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Accelerating The Timeline For Forced Full UFO Disclosure

Financial Markets Are About To Do The Big Switch

By Paul GuadagnoPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

It's time for a new group of UFO whistleblowers to hit back hard against the nonsense of debunkers.

Refer to the podcasts below to understand some of the ridiculous arguments being made against the non human reality.

This UFO Warning podcast will cast some light on NASAs worries and intentions when it comes to the non human intelligence reality. Nasa has no business trying to link UFO non humans with demons. Demons are spiritual beings while the occupants of these ufos are physical beings.

The podcast about refers to tactics used by one of the most outstanding paid debunkers in a sad attempt to try to sweep this obvious reality under the rug.

Balloons and Monkeys?🙉 This is another ridiculous attempt to try to sway mainstream belief .

The very informative podcast above refers to how artificial intelligence is being used to cover up the deeper truth about UFOs and Aliens.

Refer to the podcast above to understand how the Mainstream news - anti truth brigade CNN and MSNBC are still getting away with lying to the masses about UFOs.

The five podcasts above will give you a good idea of how mainstream debunkers consistently get away with twisting the truth about the UFO phenomenon. You will notice there's plenty more where they came from if you do your own research.


Changing Investment Strategy Supports UFO/ UAP Disclosure

It's time to align financial investments with the super high tech future within the US. Rare Earth and Precious Metals Mining is critical as we won't be able to get enough from China.

Ultimately, the best way for true believers to help accelerate the timeline for Full Disclosure of UAP / UFO technology is to fight hard against the mainstream narrative that is still trying to make fools out of the UFO/ UAP community.

And to change your investment strategy to Gold , Silver, Rare Earth Metals and mining stocks.

I believe the same group of world elites that consistently hold the prices of precious metals down are aligned with or part of the other group that's responsible for hiding the non human intelligence reality from the world. It's all about controlling the masses and remaining at the very top financially. These people are so rich, It's ungodly !! They are banking on the mainstream majority of people to NOT make the right investment choices . So it's time to throw them for a loop and buy as much silver and gold as possible. This will force them to do the right thing instead of consistently lying to everyone about almost everything !

Things are not black and white, they are very grey 👽.

The last article I wrote refers to a possible timeline for full disclosure to occur a whole decade from now.

"Timeline For Disclosure Has Been Set"

"Timeline For Disclosure Has Been Set ". (Also available on vocal.media)

It's completely insane to think it will be a whole decade before the "powers that be" are willing to be honest , based on what has occurred over the last few years. We all need to get on board this paradigm shifting train and make it happen before the end of this decade. It's time to start taking power away from those few elites that are hiding just below the surface. Only a larger group of mainstream investors can make this happen.

The only way to do this is for private investors to buy a lot of gold and silver !! This message is mostly for North America. Most of the world already sees what's going on.

The mainstream US stock market is not where it's at anymore. That ship has already sailed ! Any gains in Bitcoin should be sold . It's not going to the moon !

If you don't have at least 20% of your total portfolio in precious metals, you are not properly allocated ! Mining stocks will likely outperform most of the mainstream stocks over the next decade . They are still badly undervalued. So now is definitely the time to start getting into these high value stocks along with physical gold and silver.

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  • Paul Guadagno (Author)2 months ago

    This article should be getting a lot more attention. If you agree with it, Please share as much as possible. Thank you

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