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Aquarius Season 2022 Astrology Transits

by abigail joy 4 months ago in astronomy · updated 4 months ago

This season, the planets urge us to take responsibility for how our individuality is impacting the greater good.

Aquarius Season 2022 Astrology Transits
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The Season in Review

As the sun enters Aquarius we are going to shift into a mindset that is really conscious of our own accountability towards our originality. The positions of the planets over the season will highlight how much the individual has an impact on the collective.

We may feel pulled to withdraw more and spend more time in meditation and within our own energy. It's clear, that focusing on the self is not selfish, instead it allows us to grow. Our individual growth betters the community and the collective.

As the Sun and Saturn hang out in Aquarius, many of the other planets are in Capricorn for a significant chunk of the month (Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Pluto!) and this will be encouraging us to take a look at ourselves and inspiring us to take transformative action to become more effective and invest in growing our roots deeper, establishing a foundation for the year to come.

Throughout the month, Mercury and Venus will go direct, giving us a bit of relief on the retrograde front. All the retrogrades have provided us with major downloads and upgrades, fostering a lot of mindset shifts around the way we are thinking as well as the way we are living and receiving affection.

With intention and conscious awareness, we will emerge from this retrograde season feeling refreshed and able to communicate ourselves clearly, articulating our thoughts and emotions accurately. This will leave NO planets in retrograde, and we will have a break until retrograde season starts back up in April and goes into full force in June through October.

Regardless, there will be some difficulty, as many of the planets in the the earthy and stable signs of Capricorn and Taurus, while the Sun focuses on the rebellious and visionary aspects of Aquarius and Jupiter has us dreaming of an ideal world. We will find balance and harmony and know exactly how we need to grow and how we want to go about doing that.

Read the day by day break down of the transits below for deeper insight!

As a reminder, this is a general reading and an overview of how this energy will be effecting everyone, you are definitely encouraged to research how these transits will have an impact on your energy specifically by comparing the positions with your own natal chart on your own or with an Astrology reader.

Aquarius Season Transit Dates

Wed, 1/19

Sun enters Aquarius: Our ego and purpose are going to be more focused on our self and our originality. We may become more detached as we pay attention to how our individuality is having an impact on the collective. We're going to be moving in a direction of humanitarianism and pulling back to honor our independence.

Sun, 1/23

Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Mercury (Retrograding in Aquarius): There will be an emphasis on the individuality, originality, and rebellious tendencies that come with the Aquarius constellation. We may feel the need to keep to ourselves and not see an importance with sharing our thoughts and ideas with the people around us.

Venus (Retrograding in Capricorn) trine Uranus (Taurus): Uranus's desire to push for the unexpected is being calmed down while it is in Taurus, lending us some more stability and patience while we are figuring out the adjustments that must be made to increase more harmony and balance within our lives. We are seeing how our relationships and home life are impacting us, and encouraged to be patient while we figure out the kinks.

Mon, 1/24

Mars enters Capricorn: Our actions are going to become more effective. As Mars is in Capricorn we are able to make a lot of important and practical moves towards our goals. The steps we take is going to help initiate progress towards our goals. We are mindful of which actions will actually have a positive impact, and no longer jumping into movement towards steps that distract us or waste our time. While asserting yourself, be mindful to not be insensitive.

Tue, 1/25

Mercury Retrogrades back into Capricorn: Our communication is going to be a bit insensitive to the feelings of other people but more focused on communicating our thoughts effeciently and moving through the world easily . Slow down, process what is being said to you before you decide to respond, and be mindful of the emotions around you.

Fri, 1/28

Mercury (Capricorn) conjunct Pluto (Capricorn): Mindset shifts are abundant during this time period. Our communication style is going to radically shift to allow us to communicate what we really mean in a more effective manner. This day could potentially be financially turbulent, so avoid committing to contracts and take a deeper look at how you have been managing your finances.

