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Ben Solo’s Redemption

by Emily Aurelien a day ago in star wars

For all of those who are fans of Star Wars.

The birth of Kylo Ren started for Ben when he chose the dark side of the force. His fear for his own life as his uncle Luke tries to take his life. I think Luke feared his life nephew choosing the dark side.

Ben Solo comes back to the right side of the force making the ultimate sacrifice for Rey to live. I’ve seen so many fans made stories on YouTube, I wonder what would have happened if Ben never made that sacrifice?

As an author myself if you rewrite something it messes with the characters way of doing things. Since Ben made the sacrifice to save Rey if you rewrite this wouldn’t it mean his disadvantage would have been in vain? I don’t think I will ever understand this part. Then again, I am a novelist, so watching movies I’m thinking both as a fan, and writer.

Most would ask about Ben’s character why he is worthy of redemption? After all he is a villain, and a known Sith. I think in some ways villains deserve a redeeming backstory.

As a Jedi, the order couldn’t fall in love. As if love is weakness, when it’s not. It’s strength!

The link above is fan made, how they feel the Rise of Skywalker should have ended. But if Ben never sacrificed himself, would he still be a Sith?

After all love isn’t weakness for some it is! But why? Luke Skywalker, what’s thought to the last Jedi the chosen one his fear of Ben’s power didn’t turn him dark though it did turn Ben. I don’t know if I will understand this. Fear doesn’t turn us dark, but it does cripple us. Maybe Ben’s fear crippled him, and that’s who he went down the path of the dark side.

Personally, I think he wasn’t afraid, he was afraid of the path of his grandfather Anakin had chosen. Without realizing it he chooses Anakin’s wrong path.

The other thing I thought when I watched this is even though his uncle feared his power his Dad Hans never feared him. He always believed in him, even in his death. Luke however, didn’t.

I think he was jealous of the person Ben was, strong-willed, and slightly cocky like his dad.

Fan made sadly, okay maybe I understand the whole Rey and Ben romance trope everyone was hoping for.

Without the redemption of Ben, without his sacrifice it would have been for nothing because Rey would have died.

It was funny, how stories even in Hollywood or Disney end? Sometimes stories don’t always have happy endings. Even in these epic galactic stories like Star Wars. It would be great, if Rey and Ben had a great storyline with lots of romance.

Guess that’s why there are fanfictions for fans to write the stories they wish would have happened in the movies or books.

I’ve never wrote a fanfiction before so I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’ve neve read any at all either.

The connection that Ben and Rey have for each other I think is twin flames. Just because there isn't anything romantic that happened doesn't mean they couldn't sense each other.

I think the start of Ben’s redemption when was he realized the connection he has with Rey. An almost twin flames sort of thing. They would always sense each other, even if one of them was on the other side of the galaxy. In adding, his salvation was his connection to the force, and her. The love and strength and the battle within him. This brought him back to the light instead of the dark. When he saw Rey dying this what did it in for him, and he gave a piece of himself to her. Bringing her back, and he took her place with the past jedi and a spirit of the force.

I think making a villain have a redemption trope is a great idea for a writer to do. And for the protagonist to forgive well that’s even better. You can forgive but never forget.

Rest in Peace Ben Solo...

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Emily Aurelien
Emily Aurelien
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