thus far. I feel very optimistic and positive about the future of humanity. We are all able to step up to the plate in our own ways to begin creating a more joyful and prosperous world for ourselves and our children to enjoy.

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Michael Thielmann

I am an addiction and mental health counsellor living in Salmon Arm British Columbia. I love engaging with people about overcoming any challenges in their life and being vulnerable and open about my own process as well. <3

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