The Professor (Pt. 2)

Pt. 2

The Professor (Pt. 2)

Tuesday morning.

I wake up... and I can feel how wet my underwear is. Definitely didn’t forget... Last night was intense. What have I done? I can’t face him again... But I have another class on Thursday with him... I’m just going to sit in the back of the class and pretend nothing happened. I have to get dressed, I promised Christina we’ll go out for lunch.

I leave my apartment around 11-ish. My mind is blurry... I finally get to our spot and see Christina waiting for me.

Christina: Hey girl, what’s up?

Maeve: Oh, nothing much, just tired... I was in my office working on my paper pretty late last night.. .

Christina: Oh, well at least you got something done!

I make conversation, but try to let her talk more... I’m in my head, thinking about him... I can’t forget what happened last night.

Christina: Are you listening?

Maeve: Uhm, what?

Christina: What is happening, you seem very distracted today.

Maeve: Oh nothing, like I said, I’m just tired... I think I’m going home to rest for a bit. I’ll see you in class tomorrow!

Christina: Ok... text me if you need anything!

Maeve: Will do, thanks!

I get up and walk away. I know she can tell something is up. But I can’t tell her anything. It will jeopardize both of our lives... Anyway, I get home and just go to bed. I wake up later that night, still eager for something... I look at the clock, 7 PM at night.. Well I lost all day today; I can at least enjoy a night alone.

I run the bath, and my mind goes to one of my toys... Hmm, I could use this right now, maybe it will take my mind off of him for a while.. I take the vibrator with me in the bath and close my eyes. This feels good... I can feel the vibrations in my whole body, tickling me... I avoid my clit area to build the arousal.. I start to imagine how he is picking me up and throwing me onto the bed... starts kissing me slowly making his way up...

What? No one said I can’t have him in my mind right...

Anyway, he takes my underwear off with his teeth and starts kissing me between my thighs... the arousal is building more and more while thinking about him... I insert the vibrator between my lips and the feeling makes me shiver... I am close... a few seconds later I moan loudly as I orgasm... Hmm now this is the right way to end the night.. .

My body is still sensitive when getting in bed. This will definitely help me sleep tonight.

Wednesday morning.

It’s the middle of the week. Days are going by so hard. I just want Friday to come so I can celebrate my birthday. More like, drink with my friends and forget about this whole week. I text Christina to see what the plan is.

Maeve: Hey, just wondering what the plan is for Friday!

Christina: Hey, hope you are feeling better! And uhm, no plan really, we are just meeting Josh and David at the pub to celebrate your birthday!

Maeve: Sounds good! Super excited!

Christina: Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard you say that... something really is up this week, but I can tell you don’t want to talk about it, so I won’t push!

Maeve: Thanks! I’ll text you later!

The day is going by slow, I should definitely do some work for my research, maybe I’ll go by my office and be productive. I get dressed and leave to go to my office. He might be there, but I really have to get things done. I walk in and hear his voice, so I quickly hide in my office closing the door, so no one knows I’m here.

I’ve been working for a few hours, it’s time for some food! I walk out and I run into Avery.

Maeve: Oh... Uh, hi, how are you?

Avery: I’m good! Sorry I have to go!

He says that really fast and walks away. It’s definitely awkward. I grab a quick snack and hide in my office once again. The day is almost over, so I’m making my way back home. Almost Friday... Just have to get through Thursday, and his class and I’ll be fine!

Thursday morning.

I am making my way to school, slowly... Not looking forward to another awkward interaction with Avery, but at least I get to drink and celebrate my 28th birthday tomorrow night! That will definitely make me forget about everything that happened this week and maybe the cute bartender will be there..

I’m sitting in the very back of the class, trying to avoid Mr. Hotness, and get through class. Christina is going on and on about how much fun we are going to have tomorrow, but here I am starring at him while he teaches, not even taking notes. That kiss is still on my lips, and his touch is embedded on my skin. I just want to let him know that we are OK, that yes I would love to feel his touch one more time, and I risk it all again, but we are OK..

Class is over, finally. I quickly disappear without him noticing. Spares him and I an uncomfortable encounter. I make my way home trying to plan my day tomorrow, but also planning on how I’m going to end my night... preferably with the bartender in my bed, wishing me happy birthday...

I go to bed planning things in my head and fall asleep without finishing..

Friday morning.

A text followed by a phone call wakes me up.

Christina: Happy birthday, Maeve! Super excited to see you today and have a blast! I love you! I hope you have a great day!

Maeve: “Sleepy voice” Thanks Chris... I really appreciate! I love you too! But it’s 9 in the morning... To have a better day I’m going to go back to bed!

Christina: Fair enough. Happy birthday love, can’t wait to celebrate tonight!

I hang up the phone and see a bunch of texts already... I’m going to answer them later. As soon as I ended the sentence, I fall back asleep for a few more hours.

8 PM. Christina is already over, drinking a bottle of wine by herself while we are getting ready to go to the pub. Our friends are going to meet us there around 10 PM, so I still have time to lay in bed before getting ready.

Christina: Hey... are you going to tell me what happened this week? You were very distracted, and I saw the way you looked at Mr. Avery Mars “she says that while making a smirk face.”

Maeve: Uh... I don’t know what to tell you... I can’t really talk about it... I shouldn’t...

Christina: So, something definitely happened! Tell me everything! Pleaseee...

Maeve: Chris... I... Something happened, and I can’t stop thinking about it... But I should, I really should forget about it!

Christina: Hey, it’s OK... I can see this is really affecting you, but I’m here, for whatever you need!

