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Am I truly in a Twin Flame Relationship

by Julie O'Hara 11 months ago in fact or fiction · updated 8 months ago
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or is it just wishful thinking

I see so many posts from people who clearly do not understand how the "Twin Flame" Dynamic Works and are constantly posting things about how their Twin Flames are abusive, running from them or are narcissists and that they have had enough and that they are quitting the relationship, and I immediately know they are not in a Flame Relationships. These are behaviors that DO NOT resonate in TF Relationships, and it has NOTHING to do with me being mean or not understanding that everyone's journey is different, which is true. But there are certain things that happen in a Twin Flame relationship and running/chasing, giving up, leaving, having had enough DO NOT describe what a twin flame relationship is. This same information has been posted hundreds of times and gets overlooked and denied because it often does not fit into the personal agenda of someone who desperately wants to think that their obsession and "love" is a sacred Twin Flame relationship. And do NOT THINK that the Twin Flame relationship is anything less than sacred. In fact, which is one of the clues that makes me know someone is not in a Twin Flame Relationships if they never reference the sacredness of their union. I hope this article will clarify to you what is going on and help you be true to yourself and loved ones.

When Twin Flames make love, it is NEVER about sexual pleasure (although that is a huge part of it), it is not about procreation, it is not about sexual release or horniness. It is about a union that is so deep it can hardly be described as anything but sacred because it is SACRED. A twin will NOT allow themselves to be filmed for pornography purposes or to share with friends.

Twin Flames are about so much more than intense feelings and the runner/chaser syndrome that everyone puts so much emphasis and meaning on. Sometimes running/chasing is just plain old normal human stalking, toxicity and obsession. Because someone does not love you the way you love and obsess over them does not indicate a twin flame relationship.

Defining a twin flame relationship is so much more than many people are giving it credit for.

Hallmarks of a twin flame relationship

1. You must go through a kundalini awakening. That is part of the process. When you truly meet your Flame, they will trigger a kundalini awakening in you and you will do the same in them. This does not always happen at the same time. Mine kundalini awakening happened 30 years safter my twins causing him enormous pain because I did not even acknowledge him. The Universe will then bring you to the knowledge of what your relationship is. No Kundalini awakening, no twin flame relationship. Simple dimple. Sorry, that is how it works.

2. Secondly, you will have gone through the Dark Night of the Soul at least once. If you have not, and you will know if you have, you are NOT in a twin flame relationship. Going through the Dark Night gives you insight into the sacredness of this type of love, and if you have not been through it, you are not in a TF relationship.

3. Thirdly, you will instinctively know, or the Universe will start giving you huge signals about letting go of your spiritual ego. Most of the posts here are so full of spiritual ego, that it is abundantly clear you are Not on the journey you think you are on. And clutching your pearls and moaning that no one understands you or your relationship is a HUGE red flag that you have not done any work on releasing ego. Part of letting go of spiritual ego is acknowledging that you are not special or unique and that your love is different. No, it is not. That is ego, read my article on letting go of spiritual ego agave.

4. You then must surrender to the knowledge that is being given to you telepathically and you must have 100 percent faith in the process. If you ae willing to walk away, then you HAVE NOT surrendered to the process and do not have faith in the Universe to guide you where you need to go. FAITH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. No twin flame counselor or online program is going to bring you together with you twin. Quit wasting your money. They are charlatans. And they will have some serious karma to deal with because they KNOW they are fake and taking advantage of people. The Source does not like people using sacred knowledge for personal monetary benefit (that goes for Mediums also). Also, quitting the relationship and calling is running is an excuse and indicates that you are NOT in a flame relationship. Because if the Universe puts you in a Twin Flame relationship, you will not have a choice to leave it or walk away. Sorry, that flies in the face of the misguided thought that when it comes to spirituality and spiritual awakening that you think you have the free will to walk away, you do not.

5. Synchronicities will be off the chart, and not just run of the mill coincidences. Off the chart synchronicities. The UNIVERSE WILL LET YOU KNOW in no uncertain terms when it is your time. You have no control over it. Thinking you have control is a manifestation of spiritual ego and shows you are not on the journey.

6. You also must be able to identify “why you ae a twin flame.” For me, and my flam come from the realm of Eloki (will be another article and our “assignment” is to learn what being a mortal feels like because our work on the other side is assisting souls returning home from the mortal realm and to making their transition back home easier to their adjustment there smoother. My twin is what is for lack of a better term a "hunter." When a soul gets stuck here, he is assigned to "hunt" them down and bring them home with tremendous kindness and love. He finds them, wraps his golden wings around them and then gently with so much love and kindness flies them home to a “rehab” facility. The word "Eloki" means "Divine Light". When we say “go to the Light” we are telling the spirit to go to the Eloki nearby and allow themselves to be brought home. My flame and are also learning empathy. My job on the other side is what can be described as a "rememberer" a therapist type thing where once a stuck soul is brough back, I will work with love and kindness with them to remember the lessons they wanted to learn and how to acclimate back into the realm they are from. I also work with the suicides, heinous criminals (who are also loved by the Source) until they are ready to incarnate again. One thing, the love you feel for your Flame goes light years beyond unconditional love. Do not even use that term, it has no context in a Twin relationship. You cannot really describe it as unconditional love. Your flame will NEVER HURT you, and you will never be able to hurt your Flame. Stomping off away from the relationship saying, “I can’t take this anymore, I’m ending this is a huge red flag that you ARE NOT IN a flame relationship.

