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Virtually In Love

by Ivy Wynter 2 months ago in erotic

A Sweet, Romantic, Erotic Short

Beth pulled the brush through her hair one last time as she assessed herself in the mirror. She really should put on some make-up, or mascara at least, but she'd promised she wouldn't.

Sighing, Beth tossed her brush back into the drawer of her vanity before snagging the pair of thigh high stockings she'd chosen for tonight from the floor. As she pulled them on, she was immensely pleased at how striking the deep burgundy was against her pale skin.

Standing from the stool, Beth gave herself one more quick once over in the mirror. She adjusted the oversized black sweater she wore, so it drooped lazily off one shoulder. She twisted from side to side to look at herself from all angles, and decided she looked simple, sweet, and just a smidge sexy. Enough to be enticing, she hoped.

Although… Beth frowned. Maybe she should put on a bit of mascara. Her eyes didn’t look as vibrant as she wanted them to.

Just as Beth reached for the purple mascara tube in the make-up organizer on top of her vanity, her laptop chimed behind her. “Dang it,” she whispered under her breath.

Beth fluffed her hair a little bit, nodded to herself, and then took a deep breath before rushing to arrange herself atop her bed. The comforter was cool against her skin making her shiver. She wished she weren’t wearing any stockings, so she could rub her freshly shaven legs against the soft cotton. Oh well, she’d have time for that later.

Her computer chimed again, and Beth glanced at the screen to find two new messages awaiting her in her private chat room.

Good evening, Annabeth,’ the first one read.

Beth pouted at the use of her full name. She swears he uses it just to rile her up.

I wish you wouldn’t keep me waiting,’ read the second one.

Her heart did a strange little somersault in her chest.

The little text bubble popped up indicating that he was typing, so before he could answer, Beth typed out a quick ‘I’m here’ and sent it off. She watched as his text bubble disappeared, and after a moment the video call icon appeared. Beth’s veins hummed with anticipation as she answered it. The light beside her camera flicked on and she saw herself briefly before the image switched to the caller.

“Hello, Annabeth.” The rich, husky voice sent a shiver down her spine, and left gooseflesh in its wake.

“Hi, Ethan.” She hoped her voice didn’t sound as breathless as she thought it did.

The ruggedly handsome man grinned at her.

Ethan was lounging casually in his desk chair wearing a pair of dark washed jeans and a black cotton t-shirt. The material was stretched nicely over his pectorals, and it made Beth’s mouth go dry.

“You look wonderfully comfortable this evening,” he remarked, his icy blue eyes sweeping over what they could of her form.

Beth gave him a shy grin as she twirled a strand of hair around a finger. “Thank you,” she murmured, and then her grin widened. “So are you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out of your three piece suit before.”

Ethan chuckled and ducked his head, pushing his unruly black locks off his forehead with one hand. With his face down and slightly to the side like that, she could easily see the hair at the side of his head that was beginning to streak with silver. She knew the other side of his head would match this one, and even his beard, if he'd grow it out beyond a five o'clock shadow, would be stained with silver as well. Beth sucked her bottom lip between her teeth to nibble on it.

Who'd have thought she'd find herself irrevocably attracted to a budding silver fox?

"I just happened to have a day free of meetings and snobbish elites, so I figured it was okay that I wear a t-shirt and jeans," he said as he plucked at his collar with a thumb and finger. It most certainly is okay, Beth thought as her eyes raked over his chest once more. "Anyway," Ethan glanced back up at her, "Enough about me. How was your day, love?" His eyes softened as he asked the question, and it made her stomach squirm pleasantly.

Beth shrugged. "Oh, you know. Same old, same old. Stupid, pointless job, and boring, meaningless classes. I mean, I knew senior year of college was going to be a breeze, but I didn't think it'd actually bore me to death!"

Laughing softly, Ethan leaned forward, his desk chair creaking, and rested his elbows atop his desk. "Well, it's a good thing I sent you something to entertain you tonight, no?" His eyes shifted to something behind her, and Beth glanced over her shoulder to find the inconspicuous cardboard box sitting on her nightstand that had been delivered this morning. "I'm glad you waited to open it."

"Of course I waited," Beth said as she sat up to grab the box. "You told me not to open it without you." With the box in hand, she settled back on her bed with her legs crossed, and then set the box on the mattress in front of her. "What is it?" She asked, glancing up at him with a raised brow.

The corners of his lips curled up in a slow smirk. "Why don't you open it and find out?"

Beth rolled her eyes, but got up to retrieve a pair of scissors from her vanity drawer. As she crawled back onto the bed, she couldn't help but flash Ethan a glimpse of the lacy cheeky panties she wore underneath her sweater. She heard the creaking of his chair as he shifted, but there was no other sign her tease had affected him at all. Beth swallowed back a sigh. Always so calm and reserved… It almost wasn't any fun.

When she was seated cross-legged on the bed, scissors in hand and the box in front of her, Beth glanced up at Ethan. "So...What's in it?"

"Just open it," he said with a crooked grin.

Beth looked down at the unassuming box with a distrustful grimace. "Nothings going to jump out at me, right?"

