The Step Daughter Incident

Part 1

The Step Daughter Incident

Helen and I were married for 4 years before we decided to get a divorce. She is a very intelligent woman when I first met her on her business trip in Dubai about 2 years before we got married. I was there on vacation and when we found out we were living in the same area back home, we just got to talking and when we came back, decided to start dating and that was that. She was widowed quite young and had to look after her daughter Samantha all on her own. She's really into her career and her job needed her to be away a lot. That's actually why we ended up divorcing because it started to feel like she married me just so she gets free child care as I work from home.

When Sam turned 18, I decided that was the best time to get the divorce since her daughter can be independent now. My relationship with Sam was not a very pleasant one. Since her mom introduced me to her, she just hated me. I guess that was quite common. An incident also happened with her at one point when I walked in on her in the shower. That really made things even worse. Even so, I never really let it affect my relationship with Helen. I still tried to make things work with Sam but since Helen and I are divorcing, I simply thought she'll be a lot happier.

A few months after or divorce, Helen and I would still meet on a few occasions just to sleep together. She's always busy so she never really get any chance for a date and it sort of worked better for us because now, our relationship doesn't come with a lot of expectations from one another. She was really nice about the divorce because she knew what it was all about. We pretty much still became friends.

One day, she phoned me in the middle of the night asking for a favour. She said she needs to get out of town for a week and she just wants me to keep an eye on her house. She said she didn't want her daughter to be partying all week while she was away. I thought it was just a week so I thought I'd do her something nice.

When I arrived on her house, it was already night time the next day. I called for Sam but she wasn't answering. I looked around starting turning lights on but it was all quiet. I thought, she's probably out with friends so I started dialling her number on my phone just to check. Just before I could press call, a blue car arrived outside their house. I could hear Sam laughing so I looked through the blinds. She's wearing a silver sparkly dress and her long blonde hair was untidy. Two guys came out of the car and started walking with her towards the house.

I left the door open so they just went straight in. She was smiling and laughing with the two guys she came with but her smile immediately changed to a frown when she saw me.

'What are you doing here?' she asks angrily.

'Your mom wanted me to look after your house while she's away' I said. She huffed and signalled the guys to go with her upstairs to her room.

'This is going well!' I thought.

I sat down on the sofa and started watching a film on the tv. I popped open the bottle of beer that I brought and took a sip. I heard some banging noises coming from upstairs. Sam was laughing so I thought, she should be fine. The bed started creaking and I suddenly thought I should go check on them.

As I was walking up the stairs, it was suddenly quiet in Sam's room. I got worried and started walking up. It was dark upstairs and only the light coming from her slightly opened bedroom door was what I can see. I walked slowly as I approached her door. I was going to knock but I had to stop. My eyes just grew twice in size when I saw what was happening.

The two guys are stood facing away from me with their pants down and Sam is in the middle of them giving them head. She was switching from one guy to another. Her eyes were closed as she does. I stepped away slowly but as I did, a very creaky floor board made a noise.

'Fuck!' I thought, worried they heard me peeking.

When I looked in again just to check if they heard me, Sam was still going. Her eyes were open looking at my direction but I don't think she can see me. The strange thing was, she was still doing it. It's as if she didn't care if I can see her or not.

I walked down the stairs and sat back on the sofa. I wasn't sure what to do. I'm worried about Sam so I thought I call her mom. Her phone was turned off so I thought she's probably on the plane. I kept rocking my knee, I couldn't help it. I thought, I should do something.

I got up but when I did, I heard the two guys coming down the stairs chuckling. They went outside not even looking at my direction and headed on away with their car. I wanted to check on Sam but I heard her coming out of the bathroom and into her room where she slammed the door shut.

While on my bed that night, I can't help but think about what I saw. Sam had a lot of boyfriends when I was married to her mom. She changes them quite regularly a month after another but that was the first time I saw her doing that and with two guys. When I picture her doing what she was doing, I suddenly feel a bulge from down below. I slept late that night and wondered what I should do in the morning.

When morning came, I made some breakfast. I made one for Sam even though I knew she's not going to touch it.

'That smells nice!' she says behind me. I nearly jumped in surprise.

I'm surprised in more than one way because, one, she's actually talking to me, two, she never says the word nice and three, she's never interested in anything I do. I didn't say anything as I could hardly look her in the eye.

She went to the glass cupboard and placed glasses on the dining table. She poured juice on the glasses and sat on her seat. I was so confused with what's happening. Why is she helping me set up the breakfast and is looking like she wants to eat with me.

I placed her plate in front of her and she says 'Thanks!' and I sat on my seat. I feel like I am sitting there with a time bomb, but she was just happy and smiling as she eats her breakfast. I thought, hm, maybe she's just happy since I'm not really married to her mom anymore.

Although when she saw me last night, she looked very angry. I just gave up thinking about it and started eating.

'So, about last night...' she says looking embarrassed.

'You won't tell mom that there were two guys here right?'

It was then when I realised why she's being nice to me.

I said 'Well, it's none of my business so don't worry about it, I won't say anything.' I was going to carry on and give her 'the talk' but she looked quite pleased so I didn't bother.

As the morning progressed, I was watching the news and I could hear Sam getting changed upstairs. When she came down, she was wearing a cute blue dress and a nice pair of black shoes. I was looking at her and just realised how pretty and sexy she looks now.

'Going out?' I asked.

She says 'Yeah, I'm just meeting my friend at the mall. We're going shopping!'