Maeve: I know... I just... “I pause and take a deep breath before saying another word.”

Maeve: We kissed... We got lost in the moment... In my office... And.. .

Christina: And?? Maeve... You kissed Avery Mars??

Maeve: Well... I wanted to do more than just kiss him, but I left, he stopped suddenly, and I left embarrassed. He won’t talk to me. But Chris... I want him, and I want him bad... and ever since, I can’t stop thinking about him, in my bed...

Christina: Oh my... This is getting juicier and juicier by the minute!

Maeve: Stop it, this is serious!

Christina: I can tell it is! He’s a professor here, he could lose his job! And you could get kicked out! But I can’t stand here and pretend this isn’t hot... and can’t say I’m not a bit jealous...

Maeve: Can we just get ready to go out? I need a drink ASAP!

Christina: Fine, fine! But you are not off the hook yet.

We are finally making our way to the pub where our friends are waiting. As we walk in, everyone jumps and says Happy Birthday! This is a bit overwhelming but exciting! We have a couple of drinks, dance like nobody is watching. It’s Friday night finally, and I can just let loose. The cute bartender is here, and I definitely want to say hello at the end of her shift...

Yes, men are hot… but women, well that’s another story, for another time.

I make my way to the bar and lock eyes with her.

Bartender: What can I get you beautiful?

Maeve: Well… I have a few ideas… “I say that with a smirk on my face, while biting my lip.”

She knows, by the way I’m looking at her that I’m not playing around, and I want her.

Maeve: You know, today is my birthday, and all my friends are here…

Bartender: Well happy birthday! Next round is on the house! Just for you…

Maeve: You are too kind. Thank you!

As I turn around, I bump into someone. It can’t be… It’s him… Oh no…

Maeve: I’m sorry! Apparently I have a habit of running into you…

Avery: No, it was my fault… look, can we talk?

Maeve: Uh, sure…

At this point I have no idea what he’s going to say. Maybe that he is leaving, and I will never see him again. Or that he’s going to expose us… I’m very anxious. We make our way in the back of the pub where we can talk a bit better, in a more private area. This can either go really bad, or really bad.

Avery: So… Uh, I…

Maeve: Hey, this might be a very bad idea, but I would rather talk in a more private place… My apartment is two blocks away, would you want to go there? This sounds inappropriate, but I promise it’s not!

Avery: Uh, sure, I would feel more comfortable there. Besides, everyone can see us here. Meet you outside in five?

Maeve: Sure!

I make my way back to my friends and let them know the next round is on the house, but I will be leaving. I lie and say I’m tired and just want to go to bed. But Christina can tell it’s something else.

Christina: Hey, what’s wrong? I know you are not tired. Why are you leaving?

Maeve: Avery is waiting for me outside; we are going back to my apartment…

Christina: Apartment?..

Maeve: It’s not what you think… he just wants to talk, and we shouldn’t do that in public.

Christina: Aha, whatever you say Miss. Call me if you need anything!

Maeve: Will do, thank you again! This was fun!

I say goodbye to everyone and make my way out. A red Mustang was waiting for me outside... I am already turned on, and now this? Pull yourself together, this is not what he wants to talk to you about!

We get to my apartment, and I can’t help it. I take my heels off and I’m ready for this dress to come off as well!

Maeve: Would you mind doing me a favor?

Avery: Sure!

Maeve: Would you mind unzipping my dress…?

Avery: Oh, uh... sure!

Maeve: Thanks!

He unzips my dress slowly. I can feel his hand traveling down my spine, he still wants me, and who knows what tonight might bring. I smile looking back at him and make my way into my bedroom. The door is slightly open. I can hear footsteps right outside my door. He opens the door slowly to watch me undress. I take my dress off letting it fall down my shoulders. At this point I am only wearing my underwear, which didn’t leave much to imagination.

Avery: Wow.. .

I don’t say anything. I’m not facing him yet. He comes behind me and struggles not to touch me. I want him to. This wasn’t the plan, but I won’t complain.

Avery: I… Maeve…

Maeve: Avery Mars... I want you... And I want you bad, didn’t you notice so far?

Avery: That night in your office, I had to stop, you make me want to do things, things I shouldn’t.. .

He has his hands on my back. Tracing my spine with his fingers. I turn around and face him. His mouth opens to say something, but he can’t. There are no words to say anymore. I unbutton his pants and rip his shirt open. Whatever, I’ll pay for it later. His perfectly toned chest appears in front of me and I instantly grab it. He picks me up and kisses me. It’s happening. He throws me on the bed while he is taking his clothes off. He gets on top of me and starts kissing my neck. I moan in pleasure. I am so wet right now. His hand travels between my thighs.

Avery: Ugh, baby…

He pulls my panties to the side, and slides one finger in. I grab his arm, squeezing not too tight, just enough to let him know I want more. He’s so hard I can’t take it anymore.

Maeve: I want you! Now!

He takes the hint and... I can’t think anymore, I can’t speak, I’m just feeling. And boy does it ever feel good! We are moving in sync. Our bodies can’t get closer. He is speeding up. Our hips are thrusting. My legs are shaking. I am close. He moans loudly!

Maeve: Avery, ah...! Don’t stop! Please .

We both collapse as we reach orgasm. Wow… I… I can’t say anything. We lay there for a while, trying to process what just happened. No words are exchanged. Just looks. After a while, he grabs me by my waist and pulls me on top if him. I kiss him again softly. His hands are searching, I can feel him getting hard again... We are not talking; we are just doing what we feel. Other things can be figured out later right?

The end.

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