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by Cindy 6 days ago in sexual wellness

Masturbation is healthy and the best way to pleasure yourself.

Survey shows that 95 percent of men and around 72 percent of women have masturbated in their life. But with rumours that it's unhealthy and can course blindness, is masturbation good for you?

Let's have a look at the following benefits of masturbating.


The better you know your body, your erogenous zones and you pleasure potential, the better you can help guide your partner to pleasure you the way you want. Most people don't know what they want in bed hence why they are unable to ask for it.

We are all different and we all have different needs and desires.Once you get to know your body intimately, you and your partner can support each other in exploring your sensuality and pleasure. It is much better to give your partner five minutes of what they really want than twenty minutes of what you think they want.


We know for men masturbation is fantastic because it can actually prevent prostate cancer. Men who have at least a couple of orgasms a week or more are actually getting the toxins out of their bodies when they ejaculate.

Do you feel like coming down with a cold? One study found that males components of the immune system are activated during masturbation increasing the number of white blood cell in bloodstreams.

Masturbation can also improve the quality of sperm. A study showed that male masturbation reduces the number of sperm inseminated at the next copulation but not the number retained by the female. masturbation is a male strategy to improve the fitness of their sperm as younger sperm have a higher likelihood of insemination.


For women using both a vibrator and a dildo can actually keep things elastic. It can strengthen your pelvic floor whmeans when you have sex with your partner, it's going to make the orgasms more intense as opposed to not masturbating and just waiting for sex.


Masturbation can improve your sexual performance. Both women and men have pelvic floor muscles that stretch from their pubic bone infront of their tailbone. As we age these muscles weaken causing sexual dysfunction in women and erectile dysfunction in men but stroking the penis or rubbing the clitoris can activate the bubble cavernous reflex resulting in Celtic floor muscles contracting. It's essentially a workout for your sex muscles. Nitric oxide levels also diminish with age and can contribute to a decrease in sex drive but masturbation can help maintain it in your blood though out your life.


Awakening sexual energy and feeling that potent ecstatic force flowing through your body will charge you,energise you and nurture your body. Orgasms cause a huge release of pleasure hormones and neurotransmitters that flood our system giving us more satisfaction, confidence and well-being.

Not only does dopamine released during masturbation help control the brain s reward and pleasure centers, it reduces feelings of stress. therendorphins released during an orgasm can decrease your perception of pain. For women polishing the pearls can reduce menstrual cramping and of course with the help of the hormone prolactin which is linked to sleep you are likely to feel tired and get some good sleep.

At the end of the day masturbation is normal, healthy and perfectly save for you. Not to mention it's the safest way to pleasure yourself without the risk of STDs and unplanned pregnancy. All the rumours are wrong, masturbation will not make you blind.

So put on some good music, light those candles and have yourself a pleasuring good night.

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