Vaporize Me (Chapter 2)

The Chronicles of My Mind. (+18)

Vaporize Me (Chapter 2)

I am on top of her, looking down at her, sweat dripping from my body, my heart finally pacing at a normal rate. There was no mercy in my eyes. My expression plain and cold. Cheryl covers her face with her hands and wipes her tears. I waited for her to say something, to tell me that what she did to me was unforgivable. I wanted to hear her say it but it took too long to come out and I was running out of patience. I climbed off the bed, satisfied by the pleasure I had, sex. I begin to put my clothes back but she grabs my arm and pulls me toward her.

"Wait," She says running her hand in her hair. "Please!"

I sit back but continue to put my clothes back on.

"Mel...what I did was unforgivable! I probably deserved that..."

She closes her eyes and tries not to cry even more. I hated when she cried, it made me weak. I felt the need to touch her and bring her into my arms to comfort her.

Let me stop you right there. Good! Now that I have your attention let me bring you back to where it all began.


The hot summer sun displayed its heat upon the streets of Los Angeles as I began to set up my space on the sidewalk so I can perform my song and earn a little cash for the day.

I put my guitar strap on and begin tuning it. Clearing my throat I play the first chords, A minor followed by F major, C major, and G major. The nice melody caught some attention from strangers passing by. I began to sing the lyrics of the song.

"Wondering if, If you'll love me the same...

after seeing all the flaw in me...

when I'm drowning in my pain...

will you bring me back to you?"

A beautiful tall blonde woman who wore sunglasses, grey trouser pants and a slit neck self-tie surplice crop top crosses the sidewalk and makes her way to a nearby restaurant. She gives me a side glance for what seems to last more than five seconds. Stepping foot in the crowded restaurant she disappears behind the closed door.

The more I sang and played the beautiful melody, the more people gathered to hear my song. I wrote it when I was 16 and I thought that maybe I would be able to love. Then it turned out love became a mess, love made me a mess. I thought I could conquer it but instead, I ran away from it. Snapping out of my thoughts, I try to focus on my song. The last thing I wanted was to mess up in front of a crowd and become the next big talk of the town.

"Darling, you've got me your love

Darling, tell me that it's true

You've got me captivated by your love

No, No, No don't walk away from me.       

Will you love me the same"  

I had lost track of time as my eyes were closed, only to be awakened by the loud applause of the crowd in front of me. One by one they began to place money in my guitar case. I smiled and bowed while receiving compliments from strangers.

"You have an amazing voice!"

"Thank you!"

Slowly after my performance, people began to disperse and return to minding their business. I pack my things and head to my car. I open the trunk and put my guitar in it.

"Hi!" I hear a stranger speak behind me. I turn around to see the blonde woman from earlier standing by the curb, smiling at me.

"May I help you?" I say carelessly, closing the trunk. The sweet smile on her lips begins to disappear.

"I'm sorry if this is weird... I just wanted to say you have a lovely voice!"

"Anything else?"

"How about a thank you?" She says playing with her hair and then holding on to her bag, hints of embarrassment forming in her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be speaking to you like that. You barely know me... Thank you"

"No, it's fine. I'm Cheryl! It's a pleasure to meet you."

She lands me her hand and I shake it. Her eyes linger on me while holding on my hands. She looks away quickly after noticing she was staring. I could see her cheeks reddening into a blush. She clears her throat and finally lets go of my hand.

"Have a nice day!"

"You too."

She tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and walks away. After a few steps, she turns around and looks back at me with a smile. Whatever she felt I couldn't feel it. It was an unfamiliar feeling. This was foreign and it had become a new language for me. Maybe I will learn it, maybe I won't.  English suits me well and I don't have time to learn another language, especially one that doesn't practically use words.

I get in the front seat of my car and start the engine. After entering the left lane, I drive away. My phone vibrates on the passenger seat. I grab it and read the text sent from my friend, April on the notification bar.

"Let's go have fun tonight? Let's meet at Tipsy Daisy?"

I click on her name and open the text message app. While replying to her text, without noticing I find myself on the other side of the yellow lane, going in the opposite direction. A commercial truck honks at me, causing me to look at where I was driving. Suddenly I turn the stirring wheel to the right and turn off my phone. I shouldn't be texting while driving. That is something I have to keep in mind.

