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Unholy Bonds

by T.S. Watkins 3 months ago in fiction / erotic
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Chapter Ten

A well of laughter drifted up to us as we reached the top of the staircase. He shot me an amused grin and pulled me down the stairs. When we reached the kitchen Micah was sitting at the island munching on a beef stick again. Melissa was perched happily in his lap, his cowboy hat pulled low over her mussed hair as she talked animatedly to Darren who was leaning against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Oh, there’s the banshee!” Micah said, glancing around as we entered the kitchen. I flushed and ducked behind Liam.

“I already fixed some food,” Darren said laughing, “There’s lasagna in the oven.” oh stomach grumbled again as I caught the warm scent in the air, I haven’t had lasagna in years!

“Good thing, we’re starving,” Liam said and pulled out a stool for me, I sat down facing away from the island and he perched beside me on top of it.

Melissa looked at his bare back and her mouth popped open in surprise, shooting a sly smile at me she turned and leaned against Micah’s chest. I glanced up at his back as he turned away to say something to Darren and felt guilty again, the gouges in his shoulders were much deeper this time.

He looked down and saw me frowning, hopping off the island he came around in front of me and pulled my knees around his waist, “Why are you upset now?” he said ignoring the low whistles and Melissa’s gasp.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him, “I cut you again,” my voice was muffled against his chest. I felt him laugh and he tilted my chin up looking straight into my eyes.

“I’ll tell you again, trust me I didn’t feel a thing.” The heat in his eyes made those muscles clench. I tightened my knees around him, biting my lip.

“I’m cutting my nails,” I said quietly and he rolled his eyes. Behind us, I heard Melissa’s stifled giggle as Micah said something unintelligible.

Liam looked up at him sharply and he fell silent, what did he say? I let go with my knees and turned to face the bar top as Darren pulled the steaming lasagna out of the oven and set it in the middle of us.

“Here you go.” he said, sliding plates across to all of us and sticking a spatula into the casserole dish, “Food.” Cute and he cooks, how come he isn’t married yet? I reached across and sliced the lasagna into portions, scooping some out for both Liam and me.

Melissa did the same, sliding off of Micah’s lap to fix his plate for him. Darren edged out of the kitchen and disappeared. I turned to Liam with a frown as I ate.

“Is Darren okay?” I said, swallowing a mouthful and looking after him with a troubled expression, Liam glanced up from his plate then at the door where Darren had disappeared.

“He’s...cautious.” he said finally and set his fork down, “He had a wife about eight years ago, but there was an accident. He blames himself for what happened.” I gasped and dropped my fork.

“He’ll be alright,” Micah chimed in, setting his fork down and looking after his brother, “He just needs time, he just...well.” Liam glared at him and he clammed up instantly.

“Darren is a one-woman man,” Liam said simply and started eating again, “He’s not abstinent by any means, but what we’re getting at is he probably won’t marry again.”

Melissa teared up, “Oh that’s awful!” she pushed her plate away frowning, “I feel horrible for him, he must have really loved her.”

“Abigail was something else alright.” Micah said, his eyes distant as he remembered, “She was an angel, heart like spun gold and so beautiful.” he frowned.

“That’s enough Micah,” Liam growled, “He isn’t far, you know he’ll hear you.” as if in response I heard a door slam and flinched, “Shit there he goes again.” Liam stood up and whisked out of the kitchen glaring at Micah, “You know what happens when we talk about her!” he snapped and disappeared. Micah pushed away from the island and jogged after him.

“Oh no, I hope he’s alright!” Melissa stood up, her food forgotten, “Come on, let's go help find him.”

“I don’t think that’s a great idea,” I said standing up to stop her, “We don’t know anything about this, I don’t think we should interfere.”

“Come on, we brought it up, it's our fault!” she hissed and tugged me sharply out of the kitchen. The hall was dark, we heard raised voices outside the front door and suddenly a low mournful howl ripped through the air chilling me to my bones.

