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A Tour of Zodiac Signs

by SJ Meikle 2 months ago in astronomy

Comparing the traits to self- a completely biased view

A Tour of Zodiac Signs
Photo by Ramón Salinero on Unsplash

I have a theory that no matter what star sign we are, we can identify with traits from all of them. To that end, let's take a tour through the Zodiac signs and then see if I identify more with that than any other.

1. Aries- The Ram. One of the fire signs and associated with passion and confidence. I'd like to think I can be all these things, and people often describe me as a strong leader. However, they are supposedly the "leap before you look" type and don't like subtlety, which is where I am NOT an Aries- I like to think things through and as many of my friends and family could tell you, my motto is "the second mouse gets the cheese", for those of you familiar with the saying "the early bird gets the worm", that's all well and good, but the second mouse gets the cheese, and I like cheese a lot more than worms...

2. Taurus- The Bull. Not sure I want to be associated with a bull, although I have been known to be stubborn on occasion (okay, a lot of occasions...). Taurus is supposed to be steady and reliable, two traits I like to think I am, so I probably fit the Taurus more than the Aries.

3. Gemini- The Twins. The social butterflies who like variety. As an ambivert I can be a bit of a social butterfly, but not always. However, I do love variety and can't stand doing repetitive tasks over and over again.

4. Cancer- The Crab. Not the best name, nobody associates cancer with anything positive these days. But a cool "Sebastion-like" crab is how I imagine this one is represented. Love their families, but can be "tough shells to crack", that can be me sometimes I'm very loyal to my family, even if they're frustrating at times (aren't they all?).

5. Leo- The Lion. Who doesn't want to be a cool lion? Generous and passionate, well that's me about some things, arrogant and stubborn sometimes as well. This is the sign of my sibling, and I'm not sure it suits them that well.

6. Virgo- The Maiden. Kind, supportive and practical problem solvers. This is exactly how I like to be, although in practice, maybe the kindness part could use some more work.

7. Libra - The Scales. Beautiful, charming and great compromisers. Well, I'd love to be the beautiful and charming parts, but my version of a compromise is me getting what I want, and the other party compromising. I'm not sure that's the kind of compromise they mean here.

8. Scorpio- The Scorpion. Strategic and intuitive- both things I can be! But I may not be quite passionate and ambitious enough to be a Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius- The Centaur. Great sense of humour and likes to travel- who wouldn't want to be one? Admittedly hard to judge my sense of humour, but I do love to travel. Can be a bit of a know-it-all, and I have been known to do that on occasion...

10. Capricorn- The Mountain Goat. A can-do attitude (definitely me), and troublemakers (of course not...)

11. Aquarius- Water Bearer. Eccentric rebels (well we all are in our ways) that can be a bit stubborn (hmm, this one comes up as a trait in a lot of these signs).

12. Pisces - Two Fishes. Represented by not just one fish, but two! Adaptable- yes! Kind- hmm. Avoiding conflict where possible- yes! and Generous- I'd like to think so (probably could be more though if I'm honest). Highly tuned to emotions- I do know a Pisces that fits this part to a T! but for me, less so.

After all that self-analysis, I identified with some of the traits of all the signs, not surprising, including those of my actual sign, but not necessarily any more strongly than some of the others. What star sign am I? I'll leave you to guess.

SJ Meikle
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