Thirteen Days

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Chapter 1: What You'd Say

Thirteen Days

It's 11am and I'm dying. No play makes me a dull girl. I need to get obsessed with something. I peruse the internet for obsessions.


Jesus, Mick’s sneaky forty-five year old bullshit!

“You keep scaring me!”

“You're not very perceptive are you?”

I narrow my eyes.

“Second day of training. Come.”

I leave my seat with a slouch.

The office is oddly quiet today. Everyone must be in a meeting or something.

I hardly notice when Mick stops.

“Look at that,” he says, smiling.

The rain is pouring outside. It's washing the windows with waterfalls. I walk over to the windows to stare.

Truthfully, I just don’t want to be at work. I want to waste as much time as possible. Though the rain is beautiful.

The curve of the road is sliding the water in beautiful and full rivers. It looks like it might flood.

I can't help but watch it. I look over to Mick but jump when I see he is staring at me.

“Sorry. You had such conviction on your face.”

I just pondered it.

“I feel like I'm missing something. Something important.” Mick just stared at me. “I don't know.” I shook my head. I don’t know why I’m bothering to tell him this.

He smiled. “Have you ever seen the third floor, where accounting is?” I shook my head no. “Come on then!”

He started to jog towards the elevator. I actually had to run to keep up with his long legs.

The elevator was tight and creepy. Something smelled good. I looked up at Mick.

Well now I feel creepy. Whatever cologne Mick was wearing smelled great. I watched the door open and jumped out.

“Where to now?”

He nodded around the corner.

There was was nothing but glass and beams. You could see all of downtown from here.

“Holy shit!” I breathed.

“I've never heard you cuss.” He gave me a knowing look.

“Ah, yeah - sorry. I just normally hold it in.”

“Fuck that,” he laughed.

“Fuck is such a beautiful word. So dirty and yet so perfect.”

There was silence. I looked over to see if I had offended Mick. His face was red.

“Shit! I mean, well… I didn't mean to anger you.”

He looked at me with laughing eyes. “Don't worry, you didn't anger me. Just caught me off guard.”

“What, with the word fuck?” He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Jesus, quit saying such dirty things,” he smiled.

“The word fuck is only dirty in a certain context,” I huffed. “Otherwise, it is just an expression.”

He watched the rain for a little while. “You are pretty young aren’t you?”

I wanted to smack him. “Yeah. One day you’ll see Mick.”

“See what? That you can use the word fuck like an adult and not like a teenage boy?”

“You’re just a big fan of pushing my buttons aren’t you?”


“I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to say it in the way you’re daring me to.”

“Pfft. Daring. I am just saying you sound like a child.”

“Yeah, like you’ve been fucking anyone lately.”

“So, now it’s about my sex life? I have twenty years on you there - you brat.”

“Brat?” I was staring at him hard now. “Wanna run that by me again?”

“Hey, speaking of not getting laid. I don’t see you crawling with lovers either.”

I blushed. I hadn’t had time to date. I was always obsessed with some new goal.

“I was just playing, Mick. I’m sure you get laid all the time.”

He stared at me.

“I mean,” I continued. “You’re really handsome and that long hair is definitely doing something for you.”

He smiled hugely at me. “Is it?” He moved away from the window. “We need to get back to work, Miss Stacy.”

I nodded.

I sat on the left side of his desk watching his screen. The program we were using said copyright 1985-2003. I wanted to jump out of the window into a puddle.

“Are you paying attention?”

I snapped my attention back over to Mick.


“You’ve been staring out that window the whole time. What has you so fascinated?”

“Freedom,” I groaned.

He smiled. “Freedom, huh? I don’t know if I can guarantee you it will get any better than this.”

I stared outside again. He stopped to look with me.

“Do you daydream a lot?”

His question caught me off guard.

“Yes. A lot.”

Tons actually. It is hard for me to keep my feet on the ground.

“That is a good trait to have. Don’t lose it as you grow up.”

“As I grow up. Listen to you!” I turned and gave him a huge smile.

His breath seemed to catch for a moment while he looked at me. He swallowed hard.

“What, are you realizing that I am woman finally? Hopefully it takes you less than twelve days to figure it out before I leave.”

“Huh. I’m starting to think you shouldn’t leave.”

I watched him type up the reports. What does he mean by that? He’ll be fine without me here.

The rain had finally stopped. Mick’s fingers were clacking loudly on the keyboard.


“It’s hot as hell in here!” The office air conditioner is broken - of course. Everything breaks around here. Freakin' 1985-2003 computer programs.

Mick must be cooking in his long sleeve shirt.

“So you need to make sure all of these components are formatted correctly,” he pushed on. This was a lot to learn in a week’s time. “We don’t want our flash banners to have a problem with their bandwidth.”

I pulled my overshirt over my head to get it off. I could hardly maneuver it I was so sweaty. I could feel my belly being uncovered.

Great. I probably look so professional right now.

“Sorry, I was listening! I was just on fire,” I was saying through my shirt. I almost needed help not killing myself taking this thing off.

I finally threw it aside, pulling my shirt back down. Mick’s eyes were on me. On my belly.