Arriving home sound and safe, I park my car in front of my apartment. Opening the door, I see April drinking beer while sitting on the kitchen island.

"Well, Well well, look who it is! Did you get my texts?"

She hoops off the island and crosses her arms after placing her beer bottle on the island.

"How about, hey how was your day? Or wow I'm so glad you made it home safe." I say while putting my guitar in the coat closet. "I almost got into a car accident"

Her eyes open wide, in shock of hearing what I just told her.

"Oh my God, are you alright?"

"Yes, after being honked at a huge commercial truck, sure!"  I smile just to lighten up the mood because she really didn't have to worry.

"I'm fine, April."

"Good because how else would I have fun tonight? So what's your answer? Are we going, tonight?"

"Yeah, sure why not!"


The night came by fast and April was already hogging the bathroom trying to get ready while I was still in my bra and underwear brushing my teeth outside the door, patiently waiting for her to finish. I check on social media to see if anyone I knew was already posting pics of them being at the club.

"April, you're hogging the bathroom! I have to get ready too!" I yell while knocking on the door to let her know she was taking too long.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opens revealing my best friend, April. Damn, she is gorgeous.

"Close your mouth. A fly might get in there"

She says while closing her makeup bag and exiting the bathroom. I smile at her comment and step in.


Arriving at the club, we enter the building together. Red and blue lights mixing creating purple as the music blasts out the speakers making the room shake. Bodies are mingling on the dance floor. April shouts, "Let's go get a drink!"

We make our way to the bar and order some drinks. Before we knew it our drinks had arrived. We encircled our arms in and out and drank our shots. I watched as April closes her eyes and exhales.

"I'm gonna go dance!"

"I'll watch!"

"Party pooper!"

"I'll join you in a second!"

April walks to the dance floor and begins dancing with the first guy she makes eye contact with. Together they sway away, hands-on-hips and arms wrapped around shoulders. I smiled and took out my phone to take a picture of them together. Suddenly, someone bumps into me and my phone go flying into someone else's drink.

"What the fuck!" I yell in frustration watching the phone dip into the drink. I turn to see a tall blonde woman looking drunk as ever, wearing a shimmering short dress, leaving her chest exposed. She covers her mouth after realizing what she did which was like five seconds ago.

"Are you fucking stupid?"

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention! Oh my God, did I spill anything on you?"

"No, but now you gotta buy me a new phone!"

I turn around and apologize to the gentleman sitting next to me. He just stands and leaves without saying a word. Damn, this is embarrassing, I thought. I turn around and see the woman still standing there looking all apologetic. I take my phone and wipe it. I try turning it on but all that was left of it was the beauty of the black screen. I put my fingers on the corners of the bridge of my nose and breathe in and out after realizing it was pointless to be angry at a person as clueless as her. She probably won't remember anything when the morning comes.

"You know what don't worry about it. Just..."

My words lose their power when I realized who I was talking to. It was her. The girl from the morning. The one who smiled at me and told me I had a lovely voice. All of my anger drops to zero and I stopped talking. Wait, why am I acting like this! This is unlike me, I just met her like thirty seconds ago! Fuck, get a hold of yourself. Yes, she pretty but that doesn't mean anything. And it's not like anyone as pretty as she would even like me.

"Are you sure? Oh my God, it's all my fault. I'm so sorry!"

"I said it's fine, don't worry about it. Plus, you've already said you were sorry."

"Fuck, I'm so drunk right now... I should get home... Fuck, where are my keys!"

Keys? Was she playing on driving home drunk? I know it's none of my business but I can't stand and watch someone probably, drive to their death.

"I don't think that's a good idea... to drive while you're drunk, I mean."

"Yeah, well my friend left with someone so I am left alone."

"I can drive you home." I cut in, wishing I had stayed quiet.

"No, I can't have you do that... I mean I don't even know you."

"I think you do...what I mean is you can trust me. I won't try to harm you."

She stays quiet looking at me as though she realized something but her brain was still buzzed. She shook her head then nodded, clutching on to her purse.

"Fine. Take me home."

Trying to walk, she almost trips but I catch her and guide her towards the exit.

"Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me."

I ask her to put her address in my car's GPS as I start the engine. She enters the address and I drive her home.

(To be continued...

Thanks for reading!)

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