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You're Destined To Find An Individual Who Is Genuinely Admire You Ultimately.

You will eventually meet a man who will love you the way you deserve to be adored.

By The Lost GirlPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Yes, you have gone through heartbreak more than once. Much more has already happened to you than you could have ever imagined. No one will question the extent of your suffering or the misery you are now in.

For those whom you attraction and the connections that you have had, you have given so much of yourself. You've always demonstrated a willingness to make concessions out of love.

The aspect that upsets you the most is that it was essentially all for nothing. What's really tearing you apart on the inside is the realisation that despite your best efforts, you were left with nothing.

Despite your best efforts, they constantly seemed to take advantage of you. Even though you made every effort to be present, they didn't really value or appreciate you.

You always offered yourself to people completely in the expectation that they would do the same for you. Although you didn't ask for anything, you always believed that you deserved the same treatment as them.

It was simply never for you, though. You have been taken advantage of each and every time you opted to put yourself in a vulnerable position. Each and every time you choose to let someone in, you were just ignored and put aside.

It's very strange because it seems like each and every person you decided to be open with expected more from you than you were able to provide. Even if you attempted to offer them everything you had, you never got them to feel as though it was sufficient.

Despite your best efforts, you were never truly recognised. They were too greedy, though. They made much too many demands. They made demands that were beyond your capacity to fulfil.

You made an effort to fulfil their demands and expectations. However, once you extended a hand to them, they would demand your entire arm. You simply couldn't meet any of their requirements.

You just didn't appear to be able to give them what they needed. They were just too avaricious. They were really too ravenous. And despite your best efforts, you simply weren't able to fill the enormous gap in their life.

They ignored you because of this. They were aware of your willingness to almost sacrifice your life for them. They were aware that you would do anything to please them, including destroying yourself.

They were aware that you were prepared to forego your own wants in order to satisfy theirs. They took advantage of your goodwill to rule over you. They taken advantage of your trustworthiness and overpowered you. They used you because they understood that you were too kind to resist and defend yourself.

They took advantage of you to the fullest extent possible. And at that point, because you had nothing more to give, they turned their backs on you.

When they realised they could no longer extract anything from you, that is when they decided to leave you behind.

They made the decision to bounce when they realised they could no longer genuinely benefit from your presence. They fled, leaving you alone. They abandoned you so that you could mend your own wounds. They fled, leaving you to treat the wounds they created in the first place. You were abandoned at the bottom of the pit they dug for you.

You've arrived here now. You're broken and twisted. You've been spit out after being chewed up. You've experienced all there is to experience, and you have no idea what to do with yourself.

You are unsure about what you should be doing with your life. Here's the problem, though. It's not just you. There have been many people in your exact position who have survived. Just have faith that just because love has betrayed you in the past, it doesn't always follow that you won't experience love in the future.

You only need to take steps to sure that you continue to feel that you are worthy of love. Simply make sure you constantly remain genuine to who you are. And you'll eventually meet him.

You will eventually meet a man who will love you the way you deserve to be adored. You'll eventually meet a man who will return all of the love you've previously given so freely.

You're going to run into a man one day who will help you understand why nothing has ever gone your way before. He will demonstrate to you what real love is, and you will be much happy as a result.

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