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Unholy Bonds

by T.S. Watkins 2 months ago in fiction
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Chapter Six

“Melissa I’m fine!” I said patiently as I listened to her harping voice coming through my cell phone, “Yes, I’m spending the weekend with Liam.”

“I don’t know how I feel about this Dusty,” she said anxiously, I could almost hear the disapproving frown in her voice.

“Missy calm down,” I heard music thudding behind her, Figures, she’s at that party with that stupid jerk, “he is pretty amazing.” he smiled at the praise, leaning on the kitchen island watching me talk on the phone.

“Dusty he’s clingy, I just feel like he’s dangerous,” she said quietly, “The way he looks at you when you’re not paying attention, it's so possessive, like predatory or something.” I could hear her shudder.

“I’m perfectly fine Missy, I’ll see you Monday morning, okay?” I said, trying to settle her nerves, “I can’t wait to show you some of the new photos I got, they’re amazing!”

“Alright, but you better call me tomorrow too, understand?” she tried to sound stern and I laughed, “I mean it!” she snapped.

“Okay, okay! I’ll call.” I paused to listen to the music in the background, “You need to get back to that party, it’s the last one before graduation.” I smiled.

“I’m so excited!” she chirped excitedly, her bad mood lifting for a moment, “Okay, buh bye dusty bunny, and play safe!” she added in an admonishing tone.

I flushed in mortification, “Bye Missy.” jabbing the end button I stuffed the phone into my back pocket quickly.

Liam came around the island and pulled me into his arms, “I’m amazing huh?” The amusement in his eyes made me flush hotter.

“Not like that,” I glanced away quickly avoiding his eyes, “Like you do nice things, you’re a good guy.”

“Mmhmm,” he rolled his eyes and leaned over pressing a soft kiss to the side of my neck, “God your reactions are priceless,” he said in wonder as he heard my heart go haywire.

“St-stop that!” I said breathlessly as he trailed his fingers up my back lazily, a delicate chill trembled down my body.

“Why?” he looked up with a devilish gleam in his eyes, “I think I like you better this color.” he nuzzled the blazing flush of blood across my cheek.

My mind couldn’t form a coherent response, “I can’t think when you do that!” I stammered as he kissed my jaw.

“You don’t need to think.” he retorted, reaching down he picked me up and sat me on the edge of the countertop.

I went from warm to nuclear as he pulled my knees around him and slid his hands up my body. He held my face in his hands firmly, kissing me thoroughly. All logical thought left me as I remembered what Melissa said, He’s sex on legs! I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him tighter against me as I tangled my fingers into his hair. Why am I holding back from him anyway? He slid the shirt down off my shoulder, running his lips down my neck and tracing the contours across the top of my chest with the tip of his tongue. My focus immediately narrowed to the searing trail of his mouth. He ran his hand up my back and wrapped his fingers in my hair, pulling my head back giving him better access to my neck and chest. Running his nose delicately down the center of my throat, he pressed a soft kiss in the valley between my breasts. I gasped, my eyes closing, Holy shit!

“No way!” a voice startled me, “Dude, I fix my breakfast there!” Micah was standing in the doorway looking shocked, then a grin crept over his face, “I mean I’m not saying stop, I think I’ll still fix my breakfast there.”

Liam let go of my hair, keeping his arms around me as he turned to face Micah, “Micah, you’re really annoying you know that?” he set my feet gently on the ground. I kept my face tucked against his chest breathing hard, trying to clear my thoughts.

“That's my job big bro,” I heard him say cheerfully, “But seriously dude no sexing on the counter. I mean we don’t mind watching, but I figured she might not like an audience.”

Wait, we? I heard a laugh and realized that Darren had come into the kitchen too. Oh my god! Make it stop!

I cringed, “Micah leave them alone,” he said, I heard him pad almost silently across the kitchen to the refrigerator, “go mind your own business, I can’t remember how many times now that I’ve come across you doing the same thing.” he grabbed a drink and then dragged a protesting Micah away.

