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Unholy Bonds

by T.S. Watkins about a month ago in fiction
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Chapter Four

He got out and came around offering me a hand. I nervously followed him to the front door, gasping in shock as he pulled me through the doorway, holy crow, this place is huge! I looked around at the high arched ceilings, the walls were a muted dark-colored wood, pairing perfectly with a polished white marble floor. He led me through the dim hallways until we got to what looked like a large sitting room. There was a home theater system taking up a large portion of the far wall, a fire crackled in a monstrous fireplace to my left and the rest of the walls were decorated with an assortment of abstract artwork and fashion covers blown up into portraits. I was so engrossed in looking around me I didn’t even notice the two men reclining on the sectional in the middle of the room.

“What ya got there bro?” a smiling blonde looked up from a laptop, studying me with interest, Holy shit! That’s Erreur Fatale! I immediately recognized him as the blonde from the posters Melissa had covering her side of the dorm.

“Looks like a girl,” the other stood up and came around the sectional to study me, he was obviously related to Liam. Their features were so similar, and that’s Triple Threat! I stood rooted to the spot in shock as he came up to me with a wicked smile, “Hey gorgeous.” he held out a hand for me to shake.

“Restricted access, Micah,” Liam said immediately, as Micah took my hand and kissed my fingers, he frowned at him.

“Oh, you’re no fun,” he sighed and let my hand go, I blushed to the roots of my hair. The one I assumed was Darren peered over the back of the couch at me.

“You mean you actually brought home a girlfriend?” Darren’s blue eyes were wide in shock, he stood up and came around the sectional like Micah. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, I immediately glared hard at the floor.

“Go put your shirt back on Darren,” Liam growled at him, “You’re making her uncomfortable, I brought her here so she can watch a movie with us. Not see you half-naked”

Darren frowned, “Hey this is my house,” he grumbled, “Besides it's not my fault Micah has it like five hundred degrees in here. I don’t want to wear a shirt.” his feet appeared in my line of sight as he came closer, “Fine,” he sighed, Liam must have done something I couldn’t see. I heard Darren silently pad away, “Is this better?” I looked up; he had pulled a gray shirt on. With a frown on his face, he tugged at his collar uncomfortably.

“What are we watching?” Micah said excitedly and turned to a panel on the wall, “We have everything here from American Soldier to Young Guns,” he shot us a conspiratorial look, “Or were you wanting to watch some cheesy romance?”

“No!” Liam said at the same time as I did, he looked down at my flushed face amused before turning to his brother again, “She was wanting to watch a scary movie or something more action related.”

“Ooh a girl after my own heart,” Micah said giving me a toothy grin as he clutched his chest, Liam gave him a warning look and he turned back to the panel innocently. Reaching out he pressed the wall and it immediately folded out, revealing an enormous collection of discs. My jaw dropped as I gaped at it wordlessly.

“Can I make some food?” Darren spoke up sounding unhappy, “I’m starving, I can’t watch movies without popcorn at least.”

“Nobody said either one of you has to sit here and watch the movie too,” Liam said, glancing at both of them, “You’re both free to go do whatever it is you were doing before we came.”

“And miss you being nice to a girl for once?” Micah laughed, pulling a movie out of the collection and turning a grin on him, “You’ve got to be kidding me, you never bring any to the house. What’s your name anyway mystery cutie?” I felt Liam stiffen beside me as Micah turned his playful gaze to me.

“Dusty,” I stammered, instinctively pressing closer to Liam’s side. I felt his arm tighten around my shoulder.

“Would you quit messing with her?” he said glaring at Micah, “You’re going to scare her off, she’s not used to being around you yet.”

Micah sobered, “I apologize for making you uncomfortable Dusty.” he sat down in a recliner gazing up at me.

I nodded quietly, Liam pulled me across to the long part of the sectional and sat down tugging me down beside him. Micah pressed a button on the arm of the chair he was sitting in and a small slot opened in the side of the chair. Dropping the disc in, he sat back and stared across at me sitting stiffly beside Liam.