Running to the front door we opened it and the scene that met our eyes shook me to my core. Darren dropped to his hands and knees in the grass and shifted seamlessly into a wolf. Melissa screamed and darted back into the house. I stood frozen to the spot, the blue-eyed wolf whipped around and stared at me for an instant before turning and disappearing swiftly into the trees bordering the property.

“Fuck!” Micah cursed when he heard Melissa scream and ran past me into the house. Liam turned to me and raised his hands cautiously, studying my stunned expression.

“Dusty?” he took a step forward and my muscles unlocked, I took a shaking step away, “Wait! Don’t run, talk to me.” I glanced at the trees and back to him, taking another step away.

“What is he?” I quavered, fighting my hammering heart as it threatened to choke me, “Is he a werewolf? Are you a werewolf too?” I clenched my fists tightly, my nails biting into my palms as I broke out in a cold sweat.

He took another cautious step forward, “No, he is a shifter,” placing one of his hands on his chest. He spoke slowly as if explaining things to a small child, “I am a shifter, we were born this way.” I trembled as he came closer.

“The wolves in the woods?” I whispered; he nodded his head slightly. Never breaking eye contact with me.

“It was Darren and Micah,” he said, lowering his hands to his sides slowly, “We are the black wolves.” my mind went blank.

“Show me,” the words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop them, he looked at me wide-eyed and his mouth dropped open, “Show me, now!” I steeled my nerves, I’m dreaming, right? Please tell me this is a dream!

He frowned and obeyed, dropping down to his knees he shifted into a black wolf. Larger than life he stood still watching me warily, his sharp amber eyes fixed intently on me. He tilted his head to the side and perked his ears up barking softly. Suddenly feeling faint I weaved drunkenly, I saw his blurry form stand up shifting back into a man as he sprinted towards me.

“Dusty!” I barely heard him as he caught me and the world faded to black around me.

The world slowly edged back into focus as I blinked blearily, looking around me the first person I saw was Melissa. She was curled into a ball beside me, her face ashen and her brown eyes wide as she stared blankly ahead. Following her gaze, I realized we were in the huge den of the Cross flat on the big sectional dominating the room. Liam and Micah were perched on armchairs across from us watching us warily with strained expressions.

Seeing me sit up Liam’s face relaxed visibly, it wasn’t a dream. “Dusty?” he started slowly and I flinched, refusing to meet his gaze.

“You’re not even human.” I said quietly, clenching my fists I pulled my knees up to my chest and hugged them, “When were you planning on telling me?” I turned and caught the guilty expression on his face.

“I wanted to wait until you were ready.” he said frowning, choosing his words carefully, “You felt it right? That feeling when we first met, when I shook your hand.”

I leaped to my feet, cutting him off, “It doesn’t matter! I deserved to know!” I snapped glaring at him, feeling sick, I clutched my stomach, “No, what if I get pregnant?” I paled and sat down quickly. I’ll have a monster! Like him…

Micah looked around at him and then back to me, “Look we can only have children with our mates.” he said his jaw clenched tightly, “It’s some kind of genetic thing, but on to more important things.” he gazed down at Melissa, a worried crease in his brow, “Melissa, are you okay?” he said quietly.

She flinched when he said her name and turned her fearful gaze up to him. Staying silent she huddled farther into the cushion, biting her lip.

“Darren loses control when he hears her name.” Liam said quietly, referring to Abigail, “He lost control before and she interfered, trying to make him stop.” he cringed, frowning darkly, “It’s hard to control ourselves when we’re in a rage.” I sat silently staring up at them in shock.

“Look, you have to keep this to yourselves.” Micah interjected, looking strained, “They’ve already been hunting us, there’s barely any shifters left.” fifteen I remembered and looked down at my feet.