I heard Liam laugh silently once their voices faded and I glanced up at him, “I think we should go upstairs,” he said quietly when he looked down at me, a wry smile spread across his lips and I shuddered. But that heart pounded and I felt my palms start sweating.

But we aren’t together yet! Should I say yes? I bit my lip, I think I should, I mean, it's not like I have any real reason to say no. I took a quick breath, “Yes' ' I whispered breathlessly and his eyes widened, a puzzled expression on his face.

“Yes what?” his brow furrowed, “Are you okay? You look a little pale now.”

God, I hope I’m not doing something stupid! I took another shaky breath calming my nerves, “I want to be with you.”

A dazzling smile split his face, “Does that mean I don’t get the ‘go to hell’ look anymore when I tell people we’re dating?” he asked, I nodded and he swept me into his arms tightly, “Just for the record, you’ve been mine since you ran away from me in the woods.” he whispered seductively against my lips.

We made it almost to his bedroom door before he backed me against the wall hard, planting feverish kisses across my face and down my neck. I felt him reach past me opening the door without stopping his relentless assault on my senses. Backing me through the door, he kicked it shut behind him and I felt his hands race up my back caressing my heated skin as he pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it behind him, hearing a rip I looked down in shock as his fingers shredded impatiently through his shirt. In an instant I was back in his arms as the torn shirt fell on the floor around his feet, I gasped as the hard planes of his body molded into my curves. He pushed me backward onto the bed and fell to his knees by my feet. I watched him, trying desperately to catch my breath and failing miserably. He reached across, putting his glasses safely on the bedside table, and slowly peeled my jeans down, pressing soft kisses down my leg as each inch was uncovered. My breath hissed between my teeth as he dropped my jeans and started at my ankle making his way back up the inside of my other leg slowly alternating between stinging bites and hot kisses.

A wave of heat spread low in my stomach as I watched him breathlessly. When he reached my knee, he ran his tongue up the inside of my thigh and I arched off the bed gasping sharply when he paused and ran his nose across my sex inhaling deeply. Holy fuck! He looked up at me with smoky eyes then deliberately pressed a soft kiss against my hip with a wicked grin before gently biting down on the band of my panties. Wait, is he...Oh my god! He slid slowly down my legs, pulling the panties off...with his teeth. My heart slammed into my throat when I felt his hands run back up the inside of my thighs. He cupped the dark nest of curls and dipped a finger inside slowly, swirling it around the sensitive nub.

“Am I scaring you again?” he narrowed his eyes up at my shocked expression. I shook my head frantically and he deliberately brought his finger up to his lips and tasted it, my jaw dropped. His lips curved mischievously then he lowered his head, wait he’s not going to, I jumped when his mouth replaced his hand.

I couldn’t control the instant reflex, arching against his mouth and clutching his hair as his tongue lazily swirled around the sensitive flesh. He looped my knees over his shoulders and held them down as his mouth moved harder against me, sucking and biting until I was twisting trying to escape the torment. I felt a heady wave of heat building inside of me and I clutched the sheets tightly in my fists.

“Just let go,” his heated whisper drifted up to me and something burst inside of me. I arched off the bed crying out as my muscles clenched, sending a scorching heat up my spine. The hard spasms rolled through my body in swift waves.

He let my legs fall from his shoulders and slid up my body, his mouth never leaving my skin. I clutched his shoulders, my nails biting into his skin as he finally reached my lips kissing me hard so I could taste my flavor on his tongue. Holy shit! With one hand he deftly unfastened the hooks on my bra sliding it off my shoulders. Cupping my breasts in his hands, he pushed them together against his chest as he rolled the tips between his fingers.

He paused and leaned back on his knees looking down at me, “Are you sure?” I bit my lip at his quiet murmur.

A tingle raced across my scalp at the intensity in his gaze, “I’m ready,” I said quietly, watching wide-eyed as he popped open the button on his jeans and stood up to kick them off.