'Want me to drive you?' I thought things were going well with us so I should try to be nice.

'No that's okay! I'll take the bus!'

Just as she picked up her purse, we heard the news. A lockdown has been implemented because of the virus that came from overseas. All modes of public transportation was stopped.

Sam and I just looked at each other.

'Oh my goodness, is this for real?' she cries.

A few moments later I went up to her room. I wanted to ask if she wants some lunch. I peeked on her door again and she's on her tummy on her bed fidgeting with her phone. She's changed her clothes to a tank top and house shorts. I can see the smooth skin on her ass. The light from her bedroom window was shining on it and it just looked immaculate.

I knocked on her door and she sat up immediately.

'What did mom say?' she asks eagerly.

'She said she might be stuck there for a bit but she is fine. She's trying to get the first flight back as soon as she can'

She looks worried so I told her it's all going to be okay.

I was about to leave the room but she said

'Hey! Thanks!' she forced a smile. I just smiled back and closed her door.

After dinner I sat on the sofa and got ready to watch a film. Sam usually goes straight back to her room but I noticed her lingering down the stairs.

'Do you want to watch something?' I asked.

She nodded and sat next to me. I asked her if she wants to watch anything in particular but she just shook her head.

'All this virus thing is scary isn't it?' she says. I could feel her worry in her voice. I wasn't sure if she'd let me but I placed my arm on her shoulder and pressed her closer to me. She kept her eyes on the tv but she placed her head on my shoulder and snuggled to me. She must really needed someone to be with.

'I'm glad you're here' she whispers.

'Heh, that's the first time I heard that from you!' I laughed. She hits me on the chest smiling.

When I woke up in the morning, I didn't even realised Sam and I fell asleep in front of the tv with a huge blanket wrapped on both of us. As I fidget, Sam woke up scratching her eyes.

'Did we fell asleep here?' she asks.

'Looks like it!' I chuckled. She starts chuckling too. The day went on. We called her mom again and she was still waiting for a plane ride. I decided I better get some more things for their fridge as we are starting to get low on our supply. I made a list of things to get and looked for Sam to ask if she needs anything.

I went upstairs and heard that the shower was running. I was going to knock but the door was slightly opened. When I looked in, I didn't realise Sam was in there completely naked in the shower. She was looking up as the water hits her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. That's when it hit me. She was touching herself.

I wanted to look away but I just couldn't resist it. She was caressing her breast with one hand and is touching herself with the other. I couldn't take my eyes off her for few more seconds until she suddenly opens her eyes and looked at my direction. She looked surprised at first. I thought she was going to start shouting at me like she did the first time I saw her in the shower but she just looked at me not saying anything. She slowly covered her breast and private parts with her hands and slightly looked down on the floor.

I stepped back and closed the door and went downstairs. I sat at the end of the stairs and just started thinking what to say to her. I hear her go to her room and soon she was coming down the stairs. My heart was just beating so fast as she did. I didn't know what to say. She stopped a few steps from where I am and I got up.

I immediately said 'Sam, I'm so sorry, I was just going to ask if you needed anything from the shop, I didn't realise I would see you there' I was prepared to be told off but she seems very calm.

'It's okay, it's my fault, I left the door open' she says looking away blushing.

She took my list off my hand and went to the kitchen to write something and gave it back to me. When she handed me the paper back she gave me a strange look like it meant something. I just took the paper and left.

Later in the night I was lying in my bed nearly falling asleep when I heard Sam's bedroom door open. I could hear her footsteps as she comes close to my bedroom. I closed my eyes when I saw my bedroom door open and pretended to sleep. She softly calls my name but I just kept pretending to sleep. I'm worried what she's going to say so I thought if I leaver her alone, she might go back to her room and perhaps, she can tell me off in the morning if that was what she's planning to do.

I suddenly felt strange as she climbs on my bed and starts touching my thigh. My hairs starts going up as she did. I was wearing shorts so she's touching my skin. Her hands are so soft and warm. She slides her hand up to my inner thighs and I started to get hard. I slightly opened my eyes to see what she was doing. It's dark but I can see her smiling. She looks pleased as I got hard.

'What are you doing!?' I thought in my head.

She looks at me and puts her hand on my bulge. She grips it tight and she brings her head close to it. I suddenly remembered what she was doing to those guys. Is she going to give me one too?

She presses her nose on my bulge over my shorts and starts to bite it with her lip. I was trying so hard not to move. I really want to take my shorts off and push her head down there but I kept pretending to sleep, waiting for what she'll do.

She slides her hand up inside my shorts. When she reached in with her hand and found what she was looking for, she made a gasping noise. She grips me hard and starts to move her hand up and down. I moved my head towards my pillow to control myself. Sam is giving me a hand job.

I was going to give in and take my shorts off but she did it herself. She brings it down and starts licking me. My eyes just went up when I felt her soft tongue wrapping around me. She starts kissing it and then, moves in to put it in her mouth. She was just a pro at it I kept trying to hold it in because I know I'm quickly getting close. I can see her touching herself as she was sucking me. I could feel it coming and I knew she could feel it. She moved her head up and down faster and I just had to shoot it all out in her mouth. She sucks me dry, and after that, I could hear her swallow it all. It was just amazing.

She wiped her mouth, pulled my shorts back up and got out of my room... I put my arm on my head. I was just thinking...'What on earth was that about?' I soon fell asleep.

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