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Unholy Bonds

by T.S. Watkins 3 months ago in fiction
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Chapter Five

Micah trailed his fingers softly across my shoulder, sliding the lacy strap down, and ran his nose lightly down my neck, keeping his other arm around my waist, his fingers gripped my hip turning me “Perfect, show her off!” the camera flashed catching my blush, I quickly stepped forward out of his arms.

“Stop acting like you’re enjoying this so much,” Liam growled at him, watching testily from behind the photographer.

My heart was hammering, Ahhhhh! I don’t know how much more of this I can take! Micah looked up at him grinning innocently.

“I’m not acting, I am enjoying this.” he gave his brother a playful wink, and Liam scowled darkly, “You still haven’t seen how she wants the photo with Darren yet have you?” I saw panic shoot across his face as he glanced around at Darren.

They were all shirtless, wearing Beau’s signature Bad Medicine jeans and their masquerade masks. I felt like a nuclear reactor on the verge of a meltdown. Angelique had given me a beautiful solid white mask with gems across the bridge of the nose, we’ll call you Desert Rose, she had said

“You better keep your hands where they’re supposed to be.” Liam snapped at Darren who grinned wickedly.

“Sorry little brother, but you’re really not going to like this,” he snaked his arms around me, hoisting me up to where my legs were wrapped around his waist and I blushed hotly. Shooting a pleading look over his shoulder at Liam

He was livid, a muscle ticked in his jaw and he glanced away glaring at his mother who ignored him. Darren smiled at me, “Now lean back just a little,” I complied hesitantly, my hair falling down my back in a cascade, “Little more, there, that’s perfect. Now hold that pose” he leaned over, keeping one hand firmly behind my back he ran the other hand up my side fanning it across the side of my chest, displaying the daring bra expertly. He bowed his head over my chest so that the tips of his frosted blonde hair tickled against my skin. The camera flashed again and he looked up at me smiling, “You’re actually pretty good at this, I mean, your reactions are perfect. Not even the better girl models here can do that as well as you.” That's because they’re real! My thoughts were hyperventilating. He glanced around at Angelique, setting me gently on my feet as he turned, “Are those enough mother?” she ignored him, going over the monitors where the photos were popping up as they were shot.

“Okay, I need Liam and Micah,” she said, ignoring him as she looked up at us, all business, “I need you here,” she pushed Liam down into a kneeling position on the floor, “And you right here,” she tugged me in front of him, “Now I want your hands behind her thighs,” Liam slid his hands silkily up the backs of my legs and I shivered, “Now Micah, you’re here,” she positioned him flush against my back.

Standing back inspecting the pose briefly she stepped back forward, taking Micah’s hands she placed one of them on my hip, tucking his pinky finger under the thin band of the lacy undergarment, the other she wrapped around the side of my chest, artfully turning the intimate embrace into a perfect display for the lacy blood-red lingerie set. “Now tilt your head Dusty,” she said, tugging one of Liam’s hands up higher until his fingers were curved around right under my nether. My stomach coiled into a knot as heat spread rapidly under my skin.

“Jesus bro,” Micah glanced at him around my shoulder, shocked as he felt my skin grow hot under his hands, “Her skin is on fire!”

“You alright Dusty?” Liam shot me a worried look as his mother continued posing us like dolls. I nodded weakly, tilting my head back against Micah’s shoulder and reaching back to curl my fingers around his neck as Angelique asked.

“Alright Liam, since you’re in a relationship with her I want to try to make this shot more scintillating,” Angelique said briskly, “Think sexy, kiss her waist. Dusty stay rosy sweety, close your eyes this won’t take but a second.”

I went weak in the knees as soon as he pressed his lips softly to my hip. I feel like I’m in a porn shoot! “Perfect!” I heard Angelique chirp excitedly as the camera clicked. “Alright boys that’s a wrap!” my eyes snapped open in relief.

Micah stepped away and strode toward the changing rooms following Darren. Liam slowly stood up in front of me studying my face, “I didn’t think I was going to last much longer,” he said sheepishly, taking off the mask and wrapping his arms firmly around my waist. The bare skin-to-skin contact made me flinch and he smiled, “Well how was your first ever photo shoot?”

“It was...mortifying.” I said for lack of a more suitable description, sliding my mask off and burying my face into his chest trying to cool my heated skin, “That felt more like it should have been a porn photo session.”

“You’ve seen Beau fashion magazines before,” I felt him smile against my hair, “they take very...risqué shots, I mean how many of the photos did you notice in there that we had shirts on?” he squeezed me gently, “They do sexy, for men and women, I still have no idea why mom decided to add lingerie to the lineup but I can tell you this,” he paused and I felt him take a calming breath, “You completely pulled it off.”