Then he was back, sliding his hands behind my knees he hitched them up and slowly pushed them apart. Gripping my hips firmly he pulled me to him as he pushed into me at the same time. I felt a quick burst of pain, as he tore through the barrier. His eyes widened and he looked up at me in wonder when he felt it, knowing what it meant. I bit my lip; I probably should have told him. Holding perfectly still he watched my face as I adjusted to the stretching of my body. Then slowly he rocked back and then pushed into me again. The foreign sensation felt so carnal and rough that I gasped, he thrust again faster this time he didn’t stop, guiding my hips up to meet his thrusts with every stroke until my body automatically responded. Matching his thrusts, I felt the coiling heat building up slowly deep down inside of me again.

“You’re so perfect,” he said in a raw whisper leaning down to rain sharp bites across my chest. Suddenly he pulled one of my breasts into his mouth and sucked hard, rasping his tongue across my nipple.

My nails bit into his back and I gasped but he didn’t seem to care. Sliding a hand between us he circled the pad of his thumb over the hypersensitive flesh, thrusting into me quick and hard one last time. I came apart under him as another orgasm shattered into me like a wrecking ball. His breath hissed between his teeth when he felt my muscles clench down around him, his whole body trembled and I felt him release inside of me. He collapsed on his side next to me breathing hard after a minute and shot me a hard glance.

“I always thought you were a little too innocent,” he said quietly after a minute, “But I never thought you were that innocent.”

I gave him a guilty look, the high I had felt was slowly ebbing away, “It never came up in the conversation.” I murmured suddenly feeling shy, “Are you mad at me?”

“Of course not! Did I hurt you?” he leaned up on his elbows, a concerned frown on his face, “If I had known that, then I would have gone easier on you.”

I stretched slowly, “I’m a little sore but that was...” closing my eyes I felt a delicate chill race over my skin as I thought of a word to describe it, “Wow.” I opened my eyes when he laughed.

He had a teasing smile on his face, “Do you realize how amazing you are?” the possessive edge in his voice caught me off guard, I shivered as he reached out spreading his fingers across my stomach and my heart fluttered weakly as his hand slid down my body grasping my hip and pulling me against him.

He gazed down at me silently for a minute, then leaned down giving me a soft kiss on the cheek before he rolled away and sat up. I blushed looking away quickly as he stood up, but not before I caught a glimpse of his body. I sat up on the other side of the bed biting my lip, Oh my god! I wrung my hands in my lap trying to shake the image out of my mind. Standing up slowly I started looking for my panties, I spotted them sticking out from under the end of the bed. I reached over to get them and was startled as his hands slid around my waist pulling me back against him hard.

His hair tickled my skin as he leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “Do you realize how sexy your ass is?” I felt him grin as he pressed a kiss behind my ear. Letting me go he kneeled down in front of me and slowly picked up my panties, balling them up in his hand he kept his eyes on my shocked gaze as he raised them to his nose and inhaled deeply, “You smell so sweet.” my jaw dropped as he stood up and placed them in my hand, reaching up he closed my mouth gently, “next time I’ll probably keep those.”

I watched him stride across the room and out the bedroom door, “Oh my god!” I stammered to myself as soon as he was gone. I quickly gathered my scattered clothes and put them back on. Sitting on the edge of the bed I struggled to bring my chaotic emotions under control. What did I just do? Chewing my lip I felt a warm flush creep over my skin, my stomach growled suddenly scaring me. I laughed and stood up heading out into the dark house.

“I think I’m hungry,” I said quietly when I found him in the kitchen, he was leaning against the counter when I came in talking to an animated Micah.

He glanced up smiling, “Oh there you are, hang on just sit down and I’ll fix you something.” I sat down beside Micah at the island watching him rummage through the cabinets.

Micah turned on me with a sly grin, “You’re a hellcat, aren’t you? We heard you all the way down here.” he laughed as I turned a mortified crimson.

Liam abruptly turned around and punched him in the shoulder, “Mind your own business Micah,” he growled.

Micah held his shoulder laughing, “Hey it wasn’t like I was trying to hear, you two are noisy.” He pointed at Liam’s back when he turned around, and I gasped at the web of shallow cuts from my nails. “Not to mention you’re the one who came down here without a shirt on looking like you rolled on a bed of razor blades.”

