The Rebound

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Part one

The Rebound
A fire wakes up in her soul

“I can’t believe it” I said pacing the room. “I cannot believe this is happening” my best friend Ann sat on my bed eating popcorn and watching me pace. She knew I just needed to get it all out so she sat with me in spirit. “I mean, I suppose I can believe it looking back all the signs were there. Working late, charges for fancy places showing up on the credit card bill, the phone log on the bill listing the same number repeatedly, nights out with ‘the boys’ since when do ‘the boys’ leave vanilla scents on him?”

“It’s awful Amber just awful especially after all you’ve done. And you! Look at you!” I looked in the mirror. I was a disheveled mess. My dark brown hair in a messy ponytail with stray strands sticking out everywhere, my green eyes were red and puffy I had red streaks running across my prominent cheekbones from wiping the tears and my lips while normally plump were quite swollen. My hourglass figure hidden by baggy sweats with stains from wet tear spots and lunch from.... when was the last time I ate? I, Amber Rulston- Osgood, soon to be Amber just Rulston was a mess.

“Yes look at this mess”

“No” Ann said “ok right now yes but honey you’re gorgeous”

I’ve spent the last week gathering all the evidence of my husband’s affairs for my lawyer to use as leverage when I officially file for divorce, which was to happen in 2 days. A week ago my husband Aaron had left his work laptop open while he ran out to the store. I saw a message pop up in his email. The subject was I miss you come over tonight with a kiss emoji as soon as it registered in my head what I saw it disappeared. I did a double take and just as I looked again the trash emptied. Aaron’s phone had access to his mailbox. He must have seen she wrote and knew his laptop was open. He quickly came home and found me folding laundry like any other day. He told me there was a problem at the office and he had to go. First he headed for the shower.

What he did not count on is me turning on the find my phone while he was in the shower and using it to find him at a fancy restaurant with a young blond. I hid from sight and watched as he encouraged her to order more and more drinks and gave a credit card to the bartender to start a tab. Then I noticed it was a bright orange card. MY credit card. That card is supposed to be used for emergencies only. Otherwise we use his card, which at the time was on my dresser along with his house keys and I pay it off every month. I called the card company from from the parking lot and reported his card stolen. “I’m so sorry to hear that ma’am The card has been deactivated and a new one will be sent out”

Heh have fun buying your girl dinner with that Aaron I thought as I drove home. I called Ann from the parking lot and let her know what I found. She met me at home and was armed with water balloons.

“You’re serious?” I asked

“hell yeah” she answered “he comes home tonight we nail his ass from the second story window”

Ann and I went to high school together and we used to get in a lot of mischief. Things had changed when I had morphed into the dutiful wife me but Aaron was about to meet the old me.

We saw his headlights wave into the driveway and saw him get out and slam the door. He was covered in marinara sauce. I’m guessing the news that she ordered tons of drinks on a card his wife reported stolen didn’t go over too well. He wiped at his shirt and getting sauce on his hands cursed “fucking bitch” I really didn’t care if he meant me or her.

I opened the window “aww Aaron you look a little heated. Let me cool you off.” I pelted him with a balloon that exploded on top of his head. Ann appeared next to me. “Ya look a little messy Aaron lemme help clean you up” she lobbed a water balloon that exploded against his chest and all the yuck. “15 years” I yelled and chucked another balloon “15 years I’ve been you’re dutiful wife” splash splash splash “I hope she was worth it” I slammed the Window down.

I heard him knocking on the door “let me in Amber” he called.

“You’ve already been in. In that young blond. That’s why you’re out there”

“Amber can we talk about this please”

“Sure, we can talk you can tell me where to send your shit. I’m keeping the house in the divorce”

“Come on Amber” He pleaded

Ann walked out the front door with a bucket of balloons. Splash “Ah what the fuck!” Splash “come on Ann” splash “this is crazy” splash “ok I’m going” I heard his car start again. Splash “really? the car too?” Splash “ok not through the window!” I should mention Ann pitched varsity softball and the team were state champs.

I heard Aaron’s car back up and peel away.

Ann and I had spent the night curled up in my bed watching movies and eating junk. She’d hug me while I cried. A week later I was a mess and pacing my bedroom

“How could he have an affair? He’s not even very good at sex!”

Ann looked at me. “That’s exactly what you need”

I stared at her “what?” I asked

“to get laid. Properly” Ann replied. I stared at her “go take a hot shower and shave. Use the good smelling body wash.” I blinked and continued to stare at Ann. “You remember mike’s friend Dan?”

Oh I remembered “you mean that tall fine specimen of a man I had to go in the bathroom and cool down after the last Dryan family bbq?”

“Yes uh huh” Ann replied “well, he’s had it bad for you for awhile so I just texted Mike to get his boy he’ll pick you up at our place in 2 hours”

I blinked at Ann again “pick me up for what?”

“To spend tonight taking you to another world”

I stared at her “I haven’t had sex in months and you’re hooking me up with him? I need to be impressive! What if I’ve forgotten how? What if I try to moan and like a meow comes out?”

Ann looked at me “oh Dan will be perfectly capable of making you purr now get your cute ass in the shower”

I showered I primped I lotioned I conditioned I blow dried I went back to the bedroom. Ann had managed to find the lacy bra and underwear set I had bought to celebrate our anniversary with Aaron 2 months ago. It had been washed but it might as well as still had the tags on. I really should have seen this coming. I slid them on and admired myself in the mirror the cheeky panties made my round ass look extra plump and the bra was the perfect amount of lift. I slid on the dress Ann picked out which form fit that plump rear and showed just enough cleavage. I went downstairs to the living room where Ann was playing on her phone. Her jaw dropped. I blinked at her “well?” I did a quick spin and pose

“Girl he’s gonna lose his mind”

I giggled “oh my God Ann stop he is not”

“if I had a dick it’d be hard right now hun you are smokin hot”

I giggled again. I locked up the house and climbed in Ann’s car we drove to her house as my knee jiggled the whole way. I was nervous as hell. We pulled in the driveway and I recognized Dan’s black Beamer out front.

Ann looked at me “he’s here, you ready?”

“Ummm nope”

“yes you are you got this and you deserve it”

“Alright let’s do it”

We walked in. The guys were on the couch playing a video game and doing a lot of smack talking. The game paused as they noticed our arrival.

Dan looked hotter than I’d ever seen him. His cobalt blue button down had the sleeves rolled up and top button undone and was tucked in to charcoal gray pants. Everything hugged him in all the right places. His perfectly kissable lips were parted slightly as if trying to suck in air. His dark brown hair was adorably spiky and I met his eyes which had darkened with desire to the deepest blue I’d ever seen.

He got up and said “oh my god” he circled me like a wolf circles it’s prey “you are absolutely gorgeous”

I was suddenly shy and shifted from one foot to the other “thanks” I said twirling my hair.

He took my hand “would you do me the honor of letting me buy you dinner and then joining me back at my place this evening?” He raises my hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

The cordial move set me on fire and I suddenly wanted those lips all over my body. “I’d be delighted to” I replied equally cordial and gave a slight curtsey.

He smirked at me. My goodness he had a sexy smirk. It was getting hot in here for sure. He held out his elbow and waved his arm to the front door where his car sat at the curb. “Your chariot awaits m’lady”

I took his arm and felt his bicep flex to my touch. Holy shit that’s solid I thought and suddenly couldn’t wait to be in those arms. I tossed my head back to Ann who was now on Mike’s lap. “Don’t wait up”

Ann grinned from ear to ear before I turned my attention back to Dan and allowed him to escort me out the door.

Stay tuned! Next installment of “the rebound” coming soon.

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