Ethan scoffed. “Of course not. When have I ever sent you anything like that?”

“Really?” Beth shot him an unimpressed look. “Halloween?”

The man blinked, seeming to consider her words for a moment, and then he barked out a laugh. “I sent that because you love Halloween!”

“Just because I love Halloween doesn’t mean I wanted a motion activated jumping spider sent to me!” At her words, Ethan threw back his head and laughed. The sound had heat pooling in her lower abdomen, and she squirmed in her seat.

She could listen to his laugh all day. He was usually so collected and stoic, never quick to laugh or enjoy himself, but when he was with her (even though it was only online), he was an entirely different person than what he showed to the world.

When Beth had started this little venture into chat rooms, she had done it for the extra cash not expecting to find someone she’d actually grow attached to. But Ethan had made it easy for her. Almost too easy really. She just wished they weren’t separated by thousands of miles.

“Annabeth?” Beth blinked and refocused on the man on her laptop screen. “Are you alright? I seemed to have lost you there.” The obvious concern on his face and in his voice had her insides warming significantly.

With a reassuring smile, Beth said, “Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking is all.”

“Mm. About?”

She shrugged. “Nothing really.” Ethan cocked an eyebrow at her and hummed.

“In that case,” he gestured to the box in between them, “ open your gift.”

Beth wasn’t sure she trusted the odd light in his eyes, but she did as he asked anyway. She cut through the packing tape with the scissors before tossing them aside and peeling open the flaps. A layer of white tissue paper sat at the top of the box, so Beth quickly removed it and tossed it off the side of the bed. When she peered back into the box, she paused, her eyes going wide with surprise. Her gaze flickered over to Ethan before returning to the contents of the box.

Nestled amongst more tissue paper was a large, black silk cinch bag, and beside that was an off white bottle of - Was that what she thought it was? Beth reached in and picked up the bottle, not fully bringing it out of the box, to read the label. Her eyes bulged and she practically choked on her tongue. Lube?! That must mean… She dropped the lube, and hesitantly wrapped her fingers around the cinch bag only to release it just as quickly.

With her heart hammering away in her chest, Beth looked up at Ethan in shock. He was watching her expectantly with a heat in his gaze she’d only seen a few times before when he thought she wasn’t paying any attention. Sure, they’d sexted and she’d teased him with little flashes of skin here and there, but to send her sex toys?! This was...unexpected to say the least.

“Well?” Ethan said. “Go on. Take them out.”

Beth couldn’t control the nervous shaking of her hands as she reached back into the box to pull out the bottle of lube and cinch bag.

“Set the bag aside for now.”

She did as he said and set the bag aside, but kept the lube bottle clutched in a tight grip. The heat in her lower abdomen began to eat away at her muscles and make her mind go all fuzzy. Did he want her to do what she thought he did?

“You should get yourself comfortable,” Ethan said, his tone dropping several octaves, and Beth shivered.

Her breath hitched at the suggestion. Was he really going to ask her to do this? Pleasure herself? In front of him? While video chatting? The heat in her lower abdomen flared to unbearable levels, and her core clenched in response. Oh, hell yes…

Beth pushed the box to the side, and arranged her mountain of pillows in such a way that she could lay back comfortably and still see her laptop. When she was settled, she looked to Ethan for direction.

“Take them off,” he instructed as he gestured to her lower half. Beth took a steadying breath and lifted her hips, so she could push her panties down her legs. She kicked them to the floor, and returned her attention to Ethan, who regarded her for a moment before saying, “Spread your legs.” Beth gasped and her core trembled. God, his voice… “Annabeth, spread your legs,” he said a little more forcefully.

Beth whimpered and let her legs fall open. His gaze immediately dropped from her face to her core. The heat and hunger in his eyes was like a physical touch, and the sensation nearly overwhelmed her. She thought she heard him breathe out the word ‘beautiful’, and she mewled in response.

“Touch yourself.”

Those two little words set her limbs to shaking. She gave her head a tiny shake as she tried to gain some kind of control over herself. Once she’d gotten her shaking down to a light tremble, Beth squirted lube onto her fingers and dropped the bottle to the bed beside her. She found herself unable to meet Ethan’s eyes, so she closed hers and pressed her middle finger to her clit. Beth hissed at the coolness of the slick substance against her burning skin. She felt like she was losing her mind, and she’d only just started touching herself.

Beth began to rub her clit in tight, quick circles. Each pass of her finger over the little bundle of nerves had her core clenching and pulsing with need. Moaning, Beth dipped her fingers lower to tease her entrance. As she pressed a finger into herself, she glanced at the laptop sitting by her feet and choked out a curse at the sight of Ethan.

Her budding silver fox was leaned back in his desk chair with his shirt riding up his stomach and his jeans pushed down to his knees. He had his cock fisted in one hand, and was slowly pumping it as he watched her. It was the most sinfully delicious thing Beth had ever seen.

With the pure pleasure that coursed through her veins and the sight Ethan made, Beth found that any nerves she’d previously had were gone and had been replaced by an insurmountable amount of need.

