Tiny Pink Bullet

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The First Touch

Tiny Pink Bullet

I loved my boyfriend, but I couldn’t wait for him to go to work so I could try out my new toy on my own. He knew that I’d ordered a few naughty items, but I’d hidden a tiny bullet vibrator in a drawer to use later. I was practically jumping out of my skin by the time he gave me a peck on the lips and rushed out the door. I waited a few minutes, just long enough to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, and then I retrieved it. My hands shook as I ripped open the packaging and loaded the toy with batteries. I watched myself in the mirror as I stripped down to my panties. I’d been wearing lingerie for my boyfriend all week, but the lacy thong I wore today was only for me. I laid back on the bed, caressing my body with my hands before I pulled the panties off too. I’d never used a toy on myself before—I’d always left that to him—but today I wanted to know my body. I pressed the button on the top of the tiny toy, and it roared to life. I could feel the moisture pooling between my legs as I glided the vibrator between them. I moved the toy around, letting out small moans as the sensations traveled through me. My boyfriend had never made me orgasm before, so I felt like I was on a mission to get myself off. I found my breasts with my free hand, using my fingers to play with my perky nipples, but it wasn’t enough. I grabbed my phone and googled erotica, but none of the stories did it for me. I felt frustrated as the vibrator sent waves of pleasure through me. Had I chosen the wrong one? Maybe I needed something more powerful, or maybe it was just me. I was about to give up when I decided to visit a porn site. I’d only looked at porn with my boyfriend before and wasn’t sure what kind I was into. At first, I looked up a couple like us, but that bored me. I decided to look up a threesome, which was something I’d always been curious about. I’d had a chance to be part of a threesome in the past, but I’d always turned them down. Now I was wondering if I’d missed out. I scrolled past most of the videos, until I found one of two girls riding a man. One of the girls was riding his face while the other rode his large cock. The women leaned close to each other, making out between moans, before their lips found each other’s breasts. I felt my pleasure building as I watched them switch positions. The man entered the women from behind as the other woman got in position to be eaten out. I felt an overwhelming desire to be eaten out while my own boyfriend watched, but I doubted he would let that happen. My nerve endings felt like they were about to burst as I caressed my clit with the toy. I pretended that I was the woman who was being eaten out while the man watched. My moans grew louder, and I knew I was close to reaching an orgasm.

“Come on,” I whispered as I felt a pressure leaving my body. I had never had an orgasm before, but I knew the pleasure that ripped through my body had to be one. After I was done, I just laid there. I tried to use the toy again, but my body was too sensitive, so I just laid there for a minute. I started up at the ceiling, wondering what my taste in porn said about me.

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