Sat, 1/29

Venus goes Direct in Capricorn: Balance and harmony will be restored. We were figuring out if our home lives and relationships are allowing us to move forward in our purpose, we have now found the proper solution to maintaining this stability and are ready to take practical action towards establishing a strong foundation. We're thinking more reasonably about relationship and the affection we want to receive.

Sun, 1/30

Sun (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus): Our ego and spirit are feeling more rebellious and recognizing that change is necessary to cause collective change for the better, but Uranus is in stubborn Taurus, and there is resistance to this change. This tension can be resolved with patience and determine which adjustments are necessary for the common good.

Tue, 2/1

New Moon in Aquarius: a great intention to start this lunar cycle with is focusing on your originality and allowing yourself to pursue your individiuality. Think about how you will be letting your light shine and spread into the world.

Juno enters Aquarius: This will be a fun loving and free spirited in matters of love and commitment. For many, this will be a time when people don't want to be held down and there could be some resistance to developing stronger attachments or diving deep into the emotions within relationships.

Thu, 2/3

Mercury goes Direct in Capricorn: Our thoughts are going to be communicated to people around us, taking advantage of economy of language. No more speaking nonsense, and much more clarity in how we want to express ourselves.

Fri, 2/4

Mars (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Pisces): Our spiritiuality is expanding, we are gaining more knowledge in topics related to our psychic abilities, and we are open to taking concrete action that will further our growth. To get the most out of this transit, allow yourself to meditate and invest in the practices that increase your intuitive connection.

Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Saturn (Aquarius): This will emphasize our need to detach from the world and people around us and be more visionaries in terms with the perfect balance between our indepence and responsibility towards those around us. We can truly honor ourselves and show up as the authentic self in this time, again, a great day to spend to yourself and take action towards your spiritual goals.

Tue, 2/8

Mars (Capricorn) trine Uranus (Taurus): The actions we know we have to take to continue to build a stronger foundation are being supported by Taurus holding down the unexpected in it's patience and solid. This is an easy time for becoming more grounded in ourselves and being true to ourselves.

Ceres enters Gemini: We will have an abundance in adaptability and allow ourselves to nurture and our ideas and allow them to blossom. We can take advantage

Fri, 2/11

Mercury (Capricorn) conjunct Pluto (Capricorn): We're revisiting this same conjunction from earlier, but this time Mercury is direct. So these mindset shifts will increase our ability to communicate our thoughts and intellect in a really effective way as well as being more efficient in our day to day life. Finances are smoothing out and we are being responsible in these aspects. This Capricorn stellium in Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto is a wonderful time to really allow your manifestations to materialize and take concrete actions towards your ideal outcome.

Mon, 2/14

Pallas enters Aries: It's a great time period to take action towards any artistic projects and goals we have. We can more enthusiastically express ourselves and our story through our creativity. Invest in your talents and creativity.

Mercury enters Aquarius: We are thinking about how to be a stronger version of ourselves in order to have a stronger impact on the collective. It's easy to be impersonal and detached while Mercury is in Aquarius, as well as sharing less information with other people, but this is to get more internal insight on the self and the self's role within the collective.

Wed, 2/16

Venus (Capricorn) conjunct Mars (Capricorn): This day we are really being econimical about our aesthetics, we will likely desire a need to take action towards adjusting our aesthetics. Maybe, what hair style or wardrobe change will allow you to move more effectively through each day, and contemplating how you assert your desires in your relationships.

Full Moon in Leo: Let go of how the ego is negatively impacting you or derailing you from aligning your highest self and purpose. Let go of the aspects of yourself that are self centered and toxic. Let go of what is stopping your from presenting your authentic self to the world. Embrace your confidence and creativity.

Thu, 2/17

Jupiter (Pisces) sextile Uranus (Taurus): Developing a deeper sense of patience towards ourselves in our spiritual life as well as becoming more stable in the regular practice we participate. Allow yourself grace, don't hold yourself to harsh practices, instead, follow what is intuitively aligned with you and what you need in the present moment.


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