You Belong to Me...Whether You Like It or Not Part 3!

Crash & burn!

You Belong to Me...Whether You Like It or Not Part 3!
I started this crazy tale whether true or notAbout a woman that had a craving in her g-spotShe wanted to please her big rod by bringing extra pussy to play Extra pussy had bad intentions, came in feeling some type of waySaw that big rod did more than handled the jobExtra pussy breaking windows, threatening n making it a probWhat extra pussy don't know is I don't give a fuck what people thinkShe say 'Don't risk your life cuz I will take it in a blink!'

If you've read the beginning of this story blog, part 1 and part 2, you'll not only get the flow of the poem above but also this blog as I want to entertain you always. I want to make sure that every time you read a Kai Storm post you develop a hunger for more and trust me I got a lot to give baby! Let's get into this hot tea, shall we? In the last blog I left you with Wanda revealing how far her fatal attraction has gone but what happens next? Check it out below:

Wanda had me in a corner, that I will admit but what I was not going to do was let her win! FUCK THAT! In the back of my head a worried me was walking around in circles replaying everything she said...talking about she was watching me FOR TWO MONTHS...plotting to get me, secretly taking my picture, Googling me and making calculated moves so that she would be in my life...that shit seemed deep and scary to me. How is that even possible? If you can track somebody down just by using Google then Google is the biggest snitch I've ever known. Before I could let my mind wander too far confident me brought me back to the conversation; this bullshit had to get handled before work on Monday and as much as I can't afford to lose my job, if it had to go in order for me to cut ties with this crazy bitch then so be it. I'm going to try the calm approach but if it has to go down then fuck it because what I'm not going to do is let a bitch punk or control me.

'Wanda, let's be rational here. We just met and we never made any promises to each other and baby, if you've been watching me for two months you already knew Life was a permanent part of my world. Just like you said, you first saw me chasing after him and when I asked you to come home to us I told you it was for him so why would you think I would give him up? You already knew all of this so why are you acting sur-' She cut me off again.

'I SAW THE WAY HE FUCKED YOU...the way you reacted to his touch...his dick entered you and I was no longer there! I felt it! You ignored me when you were supposed to ignore him! That's the only reason I agreed to come into a bed with him and you. When I touch you I make your rivers flow baby, I've seen your pussy cry out for my touch and my tongue and I knew if he saw that he would leave you and you would become mine. Instead I saw a different you last night and I saw that he had true control of you and not me...that's not what the fuck I signed up for! I want you for me and if you don't give up tha-'

Now it was time for me to cut her ass off! SLICE!

'STOP RIGHT THERE BITCH! Now I've been nice Wanda...I let you eat my sweet pussy pie, pay my bills, even feel like you take care of me and I definitely had fun squirting my strawberry juices all over your tongue and face...but make no mistake bitch, I'm not the one you want to fuck with. I'M THE ONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO COMPLY WITH! Let me tell you why. In exactly three minutes my mistress Yandi along with her faithful slaves Tom and Dick are going to be knocking at your door. As soon as I heard you talking all that smack about stalking me and plotting to get me I put your phone call on speaker while I hurriedly sent mistress Yandi a text message about all of this. You see, Mistress Yandi is always looking for opportunities to add to her slave flock and you'll be absolutely perfect for her. Her favorite discipline accessories are ropes, handcuffs, whips & hung like a horse like strap-ons and once they are done with you baby girl, you'll be ready to give up that check to pay for Life's car much less keep it real cute and on mute at work on Monday! You'll see, you'll not only come to love mistress Yandi but you'll also be my best pet when we get together with Life. Everything will be beautiful and exactly the way it's supposed to be. She'll make you regret that you called my family and attempted to start shit, touching Life's car much less trying to get her favorite pet under your control...oh no...mistress will have none of that and she will show you why! Trust me, you'll thank me in the end.'

I could tell I caught Wanda by surprise by telling her all about mistress Yandi but in my head I was like BITCH IF YOU WERE TRULY STALKING ME FOR TWO MONTHS YOU WOULD'VE KNOWN ALL THAT!!

'I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, who the fuck is Yandi?! I'm not scar-'

The knock on Wanda's door cut her off. Mistress Yandi never disappoints!

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