Three Sum More!

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What I didn't know!

Three Sum More!

I've always believed that some of the best journeys start with an unknown path that you're willing to travel on without fear of where it's taking you. While on this path, you might worry, you might even take extra careful steps but your inner desire to find out what's at the end keeps you going. This particular journey involves mind travel into the area where sensual stimulation, fantasy, and desire lives. I started it with Pull Up N Cum Again with no real direction in my mind but then all of a sudden...inspiration hit me and I continued down the path with My Sweet Three but this next post is my attempt to kick it up a least I think so...feel free to share your thoughts with me as I would love to see if they're as dirty as mine or if you even like what I write. Comparing notes AKA sharing is caring I always say. Let's get into this trip, shall we?!

"Officer pulled up his pants, buckled them properly before he walked towards Solo and got him up off the floor. The way Solo's hard wood bounced as he stood up had both me and Lady Officer fixated on it. I still wanted some of it to tell the truth but clearly, decisions were already made as far as Solo and I were concerned and it didn't seem like I could suggest anything different. 'Damn, he's really going to jail with that hard on?' is what I thought to myself but then Lady Officer released her hold on me, pulled up her pants to walk over to where Solo and the Officer were. Her sweet cakes bounced like they had a theme song playing as she walked.

LADY OFFICER: 'Let me put that thing away for you baby. I wouldn't want you to take anybody's eye out!'

Lady Officer gently and firmly grabbed Solo's hard wood, slipped it into his pants and zipped him up all while looking straight into his eyes, letting him know she had full control of the situation. I myself was watching for any jealousy or emotion from the Officer as he too saw what Lady Officer had done but there was none. Completely unmoved, Officer kissed Lady Officer passionately then proceeded to walk Solo back to the patrol car. For Lady Officer and myself, the only vehicle available was the motorcycle. A purple candy coated Harley Davidson road was a sexy motherfucker all by itself and being that I've never been on a motorcycle before, I immediately got excited for the opportunity. My robe dress was pretty long so I wrapped it around my legs so it wouldn't get caught up as we rode but because I had no panties on, my sweet cookie was completely exposed. Lady Officer noticed my exposure and a smile spread over her face as she handed me the extra helmet. Once we both mounted the bike and she turned it on though, the vibration that went through me blew my mind. No words needed to be said as we rode...she knew what was happening to me...multiple orgasms had me swirling in my seat and if I opened my mouth, nothing but moans would escape. It was such a turn on that kept me on! Lady Officer kept the bike at a steady speed until we reached what seemed to be our final destination: a basement garage to what seemed to be a swanky building. The private parking garage had a total of six vehicles, the motorcycle would make seven and once we parked, Lady Officer walked me into the already waiting elevator and pressed button marked PH. I had so many questions but at the same time, I didn't want to seem nosy, but then again, since they asked me to be part of their bedroom play I had a right to ask a couple questions. Once off the elevator, we walked across a small hallway that led to the one and only door on that floor. High ceilings, marble floors, expensive furniture and an amazing view...the only things that could take my mind off of the smoldering fire in between my thighs. Lady Officer must've heard my mind clicking as I was trying to figure it all out.

LADY OFFICER: 'Along with being cops, Kendrick and I work part time for a famous Hip Hop artist who owns this place. When he's in town, we handle all his security needs, but when he's not around we get to hang out here, enjoy the place...and make sure that no one breaks in of course. We usually have this place to ourselves for weeks, so much to the point we've moved a couple of our things in. The living room area is towards your left so just head for the couch and I'll be right there with our beverages.'

I followed her instructions to the letter and when I got to the living room, the big screen came on and a Heather Hunter movie started playing which was great because I was a big fan of her work. The scene started with her sitting on a couch hardly wearing anything and talking to a beautiful woman who was also hardly wearing anything. Quirky me always wants to hear the conversations porno stars have before they engage in sexual activity so I looked around for the remote to turn up the sound. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Lady Officer coming towards me with a tray; on the tray were two drinks, one rolled up marijuana cigar, and a lighter. I sat down on the forest green leather couch and waited for Lady Officer sit alongside of me.

