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Area 51: The Truth

by ThatWriterWoman 3 years ago in extraterrestrial
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We shouldn't be storming area 51, we should be storming 8 miles south!

What is Area 51?

Area 51, located in the Nevada Test and Training range in the US, is 'officially' a military testing facility run by the United States air force. In recent years, the place has been used for many weapons tests, that much can be proven by the numerous craters that lie near the base, some from nuclear detonations.

The base became the subject of major conspiracy in 1989 when a man named Robert Lazar began to claim that he had worked on reverse engineering alien technology at a base close to area 51. In interviews, he claimed that he saw autopsy photographs of little 'grey' aliens inside of the facility. There wasn't, and isn't, any proof for these claims, but he didn't seem to have a motive to lie about such a thing.

  • Was Lazar mistaken?
  • Was Lazar told to say these things?
  • What, if anything, is true about them?

I would advise looking into his claims yourself and drawing your own conclusions.

The key to these claims lies within a specific location. Lazar never claimed to work at area 51, only close to it. He later revealed that he worked at a facility called 'S-4', a different facility, located within the mountainside, that was adjacent to Papoose lake, eight miles South of Area 51.

So, if S-4 is where they are keeping the 'alien' technology, what's the point of Area 51?

As it so happens there is some light to shed on that subject, in 2012, the most recent weapons test was conducted underground. It was rumored that it was a test involving plutonium (a highly radioactive material), and, as if more proof is needed, the state of Nevada sued the federal government in order to stop the shipment of more than a metric ton of plutonium to area 51 for storage.

In truth, I find it hard to believe that area 51 is anything more than a nuclear weapons testing and intelligence facility. Because of this, I cannot recommend 'storming' the area, as we all know how the army would react to an attempt to steal nuclear secrets and weapons, even if you are there just to 'clap dem cheeks'. In all honesty, there's probably no cheeks to clap at area 51. Sorry to disappoint you.

Plan B - Storming facillity s-4

It seems clear from the evidence that we should be ignoring area 51 (or sending a group of Karens and Kyles as a distraction), and storming the mountainside facility S-4. That is, we could if anyone can find it. Some have claimed to see vents and hatches in the mountainside on google maps, but those have since disappeared. However, if there are any Nevada locals willing to go down and explore the area in person, here's what to expect;

  • Concealed aircraft hangars
  • An underground facility (evidence would include man-made paths and vents)
  • Them aliens (if you manage to get in)
  • Probably a lot of security and radiation

Details of alien technology were also disclosed by Lazar who said that a UFO (one of a total nine) that he was reverse engineering ran on an antimatter reactor that used the element 115 (Moscovium) as fuel, which is a highly radioactive material with a half-life of 0.65 seconds at its most stable. The machine was supposedly made out of a metallic substance similar to stainless steel, and used the fuel to generate gravity waves.

He also claims to have seen proof of alien intervention in human affairs over the past 10,000 years (which would explain how the human race got so smart so quickly but I shall say no more).

Nearly all of the aliens that Lazar refers to are 'grey' aliens. Small visitors from the planet that orbits 'Zeta Reticuli', the twin binary star system.

While there is a higher chance of finding Zetan cheeks to clap at facility S-4, it is unlikely that a group of millennials in cosplay would be able to find it, no matter the number.

Plan C - Storm ???

I say we should dedicate our time to 'storm' another area of the world as Area 51 may have been a little... ambitious.

There's an animal shelter in Oklahoma suggesting that you storm your local shelters and adopting instead of alien-napping a new life form.

Maybe we should storm old people's homes for a visit.

Or perhaps a charity shop?

(In all seriousness please don't run at Area 51, you could die).

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An aspiring female writer from the UK, 23. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatWriterWoman

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