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by Kite 4 months ago in lgbtq

Part four of Ms. Jones

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My mouth wraps around the edge of my glass. The cocktail slides down the back of my throat. I slide my two fingers into the martini to retrieve the thick olives. One by one I drop them into my mouth and suck each drop of alcohol out of them. I turn only slightly to notice Ms. Jones at the top of the stairwell. Her beautiful breasts are hardly tucked away in the fabric that covers her. How I wish I was devouring her body instead of this drink.

I feel a tingle between my legs and quickly cross my left leg over. I tucked my silk panties into my purse as soon as I heard she was coming. I am thrilled that her attendance was far from a rumor. I think about her sitting in the chair at her mansion on the night of her New Years party. How her eyes never left my flesh as I was stuffed with cock and my lips were buried deep inside a pussy. Her eyes begging for me, begging to fuck me.

-Though she stepped out. She had left before she witnessed a delightful orgasm. As soon as the door shut I slid off his cock. He began to fuck the woman I just devoured as I plopped on the chair that was still warm from Ms. Jones. Unfortunately, I had to get myself off.-

I would demand her to watch me fuck myself. I would love to watch her this time. Laying down on one of these dining tables and opening my legs to show her my soaking wet pussy. She would beg to consume me but all she would have the pleasure of doing was begging. I would glide my left hand between my legs and rub my clit with my middle finger. Faster and faster I would swirl it in circles creating a flare of excitement in myself.

She wouldn’t be able to help herself and she would place her smooth soft lips on the edge of my clit. She would devour me but I’d pull her hair and tell her soft licks. She would stroke my pussy with her tongue awakening the dominant queen inside of me. I’d ask for one finger and only one. She may try and slip two but she would be severely punished. As she continues to glide her tongue around me I would demand to be fucked by it.

She would begin to fuck me with her long wet tongue cleaning every inch of me. Sucking me as if my pussy was one of those olives. I would begin to squirt between her beautiful thick lips and Would fill her up with every ounce of me. I would close my legs and get up from the soaked white table cloth. I’d walk over to my clutch and from the corner of my eye I catch her begin to pleasure herself.

After all she’s made me cum. Though I have much more in store for her. I would walk over to her and in a soft but stern voice ask to see her gorgeous breasts. I push her back onto a different dining table as her nipples are revealed to me. I begin to fondle them. My hands squeeze them and I enjoy myself. I suck her tits until they’re unbelievably perky and nibble on them. She lets out a few soft moans that tease my pussy once more.

I move away from her delightful chest and pull her ass towards the edge of the table. I pull the silk panties from my clutch and place them in between her red rosy lips. I open her legs, slide down her panties and feast my eyes on her extraordinary pussy. I bend down and taste her. A few moans escape through my panties and tease me. As she begs for me I continue to taste her a little more. Her moans invite me to fuck her.

I pull my head up from her drenched pussy lips and-

I bite my lip from the fantasy that crowded my mind. I pop the last olive in my mouth and turn around. Ms. Jones is standing before me but there is another woman standing next to her. Unprepared I go to speak and begin to choke on my olive. She lets out a light chuckle as I recollect myself. “It seems you both have something in common. Neither of you can handle your liquor.”

-Have a wonderful Holiday-

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