“Oh my god!” I jumped up and went around the island to inspect them, “I’m so sorry!” I ran my fingers across them guiltily.

He turned around and handed me a plate with a few sandwiches on it, “baby, I didn’t feel a thing.” He stroked my jaw gently, “They’ll go away, I'll heal quickly I promise.” Micah let out a low whistle as Liam ducked down pressing a sweet kiss to my lips. He leaned back against the island beside me taking a long drink out of a bottle of ice water as I sat back down and picked up one of the sandwiches.

“So what did you think of the wolves Dusty?” Micah said cheerily, Liam choked on the water and glared at him, he looked up at Liam surprised.

I shot a quick look between them before I answered, “It was amazing, I’ve never seen them that close before.” smiling as I recounted the afternoon, “There was one with such pretty blue eyes, that’s a super rare color. All the ones I’ve seen before their eyes are either a really bright gold or a dark brown. I’ve never seen blue before.”

“Sounds like you really enjoyed your afternoon.” Darren came around the corner into the kitchen, a smile on his face, he glanced over at Liam laughing and then back to me taking a sip of his drink, “You say you saw a blue-eyed wolf?” I nodded, “Well that is rare, you must be ecstatic.”

“I got some really good pictures of them,” I said happily, “Even if I don’t wind up needing them for a photography portfolio, I’m probably still going to get them blown up and framed.”

Liam shifted uncomfortably beside me clearing his throat, “She can’t eat with you two talking her ears off.” his brothers gave him a sly look.

“Well, I suppose I’m going to bed then.” Darren turned abruptly and with a cheery wave left the kitchen.

Micah got up and began poking around in the refrigerator, “Man I can’t sleep yet I’m starving,” he grumbled.

Liam rolled his eyes and slid his arm around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder, “We can go when you finish eating.”

I shivered as his hair tickled my neck, “I don’t know if I can sleep just yet.” I muttered, a hot flush creeping across my face, more like I can't sleep at all! My nerves were still humming.

“Sounds like you didn’t do a good enough job bro.” Micah snickered, munching on a beef stick now, “I can fix that.”

I nearly fell off the stool in shock, my heart jumping into my mouth. Liam whipped around and pinned him with a steely glare, “Micah…” he started.

“Yeah, yeah I know, restricted access,” Micah lit up with a teasing grin, “Okay, I’m going to watch a movie now.” he ducked out of the kitchen with a cheerful laugh.

Liam pinched the bridge of his nose irritably, I shot a glance at him, “That kid, I swear.” he grumbled and looked up at me, “You okay? You stopped eating.”

“Um...yeah I’m fine,” I pushed the plate away and slid off the stool, “I think I’m full now.” he gave my half-eaten sandwich a hard stare.

“If Micah is bothering you I can tell him to stop.” he took my hand leading me back upstairs, “I told you he’s flirtatious, he does this to every girl he meets. I’m sorry, he’s paying a little more attention to you than he normally does to girls.” I heard the hard edge to his voice, “normally he isn’t quite this bad.”

“I’m fine,” I repeated, suddenly feeling exhausted. The day washed over me in a numbing wave, “Some sleep and I’ll be great.”

He laughed as he pushed open the bedroom door, “Okay, but fair warning, he only gets worse.” rolling his eyes he extended a hand, “After you beautiful.” he gestured through the door.

“Wait, we're doing what?” I glared at the brothers. This morning both Darren and Micah had swept into the room shaking us awake with excited smiles.

“Mom is throwing a Halloween Bash tonight,” Micah said with a devilish grin, I shuddered. Oh shit, dancing, “It’s a benefit auction for Beau, mostly to the clients. She auctions off dances with the top-rated models.”

“What does this have to do with me?” I paled, we had all been crammed into Micah’s flashy yellow cobra. Darren shot a look of disbelief at me in the rearview mirror, “I’m not a model yet.”

“Are you kidding?” Darren said turning to look at me, “Mother released that lingerie line shoot last night, almost every single copy printed has been sold.” my jaw dropped, “People are already raving about Desert Rose.”