“It’s okay, I just want to make sure you aren’t confused about the bandwidth,” he turned back to the computer flustered.

Oh. Is he - watching me?

Mick turned back to look at me. He had been saying something. He glared at me.

“Hey! I don’t want to have to keep reteaching you this. Pay attention.”

I nodded.

“So how many DPI does a graphic need to be?”

“Three hundred.”

“Good. You get very distracted.”

I smiled. I raised my arms above my head in a stretch, my belly poking out again. His eyes went down to my belly and he blushed.

“Keep your shirt down, child.”

Something excited me then. Making Mick flustered was kind of fun.

“You know what?” I finally jumped in. “I think I should call up that guy from my physics class. He looked like he really wanted to… well, be with me.”

Mick smiled. “Is this because of my comment yesterday about how you probably haven’t been bedded in a while?”

I suddenly blushed. For some reason, hearing Mick talk about sex was arousing. I could feel the strain building in my tummy. I wonder if he’s any good at it?

I bit my lip without thinking, staring at the floor.

I heard Mick’s sharp intake of breath. I looked up and met his eyes. He looked overwhelmed by me.

“Any luck on your end?” I sounded slick.

“I’m not exactly out prowlin’.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Oh, but you could get a line if you went out “prowlin’?”

“See, it’s hard when you’re older. You have to let someone know you're good in bed before they’ll get into it with you. It isn’t about looks as much. It isn’t easy, like at your age.”

“If you had to convince someone, what would you say to them?” I wanted to hear it.

He looked at me surprised. “Hey, this is nothing to be talking about now. I can’t say what I would say in the workplace.”

“Then tell me after work. I’ll meet you by your car.” He looked alarmed.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded. “I don’t have to convince anyone of anything. Women are a commodity at my age,” I gave him a stern look.

“I’m sure you don’t.”

“Not to say I don’t try.”

“Sure, whatever.”

He was looking at me sideways again from his computer.

“So what about these moving banners?”

“Flash banners. Listen to me.”

The day went by quickly. I packed my stuff slowly at my desk. I just wanted this week to be over already. I trudged down the steps to the parking lot.

“You’re late,” I jumped at Mick standing near my car. “You wanted to meet out here?”

I was confused for a second.

“Oh, yeah! So tell me what the Mick-inator would say to pick up a woman.”

“Mick...inator? What the fuck?” He took a step towards me. Suddenly I could smell him. I took a step back instinctively. My back hit the side of my car.

He moved in closer still.

“First of all, I would not call myself the ‘Mick-inator,’” he was only a foot from me.

“Why?” My breathing was heavy. “I bet it would turn someone on.”

“Would it?” He was looking down at me. He was at least a foot taller. I don’t think what I smelled was cologne. It was just his smell. I breathed in deeply.

“You asked me what I would say?” I nodded quickly. “Well, it wouldn’t be your teenage ordeal.”

I looked at him confused.

“I wouldn’t last a second and then leave,” he growled at me.

“Is that it? Is that what you’d say?”

He looked at me surprised. “Well, it’d be different for every woman.”

“What about me?” I shouldn’t have said it. My insides trembled and I bit my lip.

His mouth hung open for a moment.

“Okay. Miss twenty three years old and wants to leave because she thinks she’s so cool.”

“Excuse me?” I was hissing at him.

“You think that you know about sex?” His voice was low. “You don’t even know the beginning of sex. What you know is the young bullshit. Where boys kiss you hard, make fake promises, penetrate you and come within a few minutes. The kind of sex where you never even get to come.”

I could feel arousal traveling down my back to in between my legs. I was getting wet.

“Older men know sex. I don’t have it for seven minutes of heaven. I don’t have it so I can tell my friends. I am grateful to have a woman. I worship her clit with my tongue until she comes in my mouth. I spend hours showing her what it feels like for your g-spot to be thoroughly massaged. Women can be given orgasm after orgasm and boys are too lazy to tap into that. So that’s what I’d say. Instead of a minute of penetration from some boytoy, come and sit on my face so I can suck on your clit.”

My legs were shaking - my face must be turning red. Mick… fuck. I don’t even know what I need from you right now.

“Are you okay?” He backed up a few inches.

“Yes - that was pretty convincing,” my hips wanted to buck into something. I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on.

He laughed his hearty laugh. I looked up and smiled at him.

“You young girls. Good luck with whatever boy toy you're going to hit up tonight.”

I looked up at him with challenge in my eyes.

“I won’t be inviting him over,” I breathed.

“Oh, really?” He looked amused.

“No, I’m gonna go home and go to bed.”

“Hmm. Sorry to ruin your fantasies of younger men. You probably shouldn’t give up that easily.”

“I’m not. I’m gonna lay in bed and act like my fingers are someone’s mouth.”

Mick froze. When he started breathing again it was erratic.

His face was red. I hope I got him hard.

I started to open the door to my car. “Have a fun night, Micky.” I gave him a brilliant smile.

He looked like he may have just run a mile. He nodded and gave me a smile - but I know his mind was somewhere between my legs.

Echo Olivia
Echo Olivia
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