4 Inconvenient Truths About the Earth's Environment That May Freak You Out

by Pierre Roustan 2 years ago in science

We're talking EYE-OPENING.

4 Inconvenient Truths About the Earth's Environment That May Freak You Out

Anyone who thinks viral news is nothing more than sensationalist might not get the entire truth, although there are some posers out there speculating about everything from the latest meteor heading toward Earth or 15 days of darkness in November due to some issue between Venus and Jupiter, or even aliens on Mars and the conspiracy of the dark side of the moon.

Rumors, rumors, rumors.

Check these stories out, and we're willing to bet you won't take any of these with a grain of salt. They're verified. Documented. Analyzed. And while at its surface they may not be as sensational as you might think based on the latest Megalodon or mermaid sighting, speculate and do a little bit more research, and down the road — you're going to wake up at what's coming up for our planet.

And some of the thoughts might not be too pretty.

Here are your four inconvenient truths about our earth.

Al Gore, eat your heart out. This is way more interesting than just some global warming news and how some crops might be dying, or bumblebees suddenly keeling over (although that's pressing enough). Brace yourself:

First off, there's a war against climate change, and it's WAY more scientific than you might think.

Just check out this article for yourself. It'll blow your mind. Let's just say scientists these days are reverse-engineering climate change in stunning ways... And we just discovered that the oxygen in our atmosphere is slowly depleting.

Secondly, "Roll Clouds" are a real thing.

What are they? You'll find out right here. Thankfully they're not terribly dangerous, but it could be a precursor to other calamities, such as...

Hurricanes, Obviously

But it's a lot worse than you think, beyond that of Harvey. Here's why.

Lastly, you won't believe the research being done on global warming right now.

As in, there are now scientists out in the Antarctic Ocean practically simulating global warming on a seabed, and their discoveries are shocking. Check it out for yourself.

And that may clearly be the beginning.

Don't get us wrong, though. It's hard to tell the fakers from the makers of science innovation and updates. But when you research hard enough, you find the real deal. And there's even more out there in terms of development we haven't yet grasped, such as the recent news about Curiosity on Mars or even the latest bits on strange alien snakes off the coast of California.

Weird stuff.

Clearly, though, we're waking up.

More discoveries. More news. More impending news. That's what we get to look forward to. Who knows — we might end up seeing aliens, or discovering a new planet capable of maintaining a water source. And it may very well turn out that our planet Earth truly will be a small speck in the universe that we can actually realize versus "theorize" like we have been for centuries.

Either way you look at it, the developments lately as you see here have been pretty groundbreaking, but there will be more to come. After all, we're still on point to have a colony on Mars according to Elon Musk.

And we're even learning more about our other neighboring planet next to Jupiter, Saturn, and her moon Titan. For the first time the solar system seems to be a lot smaller than it used to be —

And that's because we can see a lot closer to those planets and what they may have on their surfaces than ever before. That'll say a lot about what we see on our own Earth — and what might become of it all in the future.

Hopefully just way later — and not sooner.

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