“You’re a nervous person, aren’t you?” he cocked his head to the side looking at me inquisitively, “You realize you have nothing to worry about here, right? We’re harmless, for the most part,” he added with a half-smile, curling his lips into a teasing grin. “I mean, we’ve been known to bite, but I haven’t heard a complaint about it yet.” I felt heat wash over my face instantly and Liam scowled at him.

Darren came back into the room with a stack of snacks in his arms, “What are we watching anyway?” he flopped onto the couch on my other side, tossing a warm bag of popcorn into my lap.

“You’ll find out,” Micah looked across at us and suddenly stood up, coming across he settled beside Darren, “It’s a good one, I never pick bad movies you know that.” Liam glared across me at Darren and without warning, he grabbed me around the waist moving me across his lap until I was sitting with my legs across his lap, my body on the other side of him.

“I know you, bro,” he gave Darren a calculating look, “Don’t even think about it.” Darren shot him a mischievous grin as Micah pulled out a set of remotes.

Switching between them swiftly he managed to turn on the home theater system, cut the lights off, and make the fire burn lower. I looked at him shocked, suddenly a wall of sound from the system vibrated through the room startling me. Holy cow, we might as well be at the actual theater! I saw Liam smile at me in the dimness of the room, watching the reaction on my face. Reaching across he wove his fingers into mine and pulled my hand to his side as the opening scene scrolled across the enormous screen. The two brothers fell silent watching the movie intently, it was an old-school horror flick. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the familiar title instantly came to mind. Relaxing into Liam’s side I watched too.

About halfway through the movie, I jumped in alarm as the creature lunged out of the water, pulling the girl in. She screamed, clutching at the grass as the claws dug into her legs. Feeling me tense, Liam glanced down at me clutching his arm in amusement.

“You okay?” he whispered, I looked up at him and immediately let his arm go flushing as the brothers turned to us with a cranky shushing noise.

Shaking his head, he put his arm around me pulling me into his lap, “I didn’t say let go,” he whispered in my ear sending chills down my neck, he pressed a soft kiss behind my ear and I squirmed. The movie was forgotten as I became hyper-aware of his hands wrapped around my waist in the dark.

I stiffened as his hands slid up my sides caressing my shoulders and pushing my hair to the side. He pressed another kiss to my neck and I immediately hated the off-shoulder top his mom had dressed me in. Oh shit! I trembled. “Stop it!” I hissed.

I felt his smile against my skin as he whispered in my ear again, “Am I distracting you?” I nodded frantically, he nipped my earlobe and I nearly jumped out of his lap as muscles I didn’t recognize clenched way down low inside of me, “Too bad.” his low whisper made my palms start sweating.

“Can you two move your sexing somewhere else?” Darren leaned across with a wicked grin and I turned scarlet, sliding off of his lap instantly.

Micah shot a mischievous smile over Darren’s shoulder and flicked some popcorn at us, “I can’t pay attention to the movie with all that noise you two are making.” he said.

Liam laughed and stood up tugging me with him, “Nobody told you guys to crash either.” he said back and both of their faces lit up with nearly identical guilty grins, “Come on,” he gently pulled me away leading me back through the dark hallway.

“Where are we going?” I said quietly looking up at his bemused smile, he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Kinda hard to have a date with those two goons hanging around,” he squeezed my hand, “we can go talk in my study, at least it’s quiet in there” my eyes widened in alarm and he immediately burst into laughter, “What’s the matter with you? You look like I just held a gun to your head, I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to.” We went up a flight of stairs and he paused outside a door, “But there is one thing I’d like to do,” I froze in shock as he wound his fingers into my hair, backing me into the door.