“Okay, come here Dusty!” Angelique suddenly called to me, waving excitedly, “Look at this, I told you, you’re a natural honey!”

I hesitantly pulled away from Liam and edged over behind her, my jaw dropped in shock. I didn’t even recognize the goddess in the snapshots. She looked cagey and carnal, a faint hue across her skin as she was hotly embraced and displayed to the camera perfectly by the brothers. Jesus, they’re so good at this! I gulped.

“My god Dusty,” I heard Liam whisper over my shoulder as he gazed at the screens. I glanced back at him quickly, he looked entranced.

“What do you think?” Angelique turned her excited gaze back to me, “Perfect right?” she gushed, “Please tell me you’re coming here after graduation, we need you for this.” I gazed uneasily at her rapt expression; Can I do this for a living?

Glancing back, I saw an uncomfortable look on Liam’s face, “I don’t know if Liam would like his brothers’ hands being all over me like that again.” I said slowly, “I don’t know how I felt about it either honestly.”

Her face fell, “What if I can guarantee that these three will be the only ones working with you in the shots?” she said, a pleading edge to her voice, “My boys are professional, they take their jobs seriously. I would hope that they would be on their best behavior towards you, not being overly intimate.” she shot a glare at the brothers as they stepped back out of the dressing room, “I wouldn’t dream of putting you into any position that you’re uncomfortable with.”

“She’s taking the job right?” Micah piped in looking hopefully at his mom, moving over behind her to look at the screens, “Hey these are great!”

“She does do good,” Darren said quietly, peering up at the screens, “Her reactions are so perfect, I think she would be great for it.” he agreed.

“Hey, can I have a copy of that one?” Micah asked innocently pointing to one of the images, where he had his nose just behind my ear, my arm was up, eyes closed as my fingers tangled in his dark hair, a sexy smile was on his lips as he slid his hands down my hips turning me expertly so the translucent black set was fully displayed to the camera, I flushed remembering the too intimate embrace “For my portfolio I mean. Ouch! Calm down bro I was kidding!” he yelped as Liam scowled and jabbed him in the arm.

Darren shot them a condescending glare and turned to me, “Just think on it Dusty,” he said smiling calmly, “nobody is forcing you, but I completely agree with mom. You’re the perfect fit for this.”

I jumped as a robe settled around my shoulders. Liam wrapped a possessive arm around my waist and frowned at Angelique, “Mom, I don’t know about this,” he said, I heard an edge under his voice, “I don’t know how I feel about my girlfriend’s body being shown off for the world to see.”

She gave him a puzzled look, “Honey I don’t see your argument, you show your body off to the world repetitively.” gesturing at the fashion covers plastering the studio walls she continued, “Shouldn’t she be the jealous one? These photos haven’t even been released yet.”

He scowled glaring at the floor, “Can we go now?” His voice sounded petulant and I felt a small smile tug at the corner of my mouth despite myself. He's adorable when he’s being jealous. He glanced up at her, “You have everything you need right?”

“Of course dear!” she said instantly and turned to give us a warm one-armed hug, “Thank you so much Dusty, you were fantastic!” he huffed irritably tugging me to the dressing rooms so we could change.

“Do you really not want me to be a model?” I asked as he tossed me my clothes with a distracted look on his face, “I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

“You’re a grown woman Dusty, I can’t make your decisions for you,” he said stubbornly pulling his shirt over his head, “If this is what makes you feel beautiful, please don’t let me stand in the way.”

“You’re unhappy about it though,” I said quietly, slipping out of the lingerie while his back was turned and back into my own clothes, “I don’t want to do it if it upsets you.”

He turned back to me with a torn expression, “It bothers me because I want to be the only one to touch you like this.” pulling me into his arms he ran his hand down my hip, wrapping his hand possessively around my waist he pressed his cheek against my neck behind my ear similar to the pose I had done with Micah, I shivered involuntarily. Turning me around swiftly he picked me up like Darren had and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, clutching his shoulders as he leaned me back against the wall hard, “It pisses me off seeing my brother hold you like this.” he growled, I gazed into his burning gaze speechless.

He gently set me back down keeping me backed against the wall, “I don’t like sharing Dusty” his harsh whisper sent goosebumps across my skin.

Micah stuck his head in the dressing room, “Everything okay in here? Darren wanted me to ask if you two wanted to go with us to Bennett’s, we’re starving.” he paused and looked at his brother's scowl with a puzzled expression, “Come on bro, come eat. You’re always so cranky when you’re hungry. Give the girl a break, she did great.”