Without taking her eyes off the screen, Beth sat up and tucked her legs underneath so she could peel off her sweatshirt. Her skin tightened with gooseflesh and her nipples hardened as they were exposed to the cool air of her room. When her head popped free, she tossed the sweater away from her, uncaring of where it ended up. Her eyes immediately searched for Ethan’s and when she found them, she reached for the cinch bag. Ethan watched her with rapt attention as she opened the bag and pulled out a peachy, pink silicone dildo.

Making sure to keep eye contact with Ethan, Beth wrapped her lips around the head and sucked down the fake cock as far as she could. She moaned lewdly around the shaft, and dropped back onto her mound of pillows.

Spreading her legs obscenely wide, Beth used her free hand to play with her clit, and pulled the dildo from her mouth with the other, a string of saliva attaching her bottom lip to the head. Beth then trailed the slick head over her skin from the valley of breasts to the top of her mound. She clawed the comforter as she teased the head of the cock through her folds with a moan. Each time the head passed over her entrance, she’d add more and more pressure until she couldn’t stand being empty any longer.

Beth planted her feet firmly on the mattress, and shifted her grip to the base of the shaft for better leverage. As she slid the head of the cock back to her entrance, she heard Ethan growl her name.

The rough, gravely sound sent a flood of heat through her core and Beth cried out, “Ethan!” At the same moment, she plunged the head of the cock into herself. “Yes,” she breathed out. She shifted her grip once more, so she was holding the dildo by the balls. With a mewling cry, Beth filled herself with the cock until her folds were pressed snuggly against the base.

Panting, Beth propped herself up on an elbow so she could see Ethan. He was watching her with pitch black eyes, cock still in hand. “Fuck yourself, Annabeth,” he rumbled. His eyes tore away from the obscene display between her legs to meet her eyes. “I want to watch you fall apart around that cock as you scream my name.”

Her core tightened around the cock at his words, and her heartbeat thundered behind her ears. She’d give him exactly what he wanted.

Beth fell back onto her pillows and began to fuck herself in earnest. The only sounds in the room were the squelching of wet flesh and their commingled cries of pleasure. That familiar buzzing coil was winding itself up in the pit of her stomach, just waiting for that last push so it could snap.

Beth panted. She just needed a little more!

It was difficult to pry her fingers from the comforter, but when she did, she began to feverishly rub her clit in tight, jerky circles. The closer she came to the edge and the tighter the coil wound, the higher the pitch her cries became. Then she found herself teetering on the edge, and her heart seemed to stop.

“Come for me, Annabeth,” Ethan ordered, his voice strained.

It was all Beth needed in order to tumble over head first into mind numbing bliss as she screamed his name to the empty room. As she slowly came down from her high, panting, her limbs grew heavy and numb; the occasional twitch sent a jolt of sensation through her body. It was a heady feeling, and she melted into her mattress with a sigh. She didn’t even have the energy to remove the dildo. Not that she wanted to anyway; she loved the feeling of being full. She just wished it was Ethan’s cock instead of this silicone substitute.

“Annabeth,” called Ethan.

Blinking, Beth sluggishly rolled onto her side, moaning when the dildo shifted, to face her laptop. Ethan lounged bonelessly in his chair as he watched her with a sultry, satisfied grin on his face. His cock bobbed with each breath he took, and she could see the light of his computer screen reflecting off his release on his stomach and thighs. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth, and rubbed her thighs together to try and alleviate the returning ache. God…He was such a ruggedly beautiful man that it was hard to contain herself.

“You were so beautiful.” She flashed Ethan a shy grin at his words. “So fucking gorgeous.” He licked his lips as his eyes traveled the length of her body. “I can’t wait to see you in person.”

“Thank you-,” Beth paused mid-word, her brow furrowing when she realized exactly what it was he’d said. “Wait, what? In person?”

The corners of his lips turned up into a secretive smile. “Check the bottom of the box,” he told her.

Confused, Beth gingerly pulled out the dildo (groaning as she did), set it on the bed, and sat up. “Okay…” Beth glanced around herself, and found the box balancing at the edge of her bed. Getting onto her hands and knees, Beth snagged the side flap and pulled the box towards herself. When she peered inside, all she could see was white tissue paper, so she tugged the sheets out until there were none left. “Huh,” she muttered. There was a plain white envelope sitting at the bottom of the box.

Even more unsure of what was happening, Beth picked up the envelope and pushed the box aside. She turned the envelope over in her hands a few times before she opened it and tugged out the contents. She stared at the paper in her hand, unbelieving of what she was seeing.

“E-Ethan!” Beth exclaimed. “Are-Are you serious?!”

She looked up to find Ethan watching her with a gentle, loving smile. “Of course.”

Beth’s gaze dropped back down to the plane ticket clutched in one hand, and she laughed in disbelief. New York; she was going to New York to see Ethan.


Ivy Wynter

Ivy Wynter is an aspiring novelist who has finally gathered the courage to share her work with the world, starting with her short stories first. You can find updates on her work by visiting her Instagram page: Ivy.Wynter.Author

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Ivy Wynter
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