No, wait! I couldn’t control the chaotic panic in my head when he firmly pressed his lips to mine. Faintly I heard him kick the door open with his foot, tugging me inside he shut it sharply over my shoulder and backed towards a couch pulling me with him. He sat down pulling me across his lap and laid back so I was laying on his chest. My mind went blank in shock as his hands raced up my body under the thin shirt. Rolling us swiftly he trapped my arms at my sides, pressing me into the thick cushions as he skimmed his nose down my neck. He looked up at my shocked expression with an impish smile.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since you took off your clothes at the office,” he laid his cheek against my chest inhaling deeply, “God you’re so beautiful.” heat coiled in my stomach and spun sharply sending a flush of blood racing across my skin.

I twisted sharply sliding higher to rest against the armrest, Holy shit! “Wait!” I stammered weakly fighting to control the wave of confusion clouding my thoughts.

He let my arms go and looked up at me with his wicked grin, “I’m not going to make you sleep with me.” he chuckled reading my now panicked expression, “Unless you want me to?”

I settled my arms around his neck, running my fingers tentatively across the smooth muscles, “I’m not ready yet.” I said weakly as he flinched under my hand. I felt the muscles contract sharply under my fingers as he closed his eyes and rolled to sit beside the couch on the floor.

“Sorry,” he gave me a baleful look, gently tracing the flushed skin across my shoulder, “Did I scare you?” I grimaced.

“Just a little,” his eyes widened and I wrapped my arm around him, propping my chin on his shoulder as I curled against his back. God, this man I swear. I realized that he had gotten under my skin.

“You sure seem a lot less prickly like this,” I heard him laugh, “Actually your kind of soft.”

I pulled my head back glaring up at him, “Do you want me to be prickly with you?” I retorted sharply as he gave me a lopsided grin, the affection in his eyes unmistakable.

“Maybe I should kiss you like that more often,” he said quietly, a mischievous glint in his eyes, “or maybe it was because I was doing this.” I jumped in alarm and flushed hotly as he slid his hand up the back of my shirt again.

“Knock it off!” I stuttered shakily. He raised a hand and tilted my face towards his so I could see the intent in his eyes before he kissed me again, gently this time. I felt his tongue slip across my lower lip asking for permission. I opened up to him, and wrapping his arms around me he pulled me back onto his chest until I was on top of him on the floor. Instead of touching me everywhere like he did before, he simply kept his hands firmly on my waist clutching me to him.

Slowly he ran his hands up my back, tangling them in my hair. My hands moved on their own, sliding down his hard chest. I was shocked at myself when I realized I had slid my hands up the front of his shirt. I marveled at the taunt warm skin under my fingers and he broke the kiss with a laugh.

“Hang on,” he set me to the side and sat up pulling his shirt over his head, blood rushed to my cheeks and I quickly looked away, “Hey, don’t do that.” he firmly turned me back to face him, “You’re not ready, that’s fine.” he grabbed my hands gently and pulled them back against his hard chest and I gulped my mouth going dry, “Nobody said you couldn’t explore.” leaning back against the edge of the couch he watched the expressions flashing across my face with a bemused smile.

It was obvious he had been spending time at a gym, well he is pretty active, my mind shot the logical response at me. Nervously I ran my fingers across the smooth planes of his chest, the light peppering of hair tickled my fingers. His eyes followed my hands with interest as they explored the curves down his body, I fanned my fingers across his lean waist and the corner of his eye twitched. He clasped his hands firmly behind his head.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” he bit out suddenly, my breath hitched when I looked up at him. His jaw was clenched, and I realized how tightly he was wound.

Shit, did I do something wrong? I thought in wonder as I pulled my hands away. “I’m sorry,” I said quickly and propped myself up on the couch beside him. I looked around the room trying not to meet his burning gaze. Think of something else Dusty, anything! My mind was frantically beating at me.

He took a deep breath beside me calming himself and I felt him move. Slouching over, he threw his arm across my legs and laid his head in my lap, “It’s getting kind of late.” he muttered as I automatically stroked his hair. What am I doing? Turning his head over he looked up at me, “Do you want me to take you back to the campus?”