I broke out in a cold sweat, Oh no! Melissa buys those, what if she recognizes me? “But I’m not a model yet, so she won’t auction me off right?” I felt Liam’s hand clasp mine firmly.

“No, not on your first round anyway.” Micah laughed at my horrified expression in the mirror, “But you’re going anyway.”

“Wait, why?” I was confused, Liam sighed beside me, “You know something I don’t?” I turned to him expectantly.

“I think they want to use you as a deterrent,” he said through gritted teeth, glaring at their sly looks in the mirror. “Pretend you’re their date to ward off the girls, they do draw a crowd.”

I looked at their reflections in shock, “What? No!” I immediately clammed up and bit my lip, “First off I don’t dance, and second who said I was even going?”

“You’ll go,” Darren gave me a smug smile, “Because if you don’t Victoria will be all over Liam, he has to go because he is a model.”

“Who is Victoria?” I glanced up at Liam and he looked away uncomfortably, “Is it that bad?” The venom in his voice was evident when he answered.

“One of mom’s ex female models, it was about six years ago.” he looked disgusted, “She lied to everyone saying she was pregnant and it was mine, then tried to sue Beau for sexual harassment. She tried to get me for child support too. Mom demanded DNA proof and she refused.” he gave me an apologetic look.

Oh my god! I felt a wave of nausea, “you’re sure it wasn’t yours?” The tentative question slipped out before I could stop it.

“Of course it wasn’t,” he snorted derisively, “We did date, but never slept together. I broke it off when I found her wrapped up with the janitor in the dressing room, she said he forced her but I knew better. She only wanted the Cross name and everything that goes with it.” huffing irritably he glared out the window, “I hate girls like that, she was fired of course. But she still comes to the events mom holds.”

I gazed at his rigid profile, feeling sad. Of course, the girls would be after him for his money, they don’t love him they just want what he has. A sick feeling coiled in my stomach and I leaned against his shoulder, hugging his arm. He glanced down at me surprised and leaned his head over on top of mine.

“I’ll go,” I said quietly, ignoring the triumphant smiles of Darren and Micah. He doesn’t deserve that.

“You can use my account to buy the dance, but only if you dance with me too,” Darren said, glancing at me as we drove into a dark parking garage.

“Hey, that's not fair, what about me?” Micah grumbled as I blushed, “I don’t want those leeches hanging all over me either!”

“How about you both stop fighting over my girlfriend?” Liam snapped as Micah parked on the upper deck.

“Hey!” I broke into their tense argument, gazing around, “Where exactly are we?” The building we were parked beside was towering, artistically blocked in bold abstract designs.

“Oh, we’re getting costumes!” Micah chirped, throwing an arm around my shoulder and chucking my cheek, “It’s a Halloween Bash, costumes are mandatory.”

Liam brushed his hand away, “keep your hands to yourself.” he growled pulling me closer to his side, then gazing down at me, “The women tend to dress in very...daring costumes.” he cleared his throat, “But you don’t have to, just pick what makes you comfortable alright?”

Darren and Micah strode away ahead of us ducking into the artfully decorated gothic arch over the bridge leading into the building.

“Do I have to dance with them?” I mumbled, lagging behind as Liam pulled me after them, “They still kind of scare me.”

“Absolutely not,” he turned and gave me a small smile, “The models dance with each other, to ward off the crowds of fans. But seeing as you’re not officially a model you don’t have to. Besides, you can use my account, I know she is going to go through the roof bidding for my dance.” he shuddered, “Every year she gets a ridiculous loan and buys my dance.”

Relieved I looked up in amazement as we were suddenly engulfed in Halloween. The interior was alive with animated sculptures and strobing lights. Horrific masks and shadows leaped out at every turn and mats of cobwebs streamed thickly from the ceiling. I stepped through the thick dry ice fog encasing the floor in wonder. Wow, this place is amazing!

“You look like you’re in seventh heaven.” Liam chuckled as he watched my excitement, “You like Halloween?”

