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The Pleasure of Pain

by Sassy 5 days ago in fiction

We all deserve a little punishment....

Sometimes though she deliberately did something to displease him. She did this because she knew he would take her over his knee and spank her. 

There were times when he was watching her that he became so distracted he forgot what he was doing. And sometimes this was a problem. Like the time he knocked a cup of scalding hot tea into his lap, or the time he'd forgotten he was running her bath and nearly flooded the bathroom.

She never truly meant to distract him so badly, it was simply her nature to tease. She wanted to be desired, to be wanted, to be worshipped.

Sometimes though she deliberately did something to displease him. She did this because she knew he would take her over his knee and spank her. 

Sitting upon his chair, he would beckon her to him. At the snap of his fingers she would remove her clothes, placing them neatly upon the side table. (There were times she would simply drop them upon the floor as she knew this would only inflame his anger and he would punish her longer, but she would only do this when she was feeling particularly frisky....) 

When she was naked, he would have her stand directly in front of him, her hands placed upon her head, her legs spread wide apart. He would tweak her nipples between his thumb and forefinger until they were hard, then slide his finger between her lower lips, knowing she would be desperate for more. 

He would then set the timer for five minutes and make her wait, gazing upon her, rubbing himself over his pants, as she became wetter and hungrier for him.

The passing minutes would seem like an eternity and by the time it was up his desire for her was obvious, his erect cock straining against the fabric of his trousers. 

As he turned off the buzzing timer, he sat forward on the chair, intimating it was time for her to take position upon his lap. She would move to his right side, take the cushion from the chair behind him, and placing it on the floor, kneel and lay herself over his lap, her hands flat on the floor to brace her position. (The cushion was not there for her comfort, rather to ensure the proper height for maximum contact....)

Gently, he would place his left hand upon the back of her neck, slowly massaging the base of her skull.

His right, however, he brought firmly down upon her right cheek, the slapping sound echoed by a sharp gasp. She moaned softly as he rubbed his hand in a circular motion over the point of contact, easing the stinging sensation. 

This he would repeat until she cried out and he knew her punishment was sufficient. It was not his intention to ever hurt her. He provided these spankings only at her behest; the pain brought her pleasure, and he always ensured the pleasure continued.

As he ran his right hand up her spine, she would raise her head and turn towards him. He would kiss her, then breathe softly into her ear, 'You are beautiful....'

His hands would work her muscles, kneading out the tension in her shoulders, as the tip of his tongue played over her ear, making her squirm. 

She would part her legs, a subtle demand for his focus to move from her top back down to her rear, and he would eagerly follow her request.

He would gently tap her buttocks and she would lift her knees off the cushion, pushing her legs straight as she raised herself towards him, as if in an erotic, spread-eagled version of downward dog. 

The aroma of her wetness, just inches from his face, would hit him like a ton of bricks, and his cock would throb, aching to be inside her.

His lips would brush against her left hip as he slid his fingers inside her, pushing in and out as her juices ran over his hand. She pushed onto her toes, bringing herself closer to his mouth, and his tongue eagerly dove between her cheeks, rimming her tight little hole. The low gutteral moans escaping her lips encouraged him, and he worked her harder, faster, deeper with his fingers, until her moans turned to cries of ecstasy, and she came, her body buckling with the immensity of the pleasure she had just received.

She would sit back upon her heels and rest her head on his lap. Softly, he would stroke her head, and as she struggled to catch her breath, she would look up at him and smile. 

And with that smile, everything would melt away.

With that smile, she was his....



Prim and proper primary school teacher and mother of two by day,

sometimes Sassy just likes to get a little, well, sassy....

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