I glanced up at the clock on the wall and blanched, Holy shit it’s already midnight? “Oh no, Melissa is going to be climbing the walls!” I thought about it briefly and then shook my head, “No, the security guards will have a field day with us.”

He gave a small smile, “Do you want me to sleep on this couch?” he sat up watching me carefully, “I don’t mind.”

“I’m not kicking you out of your bed!” I said mortified, “I can sleep on the couch, it’s probably softer than that crappy bed back on campus anyway.” I eyed the plush cushions speculatively.

“Looks like we’re sharing the bed then,” he said chuckling, “hmm...this is a first, I’ve never had a girl sleeping in my bed before.”

My mouth dropped open, “You haven’t?” I was shocked, then I remembered what Darren had said, “You’ve never brought any girls home have you?” he cringed a bit looking amused.

“I said sleeping,” he said mischievously, my mouth dropped open in shock. Standing up he tugged me to my feet, “Come on.” he led me slowly through the dark hallways, “Don’t worry, you’re safe.”

“Why do you and your brothers live here alone?” I asked quietly, forcing my mind off of it, “Where is your family anyway?”

He turned into another room before he turned to me, “My mother has her place that she stays at, Darren bought this flat and asked Micah and me to come to stay with him.”

“What about your dad?” I asked and a shadow crossed his face instantly, “I mean you don't have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No, he’s not here anymore,” the finality in his voice stopped me in my tracks, “He died when we were kids, there was a hunting accident.” Turning away from me, he strode across the room and collapsed on his bed with a sigh, “well get over here if you’re planning on sleeping tonight, it is pretty late.”

I came across the room slowly and sat on the edge of the bed hesitantly. Behind me, I heard his amused laugh and suddenly he reached out, grabbing me around the waist and pulling me tightly against him. Blushing hotly, I shivered as my back came into full contact with him.

“Goodnight,” I said shakily and felt him smile against my shoulder as he pressed a quick soft kiss to my neck.

“I was right, you’re not so thorny after all,” he whispered against my skin, I swallowed noisily and I felt him shake with a silent laugh against me, “Now go to sleep.” my nerves hummed in the darkness but all too soon I heard his breathing change, he was asleep. I can’t believe I’m sleeping here tonight! My mind reeled crazily as I thought back over how the day had turned out. I can’t believe I’m in this weird relationship with a model, I smiled secretly relaxing in his arms. Maybe I’m not so unlucky after all. I drifted to sleep finally, feeling victorious.

“Have a great day,” Liam pressed a soft kiss to my forehead as we stood on the sidewalk outside the English building early the next morning, “You look beautiful, keep your chin up alright?” I ignored the stares as I looked up at his warm amber gaze.

“I’ll see you at lunch, right?” I said anxiously and he grinned, “Sorry, I mean if you don’t have anything to do.”

He tucked a stray hair behind my ear, “Sure thing, it’s nice to see you glowing like this.” His gaze roved over my face and I flushed, glancing away, “No, I’m glad you’re happy.” He turned my face back to him with a firm finger on my chin, “Just don’t turn into a swooning damsel on me alright?”

“Stay thorny, got it,” I grinned and he laughed, “Oh crud, I’m going to be late!” the bell sounded over my shoulder and I quickly dashed into class.

Mrs. Rayburn was thankfully late herself so I had a few minutes to set up my laptop and open my book.

“Wow, did he take you shopping?” Melissa was eyeing my new clothes enviously as she sank into the chair beside me, “Where were you last night anyway?”

“I spent the night at his flat with him and his brothers,” I said grinning mischievously at her, her jaw dropped open stunned.

“Him and his brothers?” she looked shocked, “Who are you and what have you done with my dusty bunny?” her mouth pursed, “Seriously, you’ve got it bad. What did I do to you?” she suddenly looked guilty.

“I’m actually happy Missy,” I smiled earnestly at her, “I don’t know, he’s just different, in a good way. I think I like him.” dropping my eyes to the table I clasped my hands in my lap.

