'Black Mirror' Season 5 Review

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How 'Black Mirror' shocked the world of technology.

'Black Mirror' Season 5 Review

*Warning: Contains Certain Spoilers*

This shocking Netflix TV show (since season four) is one of the most successful (if not the most successful) in its genre.

Each episode contains a different storyline, usually in a different timeline, which makes it possible to concentrate on different characters, and completely different, shocking storylines.

So far, the show and its creator, Charlie Brooker, didn't disappoint. But did season five really live up to our expectations?

Before I give away the answer to that, let me explain the basics of season five.

There are three episodes, each one a bit more than an hour long. The stories are "Striking Vipers," "Smithereens," and "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too."

I'll start by explaining what each of the episodes is about.

  • "Striking Vipers" talks about two college roommates, years after finishing college, re-living their gamer dreams. One of them, Karl, gives his friend, Danny a newer version of a game they used to play, Striking Vipers. When what started off as a video game joke started influencing their life, they decide to end whatever they had going on between them. But you can never entirely forget the past.
  • "Smithereens" talks about a taxi driver who decides to kidnap a person who works for Smithereens, releasing them under one condition: speaking to Billy Bauer, the CEO of Smithereens. After a police car sees the man in the back, they decide to pursue the car. The kidnapper, being armed, and having taken a hostage, is considered extremely dangerous by the police, who do everything to free the man.
  • "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" tells us the story of a teenage girl who is a huge fan of an internet sensation, Ashley O. When Ashley O releases a doll replica of herself, Rachel immediately buys it. As Ashley O falls in a coma due to a fight with her manager/aunt, the two girls, Rachel and Jack, decide to save her.

Now, did these three episodes really live up to our expectations?

  • "Smithereens" was my favorite one of all three of them.
  • "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" seemed a lot like a fanfiction, which a superfan would write; not particularly my kind of fun.
  • "Striking Vipers" contained amazing acting, just like the two other episodes, but the plot didn't exactly pull me in as much as the other two did. There was no real action, only romance. Other than that, it was well made.

"Smithereens" gets first, "Rachel, jack and Ashley Too" goes on second and "Striking Vipers" comes in third.

Other than that, this season was one of my favorite ones, if not the favorite, of all five seasons. Charlie Brooker outdid himself, and so did everyone else on the set.

I think that if Black Mirror doesn't get confirmed for another season, the fans would be left disappointed; one of their favorite Netflix sensations would be gone.

How did you like season five?

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