“There’s fifteen of you,” I whispered, glancing up at their sober faces. A shard of guilt lanced through me. I love the wolves; Liam isn’t a monster. I felt a warmth as I thought about how gentle he had been with me and protective. I mean he’s still the same person, right? Who am I to judge him, he didn’t judge me at all. I took a calming breath and slowly stood up; I really hope I don’t regret this. The doubt bounced around in my mind as I thought of Abigail and how he had kept the truth from me. He watched stunned as I shakily crossed the distance between us and wound my arms around his neck.

“Dusty?” his voice shook as he held still, I saw Micah gaping out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t care.

“No more secrets Liam.” I said quietly, I felt the breath whoosh out of his lungs and his arms wound around me tightly, “you’re still the man I met.” With teeth and claws! My subconscious screamed at me but I ignored it.

When he let me go, his eyes were suspiciously moist. He rubbed them quickly, leaning against my shoulder as I glanced around at Melissa. She was sitting up looking at me in horror, I saw her eyes cut to Micah and then back to me. Setting her lips in a firm line she stood up stiffly. Micah watched her guardedly as she edged closer to him, I gasped as she brought her hand around in a resounding slap across his cheek. He didn’t move, gazing up at her as she spoke.

“I said I would give this a chance, but if you ever keep something like this from me again,” I watched the disbelief cross his face as she continued, “I will hunt you down myself.” he fell off the chair kneeling at her feet and hugged her waist.

I watched with a smile as she stroked his dark hair affectionately, wow he must really have an effect on her, the girl I knew would have headed for the hills by now. Hearing the front door slam again I jerked my gaze around. After a brief silence Darren padded into the den, he looked haggard as he clutched his side. Long shallow cuts were gouged into his arms and a bloom of red was blossoming swiftly from between his fingers.

“Oh my god!” I heard Melissa yelp and suddenly the room erupted into activity, she dashed across the room as he fell.

Micah swiftly hit a lever on the sectional folding part of it out into a bed as Liam followed Melissa across the room. He slid an arm under his brother’s shoulder pulling him to the makeshift bed.

“It’s a bullet wound!” Liam said moving the limp fingers away from the bloody mess, suddenly he was barking orders, “I need towels, water, Micah find me some needle nose pliers. Melissa, can you get the first aid kit out of the top drawer beside the refrigerator?” she dashed away as Micah dumped a load of towels in his hands, “Dusty come here, I need you to keep pressure on the wound. He’s bleeding out fast, we have to stop it.” I obediently came across pressing my hands firmly against the ball of towels. The shallow breathing was barely there under my hands, a knot of panic seized my stomach as a sudden memory of my childhood washed over me.

Several booming shots ricocheted through the trees around me followed by a sharp yelp. The brush came alive and a huge black wolf had burst out collapsing nearby, a bleeding gash torn in its shoulder. It had frozen when I approached, watching me cautiously as I cried, taking off my jacket and stuffing it into the wound. I could feel the rapid breaths under my hands as the beautiful creature looked up at me gratefully, its blue eyes dimming as it slowly faded away in front of me. Men in long ugly trench coats had come and chased me away, taking the wolf with them.

“Dusty snap out of it!” I heard Liam bark as he pushed my hands away, pulling the towels away he cleaned the bullet hole and carefully pushed his finger into it feeling around. Darren came alive twisting with an agonized cry, “Micah!” Liam yelled through the house, “Help me hold him down!” he said when Micah popped around the corner holding an ugly looking pair of hooked needle-nose pliers.

I watched with tears in my eyes as Melissa came to stand beside me, I have seen a blue-eyed wolf before! That day, that’s when I decided to start taking pictures, why I wanted to be a vet. I bit my lip as he slumped unconscious against the pain, please let him survive!

“Found it, give me the pliers,” Liam said, reaching out without looking, keeping his finger still inside the wound, Melissa quickly stepped forward and pressed the pliers into his hand. Sliding them into the wound beside his finger he carefully fished around and slowly pulled them out.

