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A Heart-Shaped Locket

by Nettie B 12 months ago in fact or fiction · updated 10 months ago
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Doomsday Diary

Through the darkness, an image begins to form. An image of snow-covered mountains, deep, green valleys, people laughing and dancing about. Animals roaming the hillside as dogs run through the fields. The sun shines bright, the sky is blue and sprinkled with a few clouds. As I stand in the middle of the field, the images begin to move faster as if someone has hit the fast forward button, and there in the distance, over the hill something is coming.

A cold breeze blows past me, lifting my hair off my shoulders, the strength of it almost pushes me onto the ground. I feel something touch my hand and I look down. My brown-eyed companion looks up at me, eyes pleading for us to go, I look back at the moving wall, it is coming faster, everyone is running, and screaming. I look back down and give him a nod and together we take off running, faster than those around us. My vehicle is ahead, I reach down to my watch, click a few buttons, and it comes alive purring, hovering a few inches above the ground.

I feel something on my back and look over my shoulder, the wall is now closer, spraying, hissing, and engulfing all that is in its path. A bark from beside me makes me turn back towards the vehicle of safety. I click another button and the door opens, "go!" I scream and he jumps into the passenger seat, I in the driver seat. Two clicks and the door slams shut and lift into the air as the wall of water comes crashing in to the spot that was once dry.

My eyes snap open, my breath heavy, my heart racing and my sheets are wet. I quickly move into a seated position and look around. No, not water, sweat. I bring my knees to my chest and lie my head on them, calming the breath, and telling myself it is only a dream. It is only a dream.

"Yeah, sure a dream." A voice tells me inside my head. "Remember me? This is your brain talking. What you saw wasn't a dream, it was a memory."

"I remember," I answer.

A light nudge on my arm forces me to lift my head and see my brown-eyed companion looking at me. Diego an Aussie who was with me the day the Earth exploded into earthquakes and tsunamis. I often thought that when the water covered the Earth we would live as they did in Kevin Costner's movie Waterworld.

I give him a pat on the head and scratch his ears before throwing my legs over the side and feeling the cool floor beneath my feet. On cue, a cup of herbal tea is made and waiting for me on the stand near my bed. I take it and look out the window before me. No, not Waterworld. More like that Tom Cruise movie Oblivion, only we're not at war, we're working to survive.

Those of us who were lucky enough to invest and help create now live in the sky. A glance around shows several homes in the area that are also waking up. We're also not clones, we're flesh and blood humans, working to use the water below us to create power, and rebuild this home planet. The others are gone, those who survived what is now called "The Rebirth", are now above us on a planet called Mars. It wasn't ready for us to be there this soon but those who are there are making it work until they can come back home.

Diego nudges me lightly and I squat down to pet him and hold him close. His head reaches up and nudges at my neck where a heart-shaped locket rests, I smile and reach up to touch it. It feels smooth and soft against my fingers, Diego lets out a small whimper. I smile and open it, inside is the picture of him on one side and three of us on the other. "Are you missing him boy?"

He sniffs at the necklace as if it still holds the man's scent. I smile again, "I do too."

I close the locket, get up and turn to get ready for the day. I'm what is known as the Docu. Every day Diego and I go out and document the progress of the work we are doing, a glorified photographer, it isn't sexy but it's got teeth. Movement from the corner of my eye has me walking back over to the main window. Diego is there too, looking out, a small woof escapes his mouth, and then his tail starts wagging.

A flying plane slowly comes into view, I squint slightly, and Diego barks again, louder and more confident. As it slows down and comes closer, a slow smile forms on my lips. It moves over towards the launch pad and a tear runs down my cheek. "Zacharia," I whisper and Diego lets out a series of barks and runs over to the launch pad.

I'm right behind him, he lands, steps out, and begins walking towards the main door. I hit a button and the doors slide open, "Zac!!"

He smiles and comes running over, I jump into his arms, and we begin kissing passionately, "Oh Aria, I've missed you." He whispers.

Home safe from his mission, he squats down to meet Diego who covers him in kisses, we both begin to laugh, "taking care of our girl, huh?" More kisses.

"I knew you would."

He stands up, we lock hands, and together the three of us walk inside. I think I'll be calling in sick today.

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