8 Different Dirty Magazines That Scruffy the Janitor Owns

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8 Different Dirty Magazines That Scruffy the Janitor Owns

'Futurama' is the only show that I know of to get cancelled and come back for what seemed to be an endless cycle, until the last season was so quickly put together that fans were a little more ready to finally let it go for good. This animated sitcom has managed to become a TV classic that based on the future, that alone is impressive enough for me. It's made by the very famous Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. The same creators of The Simpsons.

"Scruffy is the undead janitor at Planet Express and is the only person working for Planet Express who isn't a primary character. He reads pornography, and believes in his company, as evident by his purchase of 30,000 more shares of Planet Express than the rest of its employees. The other members of staff only see him occasionally, and rarely recognize him when they do. Sometimes he doesn't recognize them either"

—The InfoSphere

Scruffy has the best life advice.

"Life goes on" - Scruffy

1. ZERO-G Juggs

The classic, Zero Gravity Busts!

2. Unique Knockers

Okay, this one I am interested to see what's inside. It might scar me forever... but I am willing to take that risk.

3. JQ - Janitor's Quarterly

This one doesn't say it's a porno magazine... but the lady on the front strongly suggests that it is. I can tell one thing for sure, this magazine comes out four times a year though.

4. Hot & Homeless

All I am going to say about this one is point out that the sigh behind held by the woman on the cover reads "Will Strip for Clothes." That is all.

5. Play-Boy-Ar-Dee

I think it had something to do with naked woman cooking.

6. Extra-Long Honkers

You can't even see any honkers on the front page, they must fall so low that they surpass the photo.

7. Astounding Tales of Doing it

The cover looks kind of cool, but cells don't really 'do it'.

8. National Pornographic

I have to admit, I have no idea what would be in a book that is half porno and half National Geographic... but I probably don't want to know.

Don't let this change how you think of Scruffy. He really is a nice guy.

Remember when the professor made that brain switching machine and the mop bucket ended up in Amy's body? Even though the love was real between the mop bucket and scruffy... he couldn't go through with it. Then he cried himself to sleep.

Even Leela likes him

See, he's not hurting anyone... he's harmless and Leela knows it. He's just a regular un-dead janitor with a weird porn collection.

At least we don't have to see anything in the books... unlike Bender's PlayBot Magazine...

'Futurama's' Awards and Amazing Reviews

Futurama has been nominated for awards over thirty-three times, including Emmy Awards and a Nebula Award. Out of all those nomination, Futurama won at least six Emmy awards, seven Annie Awards and it also won 'The America Award' twice from a Writer Guild, for two different episodes. The satirical comedy also won a couple of serious 'Environmental Media Awards' for the episodes "The Problem with Popplers" and "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular". Out of all that impressive nonsense, my personal favourite is when Futurama was ranked one of the top 60 Greatest TV Cartoons of All Time by TV Guide in 2013. I think I just like the 'of All Time' part in the name.

As for Futurama's amazing reviews. It was given 8.5 out of ten on IMBD, an impressive 9.1 out of ten from TV.com and it has the approval of 96 percent of google users. Whats most impressive to me is its Rotten Tomatoes scores,Futurama has a 95 percent critics score and a 96 percent audience score. Long story short, people like Futurama.

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