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Am I A Taurus?

by Julia Wyld about a year ago in astronomy

Or do I differ too much from the sign.

Would I consider myself a Taurus? Here are a few different characteristics of a Taurus and if I think I would relate to being one or not.

Taurus April 20 - May 20


This I can relate to. If you ask me to get something done, I do. I don't like leaving tasks unfinished, in both work life and everyday life. I feel as if when given something to do I am entrusted with the task. I don't like when I displease someone if I don't complete the task I am given.


Not exactly true. I do like nice things in life, but I am not one to spend $100 on a shirt or anything. When thinking like food and taste I do wish for the best. I pride myself on making things people enjoy eating.


I do believe I am extremely patient when it comes to different things. When something takes time, I can often find the task relaxing. I like to bake and when decorating, most people hate the time used for decorating, but I find the task soothing. Some have said when thinking about being patient it can also be related to being late to things. For me personally being late is a pet peeve. Things like work or events I personally try to be early. For example, with work I leave an hour early to make sure I am on time and be cautious of unforeseen traffic, accidents, or anything else.


I do like the material world in the sense of things like food, drinks, or getting pampered. However, I love the fantasy world. A world full of magic, fairy tales, vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Count me in. Reading Harry Potter or something like the House of Night series. I love to completely indulge in the fantasy world.


I am one who goes with the flow. I don't like conflict or confrontation. I am one of the least difficult people to deal with. I like to say I am a person who is agreeable with most situations.


To say I'm not someone who likes money would be a lie. I sometimes wish I had won the lottery. I could accomplish so many things with winning some extra cash. In the world we live in now I am sure I am not alone in wanting extra cash. Covid has messed up so many people’s lives like mine where I have been put on standby and haven't been paid since the day after Christmas because they fear getting Covid from me still and it's been several weeks. Which is another story I shall write about next.


I can strongly agree with this fact about Taureans. I LOVE FOOD. Most of it anyways. I like indulgence in good food. I also enjoy cooking and the best part is when people enjoy my cooking. Making people happy through food is one of my greatest joys.


I love to do things. I also love to do nothing or little to nothing. I can cuddle up on a couch with a blanket and a good book and be consumed for hours.


I like this one. I enjoy romance in movies and books. I would call myself a hopeless romantic when it comes to different aspects. I watch all the cheesy rom-coms or even the subpar romantic Christmas movies. I do though have some that are downright cringe worthy, but a few that I love. I do like to rather read the adaptions of books to movies if given the chance because there are some things a movie just quite can't grasp.

I do think from the above details that I would be considered a Taurus. One or two I don't agree with, but yes, I consider myself a Taurus according to the stars.


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