Winning Never Felt So Good

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Playing video games turns into a steamy game of truth or dare.

Winning Never Felt So Good
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"Fuck! You guys are going too hard on me," Alicia joked as she set the controller in her lap. "That's the third time you two have slaughtered me."

"This is why you should play with us more often," Ryan throws back at her. "If you played more, then you wouldn't suck so bad." Ryan and Lee laughed.

"Nah, you guys should take it easy on me, 'cause I'm the only girl," Alicia shot them a smile.

"How about no?" Lee stuck his tongue out at Alicia. "Or…." He trailed off, a sly grin taking over his face. "If you win this next round, you can ask us to do anything you want. But if we win, you have to do something for us. Within reason, of course."

"Like, what?" Alicia's face scrunched up in concern, she never knew what to expect with these two.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but let's see who wins, yeah?" Ryan reassured Alicia and picked his controller back up to start another round.

While there was actually only one winner in Super Smash Bros, Alicia seemed to always be the first to die.

Once again, Alicia lost – rather quickly. She huffed and put down her controller. "So, what is that you want me to do?" She tried to hold an annoyed look, but a slight smile snuck its way onto her face.

"Take off your shirt," Lee exclaimed, his eyes wide and an excited smile on his face.

A short laugh erupted from Alicia, "Is that all? Maybe that will help me win!" She pulled her shirt off with one hand, a devious smile on her face. "Oops, seems I forgot to wear a bra today."

Both guys stared at her perky, b-cup tits.

"Fuck," Ryan whispered, "I was not expecting to see that today."

"Shall we play again?" Alicia asked. Her cheeks plumped as she offered the guys a devious smile. "That was the plan, right? I accept your dare, and we keep going?"

"Uhm, yeah, right. Let's play." Lee picked his controller back up and started a new round.

The guys kept glancing over at Alicia, and for the first time that day, she kicked their asses. Her tits bounced every time she'd knock one of them off the map, distracting the guys even more.

"I won!" She jumped in her seat, and both men turned to watch, all but drooling. "Does this mean that I get to ask something of you two?" She smiled at them and batted her lashes, a pout on her plump lips.

"Sure…" Ryan agreed, hesitantly.

"Well, Ryan, you lost first. So, take off your shirt," Alicia directed her order at Ryan.

Ryan obliged, and Alicia started the next match. This match went as well as the last, and both men lost.

"Aww, Lee, it's your turn!" Alicia exclaimed upon her victory. Lee started to take his shirt off, but Alicia stopped him, "No, I don't think that's what I want to ask of you." Alicia twirled a strand of hair around her finger and chewed on her lip, "I want you to kiss Ryan."

With wide eyes, Lee looked at Ryan, "You down for this, man?" He asked, trying to keep his tone calm.

"Hey, you made her take her shirt off. You started this," Ryan laughed.

Lee scooted closer to Ryan and closed his eyes. He leaned in, and their lips touched for a brief second before Lee pulled away.

Alicia laughed, "That was pathetic."

"You didn't say for how long!" Lee shot back.

"Well, I expected a bit more of a show." She smirked and grabbed Ryan's face. "Like this."

She scooted closer to Ryan, her breasts brushing against his bare arm. She bit her bottom lip and moved her face towards his, still holding onto his face. Ryan leaned into her, his eyes closed, lips ready.

Alicia held his face away from hers, she flicked her tongue out and ran it across his bottom lip. With one hand still holding his face, she ran her other hand down his chest. She could feel him shiver under her touch and lean more into her fingertips.

She used her tongue to flick his upper lip before pressing her mouth against his. She used her tongue to prod at his lips until they opened for her. Their tongues entwined in a fast-paced, hungry tango. Then she pulled away, still sporting a sly grin. "I wanted to see something like that," her voice was husky. She noted that Ryan wore a rather impressive hardon.

She looked over to see that Lee was also pitching a tent in his pants. "I can't give you that," Lee replied, his voice even lower, his eyes hooded. "I mean, I can kiss you like that, but I'm not kissing Ryan like that."

"Fine," Alicia pressed her lips together in slight disappointment. "Then take off your pants."

Lee was quick to oblige. He looked uncomfortable in his boxers, his cock straining against the thin fabric.

Alicia looked back to Ryan, who was taking in every inch of her body. He had one hand gently rubbing himself through his pants. She put her controller down and stood up to stretch. Her tits rose with her arms and bounced back into place when she was done. The men watched every move, their eyes hungry, their dicks twitching.

"I'm bored with Super Smash Bros," she stated matter of factly, "Maybe we should just play truth or dare. Well, just dares. And if you don't want to do the dare, you just have to take off a piece of clothing…"

"Okay, then who goes first?" Lee asked.

"Me!" Ryan interjected. "Both of you have already had a dare." The other two friends agreed, and Ryan sat in deep thought for a moment, "Okay, Alicia, kiss Lee the way you just kissed me."

