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Beat yourself

by Alejandro Fernandez about a year ago in future
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timing challenge

Beat yourself
Photo by Tim J on Unsplash

assume this reality. it is the year bajillion, and it is year bajillion because of you. the why of that, matters not.

that said, today is an important day! you've been on time every time in the 86400 seconds of every 1440 minutes in your 24 hour daily life. not a minute or second off schedule.

if you're that person who actually pulls such precision off, you're a god! and i admire that so much. timing is extremely difficult for me. it's a great skill and ability to master, if you're up for the challenge. I've tried, fail before starting hahaha! but i have understandable mental health reasons, i'm sure for the nuerotypical person, it's a fun experience. even though i cannot find myself, yet 😏, beating time at it's own game. I do appreciate it's function and use in our daily lives.

if not for time. what, is, now? now?? eh?

im being weird with my humor 🙂. hope it was not too potent for you. i can be a jokster. jk lol that was cheap

but for the actual point of this post, which btw, i hope you recognize and like my writing style. mindless grammatic, would be the name i'd give it. i get sidetracked so easily, it's never a surprise to reflect and re-read my posts with title and body being irrelevant af! hahaha 😆

ANYWAYS! timing, like dude, how would even you do the picture above? i have ideas and thoughts, but realistically, you got some of the most legit lsd or dmt or pcp to even come close to such an abstraction of an action haha.

my idea on that being possible would be, twin wrist collars (material: rosegold) with a sticker starting right on the spot where one would check their pulse on their wrist. connected to a wire that is spung round, creating the wrist collar itself. sticker on pulse, tracking current pulse. using you're phone and seeing your pulse every millisecond, the simple applying of the slightest amount of pressure from your finger to touch screen sets off a flash. ZAP! .Z .ZA. .ZA.P.!

looking to my side, i notice i slowly start to disperse and fade away within the universe bound by time in which we all live daily. seeing existence in the present moment. never stopping a single second. seamless and near perfect flow of energy happening right in front of my eyes.

and then,

*running position*, 3... 2.. 1. Za aa <warp integration complete>

from the inverse of the shift in time of occurence taken place, anyone caught in the crossfire, permanently blind with never getting the opporutnity to see again. such tragedy. but i got the suitcase. i got the suitcase though.

as if nothing had just occcured, like the human PERMANENTLY BLIND! i walk away. with an unexpected anti flash reversing all those affected back to their prior state of being.

*sigh* "Oh Thank You GOD"

whoa whoa whoa ok pause!

hahahahaha 😁 if you're wondering about the suitcase and like just that whole situation. what you wonder then, is wondering off. becuase i will now finish this awesomeness of a confusing story with no point honestly. purrr.

the suitcase was from forgetting it at home, and today was THE day to have it. so the suitcase as you can tell, was had. and had well, 😉.

i view traveling time as a potential quantum moment with knowledge prior to knowing of the fact of knowledge knowing knowledge. 🙃. to break time. what and how would you describe that? i would say, assuming time spoke, audibly or inaudibly. visually was how time spoke in this story. how do you speak visually??? you're reading letters, that is visually processed into speech within yourself. you tell you, "this is what is says". so fast you're like wait what f*** in the 🤨 hehe. believe me or not. doesnt change its fact in actually being. so, texting and/or imessages is basically speaking visually.

one would disagree, simply because its uncommon and likely to just barely now be the first time if not only or the second time. but yeah, creativity and valuing your selection in words, broadens the possibilities for my imagination.

with time speaking now, it means we received input. input captured and in the moment of capturing, bound a new environment leaving all as is, adjusting bounded time to itself as bounded within it's inverse bound of itself. or in other words, trick it to a point in mental deconstruction that it gives in to You and from that point, it's all you.

no distruption to anything. if we were to freeze the moment, time, universe, ALL. upon the execution of this time collapse theorem im coming up with on the fly. a spec, unseeable by even itself, is all that would come out comparabily different from its previous frame or state of moment.

I got a cool mind :). im mentally exhausted though but i will finish this in providing the reversal explaination.

travelling time, is so rapid, it's as though you cling on the frame in which it runs on. frame being uhmmm a frozen moment of happening. in my mental reality. there isnt really a reversal as the time rupture from my awesome theorem has nothing to reverse anyways. my giving it the name or word "reversal" is for establishing a best possibility of what cannot be.

no matter the impossibility in something. if not for thought, it would make impossible, fact. and fact, any fact, is an illusion until proven that it is not. ;)

I love the world, You and everything else. hope you liked this. thanks


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Alejandro Fernandez

i am wise. never wiser than you.

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