Liam glared at him, “We’ll be down in a minute” he pushed away from me and shoved his hands in his pockets irritably.

“Great!” Micah grinned, “We’ll wait in the lobby.” he disappeared out the door, leaving me alone with Liam.

“I’m sorry.” he cut a glance at me, “I shouldn’t have reacted like that, you were just modeling for my mother.” he held out his hand, “Thank you for helping her, her fashion line means a lot to her. Do you want to go eat with my brothers?”

I hesitantly took his hand, “I’m not hungry.” I said quietly, my stomach growled loudly opposing my words and I blushed.

“Let’s go.” he smiled, tucking my arm through his as he led the way back to the lobby.

I felt like a celebrity sitting with the three brothers at Bennett’s, all eyes were practically glued to us but I barely noticed them. It was strangely relaxing being around them. There had been a tense silence when we arrived but Micah had quickly broken it joking about how slow Darren’s car was. Soon they were all laughing and goofing off, I watched them affectionately. This is actually really nice, I thought laughing as Liam poked my cheek.

“Earth to Dusty, why are you being so quiet?” he said, his sharp eyes narrowing at me. I gave him a faint look clutching my stomach.

“They’re taking too long,” I complained, leaning my head against his shoulder as his brothers burst out laughing, “I’m gonna starve to death!”

“Ooh, here they come, awesome!” Micah chirped as two waitresses wound their way through the tables toward us.

I was shocked at the amount of food they had ordered, Jesus, they eat like starving dogs! The waitresses eyed me enviously sitting between Liam and Micah. I could get used to this. A secretive smile crossed my lips as I watched them unload the platters, leaning suggestively over the tables. The guys were oblivious apparently, barely glancing up at them as they passed the plates around the table. Looking disappointed they walked away. Darren and Micah immediately dug in; Liam turned to me inquisitively.

“All you wanted was a sandwich?” he looked at the small sandwich on my plate with a frown, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“It’s what I can afford,” I said defensively, “You guys’ kind of picked the most expensive barbeque joint in town to eat at, I’m fine with this. I’ve never eaten much anyway.”

He rolled his eyes and sighed, “You’re not paying Dusty, how many times am I going to have to tell you.” standing up he strode to the buffet bar, wait what is he doing? I panicked.

Micah glanced over at my food with a frown, “Oh man, you’re serious?” he looked horrified, “How do you survive woman, Jesus I know you’re small but you need to eat!”

I punched him in the arm, “I’m not small!” I growled with a glare; Darren snickered as Micah looked at me in shock clutching his arm.

“Sorry! Hey no hitting the merchandise!” he feigned a hurt look, “Bro, your woman is violent!” he said looking up at Liam as he returned to the table.

“I know, isn't it attractive?” he said with a smug grin, reaching down he pushed my plate away and sat a generous plate of food from the bar in front of me, “Here eat, don’t even think about saying no. You don’t have to eat it all either.”

I glared up at him, “I’m not letting you buy me food again!” Darren and Micah looked between us curiously.

“Dusty please just eat, I buy you things because I want to,” Liam said, sinking back down beside me, “Besides, if you don’t eat then neither will I.” the stern expression on his face made me flinch.

Hesitantly I picked up a fork and started eating, refusing to meet his gaze, “You sure are bossy.” I muttered crossly.

“No, you’re just stubborn,” he shot back as he picked up his fork. I heard the other two exchange snickers.

“When are you two getting married again?” Darren piped up mischievously, I dropped my fork, a mortified blush washing over my face.

“They argue like they’re already married.” Micah laughed and Liam scowled at him, “What? I have no objections.”

“Shut. Up.” Liam snapped out each word sharply, glaring at both of them. They grinned and returned to wolfing down their food.

I picked my fork back up and pushed the food around my plate moodily. He is bossy; he gave me a sharp glance and I obediently lifted some food to my mouth. Looking satisfied he turned back to his own plate. I ate mechanically, watching them talk animatedly over the table. After the food was gone, they both gave us a warm brotherly one-armed hug and left. Liam stood beside me with his hands in his pockets watching the flashy cars pull away from the curb.

“Are you always this controlling?” I asked quietly, as we walked down the block to his car, “I do have my own money you know.”

“I like being in control,” he said, giving me a teasing smile, “It makes me happy to get things for you, I don’t know why. But it’s not like I have anything better to spend my money on.”

“I think it’s pushy and obnoxious,” I snorted as he unlocked the doors on the car with the keys, he gave me an amused look.