“Did you two have sex?” her bold question caught me off guard and I felt the heat rush to my face.

“No!” I stuttered as Mrs. Rayburn finally came into the class clutching an extra-large coffee, I lowered my voice as she eyed the class sharply and set her cup down on her desk, immediately starting the lecture, “We slept in the same bed, but there wasn’t any funny business I swear!” she took one look at my mortified expression and a slinky smile crept across her lips.

Yeah whatever, she mouthed at me and turned her attention to the professor smartly. I scowled at her, Jesus her thoughts are always in the gutter, aren’t they? I glanced away at the clock, wanting the class over already. Shaking my head, I laughed at myself silently, who would have ever thought that I of all people would be so excited to see someone again? Smiling, I turned my attention to Mrs. Rayburn and started taking notes. When the professor finally drew the lecture to a close, she looked around at the hall.

“As you all know the Literary final is Monday morning,” she smiled, “I’ve read your reports and I’m pleased to say that I think you will all do exceptionally, it’s been a pleasure to be your instructor this semester.” she straightened her glasses, clearing her throat, “I wish all the best to each of you that are graduating this year and hope that you make it to whatever career awaits you. You are all dismissed, have a wonderful weekend!”

Melissa closed her computer with a flourish and stuffed it in her bag shooting a conspiratory look across at me, “Kurtis wants me to come to another party tomorrow, you coming?”

I thought about what happened and shook my head quickly as we walked out into the bright sunshine, “I don’t think I’m welcome at Theta Ki house anymore,” she frowned.

“Why not? What happened?” she said looking puzzled, “Don’t tell me you got banned from the house!”

“Pretty sure I did,” I said, giving her an apologetic look, I quickly launched into a brief story about what happened, and when I finished she looked furious.

“What the hell!” she snapped, a fierce scowl on her face, “Those pigs! I can’t believe they did that to you like that.” she huffed, “It’s a good thing they got Professor Cross instead of me I would have killed them!” glancing over at me her expression softened, “Well at least you know he’s a good guy, he could have just stood by and watched.” her face tightened again as she glanced away, “I’m going to have to talk to Kurtis about this, his stupid frat brothers can’t be attacking my friends.”

We strode through the front door to the Wildlife Sciences class. I couldn’t help my gaze as it immediately drifted to find him. He was sitting behind the desk talking to one of the students who had gotten there early. A brief wave of jealousy bit through me as I watched her lean against the desk, she was obviously flirting. His gaze flickered up catching my eyes and a smile immediately crossed his face. He stood up and came around the desk, leaving the girl staring after him. She gave me a fierce scowl behind him and trudged to her seat.

“How was your Literature class?” he asked gently when he made it up the stairs to where I was standing beside Melissa. “Good afternoon, Miss Franklin.” he nodded politely to Melissa, she blushed.

“Boring.” I said, pursing my lips and glancing past him to the scowling girl, “Having problems already today?”

He briefly followed my gaze and turned back to me with narrowed eyes, “Somebody sounds jealous.” he frowned.

“Should I be jealous? I mean we aren’t actually together.” I said playfully, feigning a thoughtful expression as I tapped my chin.

His brows shot up and a teasing grin curled his lips, “I’m shocked Miss Rivers, jealousy does not suit you.” Melissa glanced between us and edged away heading to her seat.

I bit my lip, a laugh trying to escape as I watched her go, “I think we scared Melissa away.” She sat down quickly, staring hard at her book.

He reached up, tugging my lip from between my teeth with his thumb, “Stop biting your lip.” his eyes were fixed on my mouth.

I flushed, “Quit it, people are staring.” I shied away from his hand, the playful gleam in his eyes made me nervous.

“Let them stare,” he turned away to walk back down the stairs, “I don’t mind in the least.” I could almost feel the heat coming from his gaze.

I quickly stumbled to my seat and sat down. He's like a drug, I shuddered involuntarily, clenching my knees together under the table as a delicate chill ran down my spine.

