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Why Blended Orgasms Are The Best

by Meaghan Ward 2 months ago in advice

If you don't know what they are, you should...

Why Blended Orgasms Are The Best
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

I love orgasms. I love cumming. Duh. I wouldn’t be writing here if I didn’t.

I generally have an orgasm a day to keep the doctor away, but mostly because I can’t keep my hands off myself or my toys in their box.

It’s just a better day after cumming, no matter what kind of orgasm I have, because, you know, all orgasms are different.

I have intense clitoral orgasms when I’m using just a finger or a bullet on me.

Sometimes I have even more intense tit to clit zingers of an orgasm that make my whole body tingle.

But the best** orgasms are the ones that I get with my rabbit, or now with my new thrusting vibrator that may kick my rabbit to the curb (sorry, rabbit)!

Some of the best orgasms, I think, are blended orgasms.

The orgasms you get when two areas are stimulated into cumming at the same time.

For me, it’s when my G-Spot and clit are both getting massaged, either by a vibrator or tongue and fingers, and there is nothing quite like it.

The first time I squirted, I was sure I was having a blended orgasm at the time.

It felt like my whole body was exploding, my pussy was just pulsing and throbbing, and I couldn’t catch my breath.

I’ve never been able to replicate the squirting on my own, but I’ve sure mastered the art of the blended orgasm since then and go for it most of the times I’m masturbating, but it can still at times be elusive.

I think it’s because you HAVE to stimulate two erogenous zones, and it can be hard to concentrate your attention on specific sensations when so much is going on in your pussy full of a vibrator.

The thrusting vibrator adds an extra element to everything — it sort of works FOR me, so that I just need to grind my clit against the outer stimulator to have one of the most hardcore blended orgasms ever — the kind of orgasms that make you forget to breathe.

But the best way to achieve a blended orgasm, in my opinion, is from the cowgirl position.

I would love to climb on my lover’s cock and ride him hard and fast, his cock filling me up and putting pressure on all the right spots inside of me while my clit slides along his skin until the friction makes me explode.

Depending on how long and fast I get to ride, the more intense the orgasm can be.

It starts from the inside usually, a pressure I feel that comes with a little bit of pleasure, and then builds and builds.

When it starts to happen, it feels like fucking on a full bladder, like there is no more room inside of me for his cock and my pussy starts to tighten around it and clench down, and that’s when I need to move even faster, to get the clit friction I need to finally cum.

It feels like a pussy explosion, or actually, more of an implosion, because as I cum my pussy clenches down even harder, twitches and pulses and sucks the cum out of my lover’s cock just the way it should.

Blended orgasms leave me breathless, shaking, quivering, often wanting more and more and more.

They’re so much more intense than just a normal clitoral orgasm, and G-Spot orgasms alone are hard to come by for me.

But with the combination of the right tools or the right cock, they’re possible for me, and hopefully they’re something you’ve experienced before, too.

**Just kidding, the best orgasms are the ones when my partner is eating me out. Heh.

Meaghan Ward
Meaghan Ward
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