The Very Taste of You (Pt. 1)

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Meet the new intern....

The Very Taste of You (Pt. 1)
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Maria was twenty-five and already in charge of her father’s company. She knew the business inside and out and she was damn good at her job. No one would deny that. However, she was known to be blunt and, frankly, downright bitchy. Maria felt that the world should just function in a near perfect state and she didn’t like settling for less than perfection. EVER. This personality quirk of hers made her impossible to be around at best and the running joke around the office commonly consisted of the phrase: “Maria needs to get laid.”

Maria knew her colleagues didn’t particularly approve of her bossy attitude, but she had never really cared what others thought of her, not even as a child. Instead of playing with the other kids or trying to make friends, Maria always played alone and spent most of her time reading or being around adults. Maria was, in fact, one of those kids that didn’t play well with others. In any sort of activity where she was forced to cooperate, she tended to take charge and boss people around. How fitting that she was in charge of this business and had all the power in the world bestowed on her to do what she felt she could do best: control everything.

Mark had messy black hair that fell around his deep, ocean blue eyes. He was well-kempt and clean, but also, had that signature “messy hair, don’t care” look about him. He was the new intern at Maria’s company, and she always made a point to meet the interns and temps on their first day even if she could only spare a moment to shake hands, welcome them to the company, and tell them that she hopes they enjoy their time working here. Good relations with new employees was Maria’s bread and butter. She tended to lose sight of maintaining good relationships with her long-term employees, but she understood the value of getting people on board with the company at the beginning in any case. This was all part of a smart business strategy and typically the reason she managed to keep her employees even after they started to hate her attitude.

The first day she went in to meet Mark was like meeting any other intern for her. She had a coffee in her left hand, but kept her right hand free at all times in case she needed to shake hands with some poor new sap or some distinguished business partner. Mark waited patiently in the huge office that he had been shuffled into almost immediately after he had arrived at the company for his first day on the job. He had done a little bit of research on the company when applying for intern positions, but he didn’t really know much about the CEO except her name and that she was, by CEO standards, very young. Mark was twenty-two and finishing his last leg of his BS degree. He had all the attitude and balls of a twenty-two year old as well. He felt nothing less than pure confidence because he was already convinced that this CEO, Maria (who preferred going by her first name at all times), was going to be nothing more than a shy twenty-five year old who had been given shoes that were way too big for her to fill. His conceptions and ideas about Maria and her looks could not have been further from the truth.

When Maria walked into the office at 8:01 a.m. on the dot to meet with Mark, Mark nearly fell back into the office chair that was poised carefully behind him should he had wanted to sit. Instead, he merely bumped into the chair gently causing it to slide halfway across the room still. There was a moment of silence at the embarrassing event that had just transpired along with some coughs to clear the air before deep, ocean blue eyes met velvety, chocolate brown eyes. He had expected to meet a young woman with thick glasses and a pencil behind her ear. Instead, he was face to face with eyes that were not hidden behind anything and a welcoming smile of beautiful teeth that was both inviting and intimidating. Maria was short, but she carried herself well. He could tell that her clothes were tailored to fit her body perfectly, which he felt was incredibly important considering she was both small and curvy in all the right places. She had long black hair that she didn’t have tied up carelessly into a bun like most women who work office jobs tend to do. Maria’s raven black hair was curled and loose carefully framing her heart-shaped face in a way that showed innocence and mystery.

“Maria. Nice to meet you. Mark, correct?” She grasped his outstretched hand with business formality. Her handshake was strong and warm. Mark’s hand had grown cold and clammy in a matter of moments. He felt embarrassed as they touched hands, but proceeded to give her a firm handshake as to not make matters worse than they already were.

“Correct.” This is all he could muster at the time. Maria set her coffee down on the table and pulled a chair out for herself. She plopped down in the chair gracefully and crossed her legs noiselessly. Mark took a chair out from under the table as well, but he didn’t manage to sit down as gracefully or quietly as his new boss had. Mark was flustered. He wasn’t a typically ungraceful person. In fact, most women liked the way he carried himself. He was the kind of person who walked next to people confidently and portrayed himself in a way that made people think he had his shit together, but now, Mark felt for the first time that he had met someone who did, in fact, actually have her life together and he was just a mere joke sitting across from perfection.

Maria had some time this morning. There were no meetings scheduled before noon today and Mark was the only new intern coming in, so she had set aside some of her time this morning to sit down and fill Mark in on the kind of role he would be playing in the company as an unpaid intern. She chatted amiably, but with a degree of severity in her voice. Mark could tell by her tone that she didn’t take too kindly to “fuck-ups.” As he tried to listen attentively, he began to notice that her mouth made a perfect “O” shape as she spoke. His cock pressed against his slacks in response. He shifted his legs closer together and leaned up in the chair.

Don’t fucking do it. He gritted his teeth and tried to think about the secretary who had brought him into the office to begin with. The secretary with sheepish eyes and clothes too big for her body. This was to no avail though, Maria was gorgeous and not just gorgeous. She was sexy and powerful. Her eyes were commanding and her body was like a planet with its own gravitational force. He couldn’t resist thinking about her, and with thinking about her, he couldn’t refrain from looking at her. He managed to lock his gaze on her face the whole 15 minute meeting though and either she sensed that he needed a moment to himself, or she just deemed it necessary to everyone she met, she graciously allotted him a full five minutes of breathing space in the office before she would send someone in to give him the grand tour.

After she had left, Mark blew out a heavy sigh of relief and sexual frustration. The whole meeting he had tried to focus on what she was saying, but his mind had drifted to other thoughts entirely. Visions of her bent over the table with her ass exposed to him kept circulating in his mind along with thoughts of her on her knees in between his legs working her perfect mouth in ways that his body couldn’t handle without convulsing.

As these thoughts entered his mind he couldn’t help, but chuckle at himself and his own naivety. Did she look like the kind of woman to be bent over beneath him or to get down on her knees between his legs? No. She looked like the kind of woman to have him bent over the office desk whipping him until he begged for more. Better still to have him on his knees between her legs begging -- no, demanding -- him to work his tongue faster and to taste every bit of her.

Shit. Did I just get even harder? Fuck me.

JL Palmer
JL Palmer
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