So, what does it matter if you think you are in a twin flame relationship and you are not? Because ultimately it is extremely disrespectful to the Source who you need to be loving and honoring and your Guides who are trying valiantly to work with you but your ego and need to control is so out of control thinking you are in a flame relationship that you are making it impossible to progress and learn in this lifetime so that you might in another timeline actually become a Twin Flame. YOU HURT YOURSELF BY MISIDENTIFYING WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH. Think of it this way, if you go through life thinking you have cancer, but you are diabetic, you are not going to get better, progress and if you refuse to accept any other explanations than you are simply NOT ready for this type of experience. You are in fact being obstinate and dealing with faulty knowledge given by charlatans. You are not going to grow, and progress and you will just incarnate back and to learn the lessons of opening your mind up again and again and again.

I am also attaching information about lifetimes and timelines as well as the science of twin flames.

Yes, it is a very real phenomenon. But It DOES not happen that often and the ones that are going through it are very very old, advanced souls who have been through millions of years of incarnations. Being allowed to be a twin flame is a HUGE honor and very few souls are offered it, and many do not accept it because it is so hard.

One of the big red flags to me is the concept of you thinking you can control the process. If you even entertain the idea of walking away from your twin, they are not your twin. The Source decides whether you are going to have this experience, not you. So, if you think you can walk, forget it, baby. You are not in a twin flame relationship. Free will is an illusion, sweetie and a huge indication of a person who has not let go of spiritual ego. The Source gets what the Source wants, and you get to enjoy the ride.

Another big red flag that you are NOT in a twin flame relationship is the ABSOLUTE refusal to even entertain the thought that you might NOT be in one. Flames are spiritually and emotionally advanced, and instinctively have open minds.

SO why should it matter whether you are in a flame relationship if you are not? Because it hinders your own personal spiritual growth, you are wasting the Source’s time and energy, and it is disrespectful to those that are truly going through it as well as to your Guides and the Source.

There is no dishonor or shame (shame is a bad word) in loving someone deeply who is not your twin flame. That does not make the relationship any more or less important. They might be a karmic relationship, a soul family relationship, or a doppelganger flame (I hate using the word “fake flame.”

So please, please, please if you think you are in a twin flame relationship. Ask yourself

1. Have I had a kundalini awakening?

2. Have I gone through the Dark Night?

3. Has the purpose of our relationship been made clear to me?

4. Have I had an astrological synastric chart done?

5. Have I let go of spiritual ego, surrendered control and given TOTAL faith to the process?

6. Have I had our auras and chakras compared?

7. DO I understand that running is really nothing more than my partner fulfilling his/her karmic debts to others? And yes, you might run into this lifetime but not unite until another point in your timeline. Read articled on timelines above.

8. DO I want to give up?

And now, I am going to say something that I know is going to trigger people. If your “flame” is incarcerated (in jail), they are not spiritually advanced enough to be in a twin flame relationship. They are being given lessons that are counterintuitive to being a FLAME. Flames tend to be exceptionally kind and loving people who hate hurting anyone. That is a toxic relationship. Flames are sent down here to help humanity and guide humanity to a better place. If someone is not able to follow society’s expectations and fit in and breaks the law (and being incarcerated is a choice made in your soul contract), their soul is not advanced enough to be a twin flame. You are in a toxic obsessive relationship. IF you love the person, stay in it and work on helping each other grow, but by its nature, that cannot be a twin flame. I am not saying there are not people incarcerated unfairly and who cannot grow spiritually, of course there are but if they have hurt others and broken the society’s laws and expectations enough to find themselves incarcerated, they are not spiritually at a level to become a twin flame. You must have tremendous compassion and understanding of humanity to be a twin flame and no twin flame ever has in their soul contract the experience of being incarcerated. It does not mean they are not your soulmate, or a karmic soulmate, but no, they are not twin flames. It takes a LONG time for a soul to progress to even being a twin flame and a soul that comes here and breaks the law for whatever reason has not progressed enough to be a twin flame. They are still learning basic lessons of love and respect.

Please do not misinterpret this, some people do end up incarcerated for inconsequential things and might be on the journey, but if you “Flame” is in jail for a heinous crime, they are not on the flame journey. They are learning other lessons this time on earth. That is a toxic relationship. Check out my article on timelines. It goes into how someone might be your flame, but you are not destined to unite in this lifetime, and that happens.

As I always say, I am open to respectful discourse.

The information that I am sharing has been downloaded to me by my guides, St. Paul, and St. Anthony. I’m not the first person to attempt to relay this information. So if you are triggered, I am sorry. You might want to meditate if so and ask for guidance from your guides.

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  • Ariella Mysticwolf6 months ago

    Thankyou for this.3 yrs ago in 2019 I went through everything you brought up. the difference is we haven't physically met but know of each other. I am an author and he inspired a character in my book months before I knew we were soul connected , then I found what twin flames were, all of this from March-Oct 2019 timespan, fast and furious if you get the meaning. He's an actor and is a fan of my books I found out through his management team. point is we connect on the spiritual realm more vs 3d.after receiving my books in June 2019 he astral projected to me while I was awake ,and no it wasn't a hallucination , I was awakened to our connection and went through the kundalini at the same time . Felt like an energy bolt from head to toe as we locked eyes. I am married to a soulmate, my husband of 22 yrs ,so our purpose in this lifetime is to help humanity in the creative field. He is my muse/inspiration my "constant" (reference from tv show LOST with Desmond/Penny) This connection turned me inside out , upside down ,but he awakened my soul on another level, my yin/ yang. Every experience is different. thank you for this article. -Ariella Strauss from Texas USA.

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