“Did you just scoff at me Miss Rivers?” his brows shot up, I bit my lip choking back a laugh, “So rude.” his eyes narrowed and he backed me against the sleek fender, I blushed as he towered over me, his hands trapping me against the car.

“We’re in public!” I said in a shocked whisper, glancing around at the crowded sidewalk, “Knock it off!”

“You think I care if somebody sees this?” he said quietly, grinning as I ducked my head mortified, he trailed a finger softly up my throat.

“Liam!” I gasped; I couldn’t breathe. My entire brain seemed to focus on that single touch, following the sensation as he traced my jaw.

“Look there they are!”

“Oh my god look at his car!”

“Car? You’ve got to be kidding me, are you seeing what he’s doing to her?”

I glanced around him quickly when I heard the voices, a small group of college girls were gazing at his back wistfully. When they caught me looking at them, they scowled and moved away. He followed my gaze, turning to watch them disappear.

“Let’s go find something to do,” he said, turning a disarming smile back to me, “I want to show you something anyway.”

“Show me what?” I said, throwing my guard up again as he set me firmly in the car. Ignoring my question, he circled the car and climbed in giving me a cryptic look.

“You’ll see,” he said, I frowned at his mysterious air as he promptly looked away, pulling out into the lazy weekend traffic, “We have to stop by the flat for a minute to get something.”

“What?” I was getting nervous. Where the hell was he taking me? What was at the flat? Still no answer. I sat back in my seat with a huff, falling silent as he wove slowly through the cars.

When we pulled up to the sprawling flat, he shot me a wolfish grin, “Wait here.” I stared after him as he jumped out and jogged through the front door. Why the hell is he acting like this?

I frowned, clasping my hands in my lap. Come to think of it, he’s been in a weird mood since we left the agency. I was still wondering what was wrong with him when the door folded up suddenly and he slid back into the car.

He reached across the car placing a small black bag in my lap, “Don’t kill me, okay? I saw it and I thought of you.” I pried the top open cautiously, Oh no!

My breath left me in a silent whoosh when I saw the compact digital camera inside, “Oh my god!” I nearly dropped it, that's a Hasselblad! “I’m not taking this!” I tried to give it back to him, “Are you crazy? This is a forty-thousand-dollar camera!”

He pushed the camera back at me, “Fine, you can borrow it, indefinitely.” I paled, as he backed out of the drive, “You’ll need it where we’re going anyway.”

“Where are you taking me?” I gingerly put the camera back in the bag, Is he insane? I gazed at him across the center console. Is this how he’s going to be every time I’m with him? Why the hell do I need a high-dollar camera, where the hell are we going?

He ignored my question, shooting me a mysterious smile. I looked out the window avoiding his eyes. Outside the houses and businesses flashing by eventually gave way to lush trees. I realized we were headed into the Coronado National Reserve. Giving him a puzzled look, I decided against asking and turned to look back out the window. He wouldn’t tell me where we’re going anyway. I felt the car slowing down and glanced around quickly. There wasn’t a house in sight, there were trees as far as I could see. I cut him a nervous glance as he pulled over on the shoulder of the road and cut the engine.

“What are we doing here?” I clenched my seat nervously, maybe he is a psycho; he is kind of clingy.

“You’ll love it I promise,” he was nearly humming in excitement as he climbed out of the car and came around to open my door. Taking one look at my horrified expression he laughed, “Come on, trust me?”

“Said like a true secret homicidal maniac,” I said feeling queasy, “Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to sneak me off in the woods so it will be easier to hide my body?”

He gave me a wounded dog look, “I’d never hurt you, come on bring that camera.” he reached down tugging me gently to my feet, “You said you liked taking pictures of endangered animals, right?” tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear he pulled me into his arms smiling.

I couldn’t help the thrill of excitement that swept through me, He’s taking me to get some pictures? But of what? We had more than one endangered species around here, so I cautiously followed him down the densely wooded trail that was barely visible winding through the undergrowth. We walked for what seemed like hours, he was patient, helping me over fallen logs and holes. Finally, I saw a golden glow ahead, like there was a clearing. Seeing a relief from the scratching branches I immediately sped up, eager to be free of the overgrown woods. Liam grabbed my arm and shook his head motioning for me to be quiet. I came to a stop as he pulled me down into a crouch and pointed ahead through the trees. My heart dropped to my knees, two black wolves were standing in the clearing ahead. I looked at him stunned and he smiled. Tugging me along behind him, he slowly brought us closer until we were standing on the edge of the clearing. The wolves were so much bigger than the ones I had seen before. They immediately saw us and backed away with hackles raised as they bared their teeth and barked a sharp warning. He moved in front of me and held up his hands.

“Are you trying to get eaten!” I hissed at him grabbing his arm, “Those are wild animals! Let’s back off and give them room!”

“Shh Dusty,” he pulled his arm away, “You’ll understand what I’m doing in a minute, just stay calm and don’t move.” he stepped forward lowering his hands. The wolves sniffed uncertainly at the air raising their ears and cocking their heads at him. I was hyperventilating, He’s going to get himself killed!

I watched in horror as he slowly made his way across the clearing to the wolves. They never moved, watching him with interest. One turned its solemn golden gaze to me, those eyes, why do they look so familiar? He stopped when he reached them and turned to me. The wolves sat silently on either side of him like trained pets and my jaw dropped. Who the hell is Liam really?

“Come over here,” he called, and I shook my head frantically, no way in hell I was going over there!

“I think I’ll take my chances over here,” I called back stiffly, one of the wolves crouched down on its belly next to him, sniffing in my direction curiously.

“Come on Dusty, they’re harmless.” he reached out and ran his fingers across the head of the one that was still sitting up. Its ears flattened and it turned its head out from under his hand like a spoiled child.

I took a steadying breath, well at least if I die it will be quick. The wolves were clean efficient hunters, their handiwork on rural livestock was evident. Broken or torn necks were their signature kill, there usually wasn’t even a sign of struggle. Making my way slowly across the grass, I edged closer to the beautiful animals. I came to a stop about five feet away, the one reclining on the ground suddenly stood up and I jumped in alarm scrambling back several steps.

“Don’t run Dusty,” he warned as their ears perked forward and they stared at me intently, lowering their heads, “Wolves have an instinct to chase things that run away from them.”

I froze and checked myself, swallowing the panicked lump that rose in my throat. Stiffening my spine, I calmly closed the distance, finally getting to his side. Liam reached out, taking my hand and gently placing my trembling fingers on the head of the one that was sitting. It turned its head and peered up at me intelligently.

“Its eyes are blue!” I gasped, that’s so rare! My mind reeled crazily; I’m petting a wolf! Liam chuckled as I ran my fingers through the wolf’s warm rough fur.

The other one came around me nudging my other hand, its warm golden eyes looking calmly up at me, “Surprised?” he asked lightly, leaning back against a tree.

“Liam, this is amazing!” I sat down between the wolves, stroking their fur, “I can’t believe this, how did you do this?” the corner of his mouth twitched when the golden-eyed wolf immediately sank down and nestled its head in my lap contentedly.

“You’d be surprised at the things I can do.” I heard him give an irritated sigh when the blue-eyed wolf laid its head on my shoulder. I glanced up at him puzzled, “Alright, that’s enough boys.” he turned his attention to the wolves. They raised their heads and looked at him, “You wanted pictures of the wolves right Dusty? Fire up that camera.” The two wolves immediately stood up and moved across the field away from us.

“Oh no, they’re leaving!” my fingers fluttered helplessly over the unfamiliar camera in my hands, he reached down and calmly pushed a button making the screen light up.

“I doubt they’re going far,” he rolled his eyes, “I’ve known these two for a while, they’re attention hogs.”

They stopped at the edge of the clearing and turned back to look at us, I took the opportunity to lay down on my stomach, I steadied the lens and snapped a few shots. Turning they looped around skirting the tree line breaking into a run. I kept the lenses focused on them, snapping shots as they played around the clearing. I was paying so much attention to catching the pictures I didn’t notice Liam as he laid down beside me, propping his chin on his fists watching me.

“You love this don’t you?” his voice so close to my ear startled me, I nearly dropped the camera. I turned to see him gazing at me mystified.

“Well, I’ve never been this close to the wolves before.” I said quietly, putting the camera down, “Even if I wind up being on the wrong side of the camera, I can’t miss this chance, their population is almost wiped out. The last time I checked there were only fifteen of them left in the wild here.”

A shadow crossed his eyes and he fell silent as we lay in the grass watching the wolves. I lost track of time and shivered as the air started growing noticeably colder around us. Glancing up at the orange and fuchsia haze that was spreading across the sky, I sighed and reluctantly pushed to my feet.

“I guess we should be getting back,” I took one last look at the wolves, “We’ve got a good hike and it’s starting to get dark,” he stood up, brushing the grass off his clothes and taking the lead, guiding me away from the clearing.


About the author

T.S. Watkins

I am a single mom of four who is also a published author! I use writing as a second income to help me raise my kids so every little bit helps! I write Erotic Fantasy novels and poems. if you love my work thank you! I appreciate your time!

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