“Holy shit he’s intense.” Melissa leaned over, whispering in a low voice, “I see what everyone is so crazy about, he’s like sex on legs.” she said in a shocked monotone.

“Shh,” I admonished her with a small smile, “I’ll tell you more later, pay attention. Remember, finals!”

She sat back looking like a scolded puppy but stayed quiet for the rest of the lesson. When he dismissed the class she turned to me, “Just be careful alright? Some guys are like a drop of poison in a cool glass of water on a summer day.” she watched warily as he came back up the stairs, “sweet to taste but deadly to the heart.” cutting a frown at him, she stood up and left me alone at the table as I gathered my notes up.

“You still up for lunch?” he said as he stopped in front of my table, “We need to talk about what my mother asked you to do, she called before class.”

“Of course,” I gave him a puzzled look, “Which one the modeling or photography?” his expression soured a bit.

“The modeling, trust me you’ll want to sit down for this.” he rubbed his neck sheepishly, “I honestly don’t know how comfortable I am with what she wants, but since you will be a part of the shoot then you should know too.” he chuckled at my puzzled expression, “So lunch?”

“Okay,” I said, my nerves suddenly on edge. What could she have suggested that was so bad that even he wasn’t sure about it?

“She wants me to do what!” my jaw was practically on the table, “There’s no way in hell! My nerves are bad enough as it is with just you!”

“She says the shots would look more attractive if they were in the photos too,” He ran his hand through his hair roughly, “I mean it is lingerie, I’ve seen the photoshoots with lingerie for other companies and there’s hardly ever just one male model in the pictures. They’re trying to make the lingerie look irresistible to guys so women will buy, it’s a marketing ploy”

“But your brothers?!” I shook my head quickly, “I don’t know if I can Liam, this just feels like a bit too much!”

“I told her that, but her words exactly were, ‘She needs to get comfortable around other models besides you, I want her in this one and so far she’s the only one that the three of you are comfortable around.’ of course, I told her I didn’t want their hands on you and she said she wouldn’t put more than two of us at a time in the photos and promised that she wouldn’t put them in unnecessary positions.`` The grumpy expression on his face was almost comical.

“What were you saying about jealousy?” I bit my lip, I couldn’t help it, “It’s most unbecoming of you Professor Cross.”

He shot me a troubled look, “You want my brother's hands on you?” I saw a brief flicker of pain across his face and I stopped short.

“Of course not.” I said quietly, Shit, I was trying to make him smile but I think I hurt his feelings, I reached across the table and touched his hand, “I’m sorry, I was trying to make you smile. It was a joke.” he turned his hand over, gripping mine tightly.

He sat there quietly for a minute, “It makes me jealous, yes, I’m sorry I don’t have the right to be jealous.” he finally said looking up at me, “As you said, you’re not mine yet to be jealous over.”

My heart constricted painfully, “You do realize you’re practically dragging me around on a leash, right?” I tried a weak joke, he looked up at me surprised, “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, now let's do this photoshoot. When does she want it done?”

“Tomorrow,” he said quietly, looking uncertain, “You know you can still back out, she won’t get mad at you.”

“No, I’ll do it,” I said, as my mind screamed an adamant refusal, Are you insane! “I owe her that much, she really helped me out.”

“Okay if you’re positive about this,” he frowned and pulled his hand away to take a sip of his coffee, “I don’t want you feeling like you have to do this. It’s completely up to you.”

I gave him a brave smile, “Everything is worth trying at least once.” picking up my cup I shot him a mischievous glance, “Besides, I figured you would jump at the chance to see me half naked again.” I watched a mischievous smile cross his face as he looked away. I hope I can do this….


About the author

T.S. Watkins

I am a single mom of four who is also a published author! I use writing as a second income to help me raise my kids so every little bit helps! I write Erotic Fantasy novels and poems. if you love my work thank you! I appreciate your time!

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