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Unplanned Sex

Unapologetically Raw

By R.S. ColePublished 3 years ago 9 min read
Unplanned Sex

Unplanned Sex

I wont name any names but, I’m not gonna lie either! I’ve been fucking her man for quite sometime now…. RAW! Her “God kids” Is his kids! But we keep It all on the low. He make her happy so I want that to continue. He helps me with everything so I have no complaints. Since my sister can’t have no more kids due to her break down after one, I filled that void he had. I love my niece she Is so damn adorable. The crazy part Is people always say how my two boys and my niece look so much alike…. Duh they brothers and sister hahahaha but shit they don’t need to know. Now understand, the way this all happened was not planned or Intentional. I love my sister and we are very close. After she had my niece she suffered from Postpartum depression, she wouldn’t eat or sleep she just sat and stared at my niece like she was a guard dog.

One night her boyfriend called me to let me know what was going on this happened for a full week before he said something! I was pissed off honestly so I packed a bag and went on over. I helped her with everything I even held her tit to breastfeed. I took care of the baby while she slept just to give her a sense of peace that she was ok. She was like a zombie, I washed her up, made sure she ate, if the baby was sleep I helped pump her breastmilk! After a few weeks of getting my sister Into mother routine she finally came around. But before these weeks of her coming around her boyfriend watched how I took care of her and my niece and I guess he was watching me too!

One night after getting my sister to sleep and then my niece I went to take a shower. I thought he was sleep and I tried to sneak and grab a towel but to my surprise no he was not he was right there just as I opened the linen closet I look over and he sitting there looking at the computer stroking his dick! He looks up just as I look at him and wow he had a big ass chocolate dick! I almost forgot where I was, I grabbed a towel and ran back to the bathroom.

I went to the kitchen to fix something to eat and shit In he walks. I apologized for coming out of the bathroom without a towel and staring at him and um “him” cause that thang needs a name of It’s own! I laid down that night and thought about seeing him and I was so turned on. I hadn’t had sex In over a year I never thought about It and stayed out of situations that could make me horny. I focused on work and keeping fit.

I went to bed trying to forget about what I seen, oddly my niece didn’t do her normal wake up so I went and checked on her. As I came back to my room he had snuggled up on the couch, but fuck my mind was everywhere, I wanted him so bad I knew I couldn’t have him though. As I laid down all I could do was toss and turn. My pussy was throbbing man this was torture! I had to touch myself It was the only way to stop this but just when I was about to start he knocks on my door. Fuck! I almost had It taken care of. I told him to come In and he asked If I had trouble sleeping, of course I told him yeah so he leaves and comes back with a cup warm milk mixed with a pinch of cinnamon and honey and some graham crackers. I guess he makes this for my sister when she can’t sleep, I don’t know but It relaxed me. With out thinking I sat up crossed my legs Indian style my wide leg shorts showed my whole damn pussy! He looked away but not for long, I knew this shouldn’t happen but I was so drawn from seeing him earlier I was curious, I needed to know, I needed to feel It!

I grabbed his hand and trailed It up my thigh he closes his hand and pulls It back but I noticed his dick rise. I leaned In and whispered “It’s ok, never speak a word of this, to anyone just this once.” He looked at me and swallowed so hard I herd It. I grabbed his hand again and trailed It to my pussy, I know he felt It throbbing. I was so fucking wet I was ready! She was ready! I laid back and let him play with It as I started to squirm he enjoyed what he was doing more and more. He took my shorts off and came Into me put his face right In my pussy, sucking and licking my clit nothing like I ever felt before. He tried to get two and a half fingers In my pussy that was a struggle but he did It finally, He hit that spot I had to put a pillow over my face, although my sister was knocked the hell out from her meds I didn’t want to take any chances! I felt my whole body get warm my heart racing, legs shaking before I blinked I had a fist full of his dreads cuming on his tongue, he knew that shit but he didn’t stop he keep sucking my clit until I came a second time still In the moment of feeling my orgasm he rose up and slide his thick ass dick right In my pussy my shit was so tight, so wet, he let out a loud ass moan! I had to cover his mouth, he balled his shirt and put It In his mouth and kept going til he got deep In my pussy I had to grab the pillow again cause this shit was euphoric! My whole body felt Iike It was cuming! I wanted to see where my skills still where so I asked to get on top after he pounded my pussy until I came again he allowed It. I hopped on that shit and almost lost It! His dick was so big but I handled my shit though he couldn’t keep his legs still! I was fucking the shit out of this man, It felt so amazing. He grabbed a pillow to put on his face I got up and turned In reverse cow girl, at this point I was feeling myself I start dancing on the dick , moving my hips grinding, swirling all of It! He said “I’m about to cum.” I started to faster, grind and swirl my hips more. I felt his dick throbbing Inside me and I kept going. His legs went crazy I kept fucking him like there was no tomorrow He raised up and grab me by my waist and start fucking me from behind. He was looking for revenge but shit so was I. He grabbed me so I couldn’t go anywhere and started to dig my pussy out! Fuck this shit was so good we couldn’t stop! He said he was about to cum again so I start throwing that shit back at him he was trying to hold It but he exploded again I felt his dick throbbing In me even more now he slide out and laid back on the wet bed. I could tell he was needing that shit hell so was I! I got up and took another shower he followed right after me. He bent my ass over In the shower and fuck the shit outta me I was In tears this shit was so good. Damn! The next morning he was up with the baby I slept In my sis woke up and called out to me. I rushed to her side seeing what she needed. Anything she needed I fulfilled no questions asked. A week later I realized that my period didn’t start, I didn’t trip I was helping with the baby patterns change often but after two weeks I got nervous as fuck! I took a pregnancy test one of the early detection ones and BAM! Sure enough I was fucking pregnant! None the less by my sisters boyfriend! Fuck I needed a plan I wasn’t getting no abortion! I reached out to the guy I was seeing over a year ago we got along great no Issues at all we were both just busy. I told him I slowed down a bit at work and I wanted to try us again, he agreed so of course we went out a few times and Fucked I had to make sure we just got caught In the moment to fuck RAW so I knew how to spin my story. I told my sister’s boyfriend that I was In fact pregnant by him and gave him the whole plan. Surprisingly he went with It! About a month passed and I told my old but new beau I wasn’t feeling good so he was there I got up to go puke and he sure enough asked If I was pregnant. I told him yeah right we been careful by pulling out. I let him give me the spill about pre cum and this and that he suggested I take a test so I agreed to go along with the shit! BINGO he seen prego! He was so happy! I told my sister boyfriend how It all went down he was ok with It but requested I make them the God parents so he could be In the baby’s life with no one asking questions. So I did just that! We bought houses right next to each other and I stayed In my sisters face still taking care of my niece. I later found out I was pregnant with TWINS! I told my sisters boyfriend he was so fucking happy and they were boys! I told my guy he was happy as shit too! My sister took over for me now helping me out LOL! Me and her dude still fuck the shit out each other from time to time but no one ever found out or suspected anything! My beau Is happier than ever cause this is what he wanted at first and now he has It, we are good and content. Both men even proposed so we will have a double wedding. I can’t say If my sis Is fucking my man but I damn sure am still fucking hers I got my tubes tied though no more slip ups but shit he feel so damn good we still be fucking RAW!

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R.S. Cole

Author of Broken, Mending, Healing, DDT, How to lose a Wife, Black Pussy Magic, and Unapologetically Raw. I have a host of short writings and poems. I will upload often; there will always be something to read.

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