I gasped at the ugly misshapen chunk of lead he pulled out, dropping it on the floor he fished his finger carefully around checking for shards. Looking satisfied he pulled his finger out and held a towel over the hole. Reaching around he grabbed the water and picking the towel up he carefully washed the blood away.

He glanced around at us, “Who can sew?” I raised my hand shakily and he beckoned me forward, “This needs stitches do you think you can do it?” I took a calming breath and nodded swiftly, opening the medkit I fished out the ugly hooked needle and the ball of catgut thread.

With shaking hands, I slowly threaded the needle and pushed it through his skin, looping it in the other side of the wound I pulled the sides together and knotted the string. Okay one stitch down, Micah put a calming hand on my shoulder and I realized I was shaking. Trying to remember to breathe through my nose I quickly looped the thread back through his skin making four more neat stitches. Knotting it at the end I grabbed the snips out of the kit and clipped the thread. Darren was breathing peacefully despite the gory mess across the sectional. I sagged in relief; He’s going to make it!

Micah sank into one of the armchairs burying his face in his hands, I saw Melissa hesitate before she edged over beside him. She wrapped an arm around him cautiously and he turned burying his face into her side, I realized that he was crying. Liam sank into the other armchair rubbing his neck as he glared at his brother’s still form.

“Fucking hunters!” he snarled, slamming his fist into the arm of the chair. I jumped startled and he glanced up at me sharply, “Are you okay?” I nodded mutely and he looked over my shoulder at the clock, “You need to get some sleep, both of you.” he said suddenly standing up.

“What? You expect us to sleep after this?” I yelped weakly, my jaw dropping. He sighed and walked across to me.

“You still have a final tomorrow.” he said quietly, caressing my shoulders gently, “I’ll take care of this, just go to sleep.”

“But the final for your class is tomorrow.” I said weakly, holding up my hands I cringed at the crimson staining my fingers, “I don’t know if I can do it, there’s just so much.”

“Dusty, we’re going to handle this tonight.” The resolve in his eyes was terrifying, “Go to bed, take Melissa with you.”

I leaned up to press a chaste kiss to the corner of his lips and he turned quickly, catching my lips with a searing kiss. Pulling away, I was out of breath, “Please be careful.” I knew what he was going to do and the thought sickened me. They’re going after those hunters, please don’t get killed Liam.

He smiled, “They won’t even know what hit them, we’ll be back before you get up, I promise.” I nodded, my lips quivering from the strain of everything that happened.

Backing away obediently I hooked my arm through Melissas and pulled her toward the stairs. She followed quietly as we went back up the stairs.

“Can I stay with you Dusty?” she asked quietly, I glanced over at her pale face and squeezed her arm.

“Sure Missy,” I knew she was shaken, “It’s going to be alright; I know it’s insane but they’re still the same guys.” With teeth you idiot! My subconscious was screaming.

She nodded mutely and followed me to Liam’s room, going across to the bed she immediately curled up and fell asleep. Frowning, I walked across to the window in time to see two black shapes streak into the woods. There they go, two long howls pierced the darkness. Hunting howls, the small bit of knowledge tumbled out of my fried brain. Pulling the curtains closed I walked across and curled up beside Melissa on the bed, surprised by how tired I suddenly felt, and sleep claimed me almost instantly.

A ring of eyes glowed at me from the darkness. Where am I? Looking around I noticed the trees, the place looked so familiar but I couldn’t place it. Turning back around I fixed on the pairs of eyes glaring at me from the darkness.

“Dusty,” a deep unfamiliar voice echoed around me.

Suddenly screams pierced the dark, something warm splashed across my legs and I instinctively backed away.

Looking down my stomach wrenched, wolves, so many dead wolves! The bodies were bloody and lifeless. I covered my mouth in horror as tears slid down my face, sickness roiling through me

“Dusty, I need you,” the deep voice echoed around me again.