LADY OFFICER: 'My name is Cardi by the way. I hope you like Bailey's Irish Cream...and weed...if you don't smoke or have an issue with it I can put it away for now."

ME: 'No need. Actually, I love Bailey's; it's my favorite drink to have when I go to reggae clubs and as far as weed goes, I'm a casual smoker. If I'm in the mood I do but not name is Remy by the way and I thank you for having me.'

Once I said it, we both smiled at the obvious pun.

CARDI: 'No baby, thank you for not only having me but also for being a turn on to my husband. Kendrick has never picked pussy out for me, and I have to say for his first time he picked a winner. You're absolutely gorgeous!'

Cardi handed me a drink while she lit the cigar, and I couldn't help but play over her last statement in my head. Did she really say 'pick pussy up'? I waited until she lit the cigar to give me more details.

CARDI: 'When I started dating Kendrick, I never told him that I was bisexual. I kept it secret, or at least I thought I was keeping it from him because we didn't live together, but once we got married he showed me pictures of myself with various women. I had no choice but to confess and because we love each other, he allowed me to be with women whenever I wanted to and it wouldn't be considered cheating as long as he knew about it. I took it one step further and included him physically in all of my affairs. I have always been the one to bring pussy home to him but when he called me, described what he saw and in the same breath told me that he wanted to fuck you, I immediately needed to see what you look like. I am very pleased. What I want to know about you is...who was that guy that we saw you with?'

After taking a couple pulls on the cigar, she handed it to me. The first hit danced in my lungs and relaxed me even more than I was before.

ME: 'Solo was supposed to be my fuck for tonight, nothing more. My whole plan was to get my rocks off and let him go. If it had led to more I wouldn't be against it but I wasn't necessarily pursuing it. That's why when Kendrick came along with his offer, I wasn't moved to decline. In fact, it was exactly what I wanted...still want actually...Solo's dick looked and tasted good too...'

CARDI: 'That wood felt real nice as I pushed it back into his pants. I've never fucked any other men since marrying Kendrick nor have I tried so he trusts me fully but I'm sure he would've been uncomfortable if I would've given Solo's wood a small peck.'

ME: 'If you had I would've joined you! MMMMM...very wet!'

The words 'very wet' rang in unison because it also came from a woman in the Heather Hunter movie. Cardi took the cigar from me then called me over to sit in between her legs facing the screen and as the women on TV started to engage each other in sexual activity, Cardi was whispering in my ear a description of what I saw, all while working her hands towards my wetness.

CARDI: 'Watch this. You see how pretty her lips and shiny her lips look? That's because she dipped her whole mouth into her pussy. See that juice dripping off her chin? She squirted all over her face, juices dripping down her can tell they're both enjoying each other...that's some good pussy she's licking on, don't you agree? Good pussy deserves to be licked by soft and fluffy lips, am I right? Sucking all your juices down just the way you like it, she's getting wet from making you wet, turning you on and turning you out! Is that what you want Remy? Tell me!'

I couldn't even answer her, a roller coaster type orgasm took over and I had to give in. I bucked backwards and let it wash over me. I closed my eyes and thanked the heavens because I had no idea a night like this was in my future. When I opened my eyes, Kendrick was not only back from bookings, he was completely naked, and his third eye was looking dead at us, and we continued our magical night.

The next day, I decided to take the day off...not because I was too tired, but because I wanted to pick up Solo from jail. Kendrick told me he would be released in the morning so they ordered me a taxi to go get him. I was waiting for him in front of the precinct so as soon as he walked out, he saw me.

SOLO: 'So what, am I supposed to thank you for picking me up. I would've gotten back to my car with no problem, thank you very much. You can go back to wherever you came from, I don't need shit from you!'

Being that I had on the same robe dress from the night before, I simply pulled the middle flap out of the way to show him why I was there to pick him up.

ME: 'I know you're probably mad at me right now and that's understandable...but if you give me a chance and hear me out...we could finish what we started last night! This pussy right here wants you badly and if you're a good boy...I can make it so you get a double dose of good pussy...remember the lady cop from last night?! I can bring that pussy to you if you want...but you gotta please this pussy first! What do you want to do Solo?!"

OOHHH WHAT DID SOLO DO? Till next time people!!

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