Alicia grinned at him and sauntered over Lee, who was sitting in an office chair. She took his face in one of her hands and ran her tongue along his bottom lip. Lee leaned into her, begging for more. Alicia pulled away and worked her way into his lap, straddling him. Her breasts pushing against his chest, her lips inches from his. She held onto his shirt and could feel his cock beneath her, he was so hard.

She ground herself against him, feeling his shaft massage her pussy between them. He moaed against her mouth, and she slipped her tongue into his, pushing against his tongue. He responded by twirling it around hers, pulling her body tighter against his.

She continued to grind her hips against his, moaning when he started to rub back. She could hear Ryan's breathing hitch behind her and hoped he was playing with himself. Without warning, she pulled away from Lee and climbed off him to take her seat on the bed next to Ryan again.

Much to her pleasure, he adjusted his dick to run down his leg and was roughly rubbing against it. "Fuck," Ryan whispered, "that was really hot."

"Jealous?" Alicia asked as she threw a leg over Ryan's lap and straddled him. She pushed her pelvis down on his crotch, loving the way his cock felt against her swollen lips.

"Hey! It's my turn to dare someone to do something," Lee pouted.

"No," Alicia threw over her shoulder, not slowing her hips. "Come over here."

Lee was on the bed with them before Alicia had finished her sentence. His hands on her ribs as she ground against Ryan. He got behind her and whispered in her ear, "So what are we doing, then?" He punctuated the question by nibbling on her ear lobe. She leaned into his warm breath. A moan escaped her when he took her ear between his teeth and swirled his tongue around it.

Alicia reached between her and Ryan to undo his pants. She was eager to see if the real thing is as impressive as the outline has led her to believe. She moves back into Lee, feeling him press into her. His focus goes from her ear to kissing and nipping at her neck. She moans as she works Ryan's cock out of his pants and boxers.

She strokes Ryan's dick while Lee teases her. She pushes her ass up and back to grind against Lee's crotch, moans from all three of them filled the room. Alicia climbed off Ryan to remove her pants, her freshly waxed pussy swollen with need.

While she was taking her pants off, the men made quick work of the clothes they had remaining on.

"I want one of you to take me from behind while I suck off the other. I don't care who, as long as you're both wearing condoms." Alicia listed her demands as she climbed back onto the bed. She got onto all fours, her ass on display for both men, her pussy peeking out from between her thighs. Both of the guys just stood there, drinking in the view.

"Well?" Alicia sounded annoyed, ready to be filled. The men jumped into action, Ryan handing a condom to Lee before putting on one himself. Ryan got behind Alicia, while Lee laid in front of her.

She wrapped her hand around the base of Lee's dick, making eye contact as she flicked the head of his cock with her tongue. Ryan squeezed a handful of her perfect ass, spreading her cheeks to get a better look at her pussy.

Her mouth opened in a silent moan as Ryan slipped the head of his dick between her lips, teasing her clit and opening. While her mouth was open, Lee arched his back and pushed himself into her mouth. She smiled around his shaft and swirled her tongue around what she could reach.

Ryan slid down to her clit, and on his way back up, pushed his entire length into her. She nearly screamed in pleasure around Lee's dick. Lee's eyes were closed as Alicia moaned, sucked, and licked his cock. She pushed Lee to the back of her throat as Ryan set up a steady but slow rhythm.

She could feel Lee in the back of her throat, his cock twitched the more she sucked. She used one hand to massage his balls while her tongue licked from the base of his shaft to the head.

"Can I," Lee gasped, his eyes rolling back. "Dear God, can I change positions?"

Ryan stopped his slow thrusting to let Lee rearrange himself. He positioned his face under Alicia and Ryan, leaving easy access to his cock for Alicia. Ryan started back up again on Alicia, who agonizingly slowly pushed Lee back into her throat.

With Lee deep in her throat, and Ryan fucking her, she was shocked back when Lee's tongue swirled around her clit. She moaned, and a wave of pleasure flooded every inch of her body. She couldn't focus on sucking Lee's cock anymore. Thankfully, Lee took over himself, he removed the condom and was jerking his cock as he ate her out.

Ryan's rhythm picked up, and Lee struggled to follow Alicia's clit. She focused on staying as still as possible as Ryan filled and stretched her. Lee made her lose her mind by licking her clit while she was fucked. She had never felt such pleasure.

Every muscle in her body tensed as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Every nerve was on fire. Lee's tongue felt like velvet slipping over her sensitive clit. Ryan's cock rammed into her g-spot over and over. She clenched the sheets between her fists, and her body froze.

A moan clawed its way out of her throat as her pussy spasmed around Ryan's cock. Squeezing him to the point he had to stop and push in as far as he could to avoid being pushed out. Her moans echoed around the room as the pleasure rocked her body. Her muscles sore from staying tense for so long, her body shimmered with a sheen of sweat.

Ryan pushed her off Lee, onto her back, and laid on the other side of her, exhausted. Lee rearranged, where his head was at the bottom of the bed with Ryan and Alicia's. Their harsh breathing was the only sound in the room for a few moments, while they all tried to catch their breath.

"Fuck," Alicia panted, "I feel like I won this round, boys."

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