Heat burned through my chest and I doubled over in pain. It felt like fire, boiling through my veins like acid. I clutched my hands to my chest trying to stop the pain and a fresh pain ripped through my left hand as if I had touched something sharp. Yanking my hands away I looked at my left hand in shock. A small moon-shaped mark was slowly appearing in the hollow under my thumb.

What the hell is that? I frantically rubbed at it; No get off me!

“Dusty, it’s you,” the voice was closer, “I need you.”

Collapsing to my knees I screamed as the heat licked its way across my body, “No make it stop!” It hurt worse than anything I had ever experienced in my life.

“I will be waiting for you,” the cold promise hung in the wake of my cry.

I jerked awake as a warm hand touched my face scrambling off the bed away from the source, “No! It hurts!” I cried looking around wide-eyed.

Liam was looking at my outstretched defensive hand with a mask of shock, I quickly turned my hand over and gaped in alarm. No way! A small crescent moon was faintly outlined under my thumb, just like in that dream.

“Dusty are you okay?” his voice shook and he paled, “What hurts?” he cautiously came around the bed.

“What is this? Why is this here?” I scrubbed at the purplish mark in vain, “Liam?” he had sunk to his knees beside me.

Reaching out he gently took my hand and turned it over laying it alongside his and I gasped. Mirroring mine, a similar half-moon was visible on the back of his hand near the base of his thumb, “Oh my god Dusty.”

I looked from the marks to his deep amber eyes confused, “What does it mean?” I shakily traced the mark on his hand.

“You’re a mate Dusty,” he said quietly, his eyes seeming to cloud over. I felt faint again, mate? His serious eyes turned to me suddenly, “we can talk about this later, I promise.” I started as he jumped up and walked across to the closet. Pulling out clothes for me he tossed them on the bed, “Get dressed, you have a final today after all.” His voice was low and eerily monotone.

I obeyed quietly and followed him out the door and down the hall, Melissa was already sitting on the sectional next to Darren who was leaned up against a cushion awake. The gory mess had disappeared. Darren glanced around as we entered, his pale sweaty face wrenched my heart.

“Thank you, Dusty,” he said, his weak voice barely reaching me. I shook my head and strode around the sectional to sit near him. Liam watched me warily.

“Don’t thank me,” I said firmly, patting his knee, “You were dying, did you expect me to let you die?”

He shook his head with a weak laugh, “I expected you to run for the hills after that show I put on, turns out you’re stronger than I thought Dusty.” he frowned, “I’m sorry, you weren’t supposed to find out like that. It was my fault, but I’m glad you know now.” his solemn blue eyes burned me to my core, “You’re a part of this family now,” he glanced around at Melissa, “You too.” she shifted uncomfortably.

“I’m going to check on you after school, you understand?” I said quietly, drawing a startled look from him, “You better be okay when I get back too.”

A weak ghost of his normal eye burning smile blazed across his lips, “I underestimated you,” I flushed looking away from his intense gaze, “I will be here when you get back and I will be very much alive.” Liam placed a hand on my shoulder tugging gently.

“You’re going to be late,” he said quietly, “Don’t stress too much, he’ll be perfectly fine when we get back. Shifters heal very quickly.”

I flinched unconsciously at the word and stood up with a small smile as Micah appeared behind Melissa tugging at her. Together the four of us walked down the hallway and out into the sunny walk. Melissa hugged me before sliding into the Cobra with Micah. Is it just me or does she seem off this morning? Liam opened the door on his Aventador, strapping me into the seat firmly when I slid in. Leaning back, I closed my eyes as he quickly turned the car around, drifting as the angry buzzing of the engine droned behind us.


About the author

T.S. Watkins

I am a single mom of four who is also a published author! I use writing as a second income to help me raise my kids so every little bit helps! I write Erotic Fantasy novels and poems. if you love my work thank you! I appreciate your time!

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