“It’s the one day of the year I can hide myself,” I joked and saw him flinch, “It’s fun, I don’t really like the parties, but the costumes and candy? Count me in!” he immediately laughed.

“Well come on, let's find you something.” pulling me into the fog he quickly led us to an aisle of women's costumes, “Here you go, get whatever you want. I mean it, because if you don’t then I’ll pick your costume. I’m sure you don’t want that.” he grinned at the sudden nauseated expression that crossed my face.

Edging away, I ran my fingers over the racks of costumes. Wow, there are so many, this place has everything! Pushing aside a particularly naughty fairy costume I yelped in shock when a horrific clown mask leaped out of the rack. My first reaction was a quick jab, I heard a yelp of pain and the masked clown sat down hard.

“Ouch!” Micah yelped, pulling the gruesome mask off, “Jesus woman you almost broke my nose!”

Liam walked over to see what happened and burst out laughing, “Oh, by the way, she doesn’t like surprises.” He looked like he was on the verge of tears.

“Oh no! Micah, are you okay?” I immediately crouched down inspecting the bruise on his cheek, “Are you crazy? I hate clowns!” shuddering I flipped the mask over so I couldn’t see it, Liam crouched down beside me pursing his lips.

Micah gave me a wounded look and then grinned, “fear of clowns hmm?” shit! He didn’t need to know that! Liam gripped his wrist and pulled him to his feet.

“Uh no!” I snagged a costume off the rack without looking at it and almost ran down the aisle to get away. No no no! That’s the last thing I need! If they know how much I hate clowns they’re going to make Halloween hell!

After a minute Liam caught up with me, “I’ve never seen a girl hit him before, I’m impressed.” he grinned at my pale expression, “Don’t worry he’ll be fine, is that really what you’re wearing?” he looked down at the ensemble in my hand.

I glanced down at it and my stomach dropped into my shoes, what costume? This is just strips of fabric! Maybe I can alter it, I’ve got to get out of here. “Yeah, don’t you like it?” I tried nonchalant and his brow arched.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” he reached in his pocket and tossed me his wallet, “The card is in the left front pocket, I’m going to go find out where they are.” turning he disappeared down one of the aisles. I gave him a stunned look as he trustingly walked away, leaving his wallet with me. Wow, he either really trusts me or he just really doesn’t care who has his wallet.

I went to the counter and placed the outfit on it, “Is that all Miss?” The guy behind the counter looked up from a novel at the costume with interest.

“Yes please,” I said, he gave me a once over as if imagining me in it and I shuddered edging away from his leer.

“Problems?” Liam appeared over my shoulder with Darren and Micah in tow, the cashier visibly shrunk away as they placed their buys on the counter.

I didn’t know they made sexy costumes for men too. I looked curiously at the things they had bought. Micah was going for a bad cowboy, I hid my laughter and he shot me a glare.

“You got a problem with cowboys too?” he snorted derisively, the faint bruise on his cheek already starting to fade, “I can fix that, my offer still stands” I flushed crimson and hid behind Liam.

“That’s enough Micah,” Liam sighed and pulled his wallet out of my hand, “I thought it would take longer to find them, but since it didn’t, I’ll go ahead and pay for yours, You two can buy your own.”

I was floored at the price of the costume. What kind of store charges four hundred dollars for a few scraps of fabric! Liam chuckled as he looped the bag over my arm.

“These costumes are hand-designed and crafted from raw materials, real feathers on the feathered costumes.” he wound his fingers through mine as we stood by, waiting on Micah and Darren, “there’s real silk and satin, most of it is imported. All the gems on the crowns and jewelry are actual semi-precious stones as well.”

“Jesus, what is it with you rich people?” I couldn’t stop the words as they tumbled out, “Why did you bring me here again?”

“Because I want you to feel beautiful.” he said simply with an impish smile, “Get used to it because it just gets better.”

I blanched as we followed his brothers back out across the bridge, I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this!


About the author

T.S. Watkins

I am a single mom of four who is also a published author! I use writing as a second income to help me raise my kids so every little bit helps! I write Erotic Fantasy novels and poems. if you love my work thank you! I appreciate your time